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1) Snape and Lupin are forced to live together at Grimmauld Place and one of the pairing has more than one annoying habit...

2) Either Snape or Lupin use the polyjuice potion to spy/seduce/manipulate the other.

3) Snape uses the Veritaserum Potion on Lupin and discovers surprising things about one of his most hated enemies...

4) Harry discovers that Snape and Lupin are having an affair. How does he react?

5) BUBBLES! Snape and Lupin share a bubblebath...

6) The Werewolf Incident. Explain.

7) Snape tries to teach Lupin the Wolfsbane Potion leading to unexpected results...

8) Snape is captured by the death eaters and only Lupin can save him...

9) Sirius discovers that Lupin is having a secret affair with Snape and he is determined to Set Things Right...

10) Unrequited love: either Snape or Lupin admires the other as a student and knows it can lead to nothing...

11) Lupin finds death eater Snape in a bar and offers to take him home...

12) Snape finally admits his true feelings for Remus Lupin, but will he reciprocate?

13) Sirius discovers that Snape is cheating on Lupin.....

14) Snape needs a werewolf "part" (i.e. fur, spit, semen...) for a very challenging potion that could win him great renown. The only thing is, the part must be willingly contributed.

15) Lupin is back teaching at Hogwarts. His quarters are close enough to Snape's that Snape must pass by them every morning. Snape notices the most amazing aroma floating out from under Lupin's door the first morning. Lupin has a cappuccino/coffee machine. Snape is a coffee addict.

16) Snape goes into a bar. Lupin is there. After making a disparaging comment about werewolves, Snape discovers that the clientele of "Raging Moon" is pretty much entirely lycanthropes. Can he convince Lupin to save his butt?

17) Snape shivers down to his toes whenever Lupin growls.

18) Lupin just wants to roll over on his back and whine when he hears Snape's menacing voice.

19) A slight variation on the mpreg Snape/Lupin fics - this time it’s Lupin who ended up pregnant. Perhaps at the same he found out that Snape was a DE, without realising he also worked for Dumbledore?

20) One of the pairing is sick and tired of the way others perceive him and decides to change that.

21) Where are the lycanthropes/werewolves from, how were they created? They were wise and powerful creatures once, not dark dangerous and hated. It was so long ago, everybody forgot this. Remus comes back to Hogwarts as a changed man, what happened? How will Snape react?

22) How did Remus spend the years till PoA? How did he become an expert in DADA, or Master of DADA? Maybe he travelled the world? Snape thinks he is still the quiet, intelligent bookworm. How will he react, when he find out the truth?

23) There are many stories where Remus dies because he is a Werewolf and his body is too damaged and tired. So, what if it is quite the opposed? Werewolves are supposed to be indestructible except for silver. What if a mate of a werewolf shares the extremely lengthened Lifespan of the wolf?

24) Snape discovers the cure for lycantropy, what must Remus do to get it?

25) Detention in the Forbidden Forest with Prof. Snape. The group is attacked by a Vampire(my Vamps are strong, fast...and quite immune to magic). Suddenly Remus appears and fights with the Vampire. Snape sees the power of a werewolf who protects his Pack. (much noise, blood, growl, fangs).

26) All werewolves must have an owner.

27) Remus/Snape bought Snape/Remus in a charity auction. Humour fic is preferable.

28) Remus was given to Snape as a gift by Voldemort.

29) Snape was given to Remus as a gift by the new Dark Lord, Harry Potter.

30) Humour fic from Eva Ibbotson's "Which Witch" plot; Severus Snape, the mighty Potion Master must find a mate though he was *very* reluctant to do so. A contest was held and the darkest, most evil wizard would be chosen to be his mate. Remus fell in love with him, but he could only turn into a sweet gentle puppy once a month. What must he do to be with the man he loves?

31) "I must rape you" scene.

32) Remus and Severus were bonded for life by a Potion accident.

33) Severus was devastated after Sirius' death. Why? How could Remus help?

34) Remus, with Severus' help, tried to resurrect Sirius with a surprising consequences: the three of them are bonded for eternity. How do they get along and eventually work out their uncommon relationship?

35) Remus was about to be put down by the new regulation from the Ministry. What did Severus do?

36) AU. In desperation, Lord Remus Lupin vowed to gave half of his gold to any male who could cure him or if she was a maiden marry her. But the poor and unattractive Potions Master didn't want the gold...

37) Remus Lupin was Dumbledore's right hand in the order and Severus Snape was ordered by Voldemort to seduce him.

38) Remus didn't realise that he was in love with Snape. Until he instinctively took the hit that was meant for the snarky Potions Master.

39) After being in relationship for quite some time, Snape found out about Remus' shameful past. Could he get over it or should they go their separate ways?

40) Remus was captured by Voldemort, but rescuing him would blow Snape's cover as a spy. What would Snape do?

41) Remus was captured by Voldemort and was forced to be the Death Eater's whore, a fate worse than hell. Snape tried to find a way to rescue him. But meanwhile he must ensure that Remus won't break under the pressure.

42) A cure for lycanthropy was found, but Snape must sacrifice something that he valued more than Life itself.

43) AU. What if the Shrieking Shack incident were never happened?

44) AU. What if the Marauders consisted of Sirius, Severus, Peter and James and Remus was the target of their so called pranks?

45) Sirius Black cannot "move on" or so to speak before he fixes the mess he made when he was alive. One of them is ruining Remus’ chance with Severus. To make matter worse, no one can see or hear him but Harry. How will the two of them cooperate to play matchmaker?

46) In Wizarding World, