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Challenges from the prevous waves.

The 3rd 30-min challenge is starting on the 1st of March 2007 and is ending on the 31st of March 2007. You do not need to claim challenges for this.

1) The light side was searching for Severus. Finally, his hiding place was discovered - by Remus Lupin.

2) Snape is wanted for his crimes. Harry Potter was captured and Severus discloses his inner conviction by rescuing him. Will the light side re-accept him?

3) After killing/apparently killing Dumbledore, Snape flees Britain. Dumbledore�s picture reveals the truth. Remus searches for Severus, but how can he find a spy?

4) Snape is a bad guy. He wanted to kill Dumbledore and did so for his conviction for the Dark side. He loves Lupin, though. He asks Voldemort for a reward..

5) Lupin is captured in his wolf form. He is somehow trapped in that form, while Snape takes care of him (willingly/unwillingly).

6) Snape did kill Dumbledore and is now a favourite of Voldemort. He can ask for anything under the sun and moon, literally.

7) Lupin knows that Snape is not really a traitor, because he himself is working for Voldemort and knows that Voldemort manipulated Snape into killing Dumbledore.

8) The Order desperately wants to capture Snape, and Lupin volunteers to seduce him in order to lure him into a trap.

9) Snape arranges for the Death Eaters to capture Lupin in order to get his hands on Lupin, because he either loves or hates him.

10) Peter Pettigrew becomes the new spy for the Order, because of the life-debt he owes Harry. What does he tell Snape and Lupin about each other?

11) One of the pair is assigned to kill the other. Does he follow through?

12) Snape is on no one's side, though he serves Voldemort by default now, his heart isn't in it. Dumbledore's death was about survival. When Greyback finds out Lupin was Dumbledore's "pet wolf" Lupin learns what it means to kill your leader for survival. Then, of course, he has to take up the leadership of the Wild Packs, and withdrawing from Greyback's oaths and alliances could mean death for every wolf in his charge. Lupin learns about hard choices, inevitable regrets, and the difference between choices and freedom, while watching Snape struggle to maintain his fierce independence and sanity without the power balance in which he's operated for so long.

13) Every good thing that ever happened to Remus began with Albus Dumbledore. Remus all but succumbs to the Wolf's ferocity, tracking Snape down and punishing him. As it turns out, what Snape needs more than anything else is the chance to atone...Can be angsty/darkfic; he can fail.

14) Several years after the war, Snape's body has never been found. Then one day, while making his daily prayer/vigil at the Abbey of St. Albus, Remus Lupin spies a familiar form in a corner of the small church, engaged in what is either the most fervent repentance or the most heinous blasphemy the Wizarding World has ever known. Remus investigates. Wizard religion can be organised however the author wishes, with any or no relation to Christianity, though a long ago split sect might be fun.

15) Severus' first lover, Regulus Black, spent the first nine years of his life doing what Remus did throughout his school years: living in the shadow of Sirius Black. It created similarities between them, and Severus is noticing, and remembering. Regulus can be good/RAB/an initial redemptive influence, and Remus, like his predecessor, inspires Severus to aid the inevitably ungratefully (Post-HBP) world.

16) Remus has a pack aside from Greyback's crowd, a real pack. (He's not alpha. Beta, maybe.) Some members of this pack aren't exactly always on the strait and narrow...And one of them is an underworld connection willing to hide the now fugitive from both sides (after doing something like killing Nagini or stealing the cup & sending it Order anonymously) Severus Snape. Remus visits the pack den and runs into him.

17) A twist on the Lupin-must-exonerate-Snape plot. Snape and Lupin cross paths a few times during the war since Lupin is a spy in with the werewolves. After the war, while he is a fugitive, Snape learns that Lupin is on trial for crimes against the side of the light...of which Snape knows (and could possibly prove) he is innocent. What does he do?

18) Back in Lupin's and Snape's school days, Lupin visits Spinner's End and meets Eileen and Tobias.

19) If Lupin was willing to kill Peter for giving up the Secret of where James and Lily were hiding, what would he be willing to do to the man who gave Voldemort the prophecy in the first place?

20) It's after the war; Snape is in Azkaban awaiting the Kiss. Harry and Remus go to Spinner's End to see what Snape might have left there. Something they find sends Lupin into near hysterics.

21) After the war: Snape is declared innocent. Lupin has married Tonks, but she died during the last battle and left him with their baby (son, daughter, twins?). One day Snape visits Lupin, who is totally overstrained with taking care of the baby on his own. He asks Snape for help. Snape reluctantly agrees... humour fic preferred - nice smutty ending a bonus!

22) Why did Narcissa trust Snape to the extent of expecting him to perform an Unbreakable Vow with her? Was it to do with something that happened back in their schooldays - and what does Lupin have to do with it all?

23) Snape and Lupin have both been sentenced to the Kiss, but Lupin's friends form a plot to rescue him. The problem is - he won't go without Snape!

24) Snape is back with the Order, and now it is HIS turn to be imprisoned in Grimmauld Place for his own safety. He doesn't like it any more than Sirius did, and like Sirius he comes to rely upon Lupin's undemanding presence to remind him of his own humanity.

25) Snape's patronus sends a message to Remus- what is it- and what's the message?

26) Snape finds himself hiding out in a muggle rooming house in North London and working at a local chip shop waiting for things to settle down....a Coronation Street story line.

27) After Dumbledore's death, Snape is on the run. He is sick of the war, Voldemort and the Order of the Phoenix and goes back to his father, Tobias Snape, where he lives as a Muggle. Some time later (a not very happy engaged) Remus Lupin is on a mission for the Order and stumbles across Snape. What will happen? I leave it to the author if Snape is innocent or not.

28) Now that Snape is no longer a viable spy for the order, (or so they think), they send in someone new. Lupin is the most logical option because of his status as a dark creature, but he needs someone to vouch for him and since he doesn't trust Snape he turns to the Dark Lord's second most trusted servant, Peter Pettigrew.

29) Remus and Severus are both sorted into Ravenclaw. How will this change things? Will Severus still become a Death Eater? Are the other Marauders still friends with Remus?

30) Peter notices Remus' attraction to Severus and decides to play matchmaker. It doesn't work out too well, or does it?

31) Even though Severus is a bossy know-it-all (like Hermione), he's still very popular. He could have anyone he likes, so how come he's become so interested in mousy little Remus?

32) Seeing as Severus and Remus are both tied at no. one in their academic accomplishments, the teachers have decided they have to compete each other to gain the Head Boy status. (Writer decides how they have to compete).

33) Remus has found favour after Harry's defeat of Voledmort. Severus has not. Down and out Severus must depend on the kindness of the werewolf. How will they cope.

Must have: ex-lover for Remus ( not Sirius!!!); Vampire! Severus and restructuring of the post-Voldie magical world.

34) Remus is Severus' intended - the betrothal was cancelled when Remus became a werewolf. Severus has known the name of his intended since he was seven, but never knew the reason their engagement was cancelled. Since a replacement was never discussed Severus is curious about this person especially as the are both at Hogwarts

Must have: post Voldie reconciliation; Animagus!Severus and Remus meeting the Snape family.

35) An Mpreg challenge. Post-HBP. Snape is caught a few months after the murder. His trial is rushed through, he's found guilty and sentenced to death. Shortly afterwards it transpires that he is pregnant, forcing a stay of execution until after the baby is born.

This gives a lovestruck Lupin enough time to investigate and discover the truth behind that awful night. (Up to the writer - Snape a traitor or a hero? Whose baby is it? Happy or sad ending?)

36) It's after the war and Snape is doing well. Werewolf laws have changed to help Lupin, but that doesn't mean that prejudice is gone. When Snape see's how Lupin is scratching out a living he decides to take things into his own hands.

37) Lupin is tired of being alone so he puts an ad in the Profit under the Wizard seeking Wizard section. Snape is one of the respondents.

38) They may be war heroes but that doesn't mean it was easy making a life after the war. Both Snape and Lupin return to Hogwarts to teach and find themselves bonding over their shared frustrations over their fates.

39) Remus was injured in the final battle. He's at St Mungo's, essentially comatose. After six months, everyone is ready to give up. Everyone, that is, except Severus.

40) AU. Remus and Severus are both living in London, although one of them is new to the city. They see each other on the train every day, and one day, one of them makes a move to become friends, or possibly more. However, the one who's just moved to London is there because he's looking for his old flame. Will he fall in love with his new friend, or will this end in heartbreak?

41) Harry won the war, and Severus is permanently wanted by the Ministry. He's to be put to death immediately, if found. Remus finds him, and because he's intrigued by Severus' claims of innocence, shelters him. He builds a secret room in his house to hide Severus. He could either find a way to prove Severus innocent, or not. Or, they could end up running away together.

42) Voldemort's won the war, and Severus is hiding Remus. He has to find a way to make the Wolfsbane in secret. Greyback refuses it, so Severus is only making it for Remus, and if anyone finds out, their secret is exposed. He hides Remus in his basement. Can he keep the secret forever? Will they try to escape together?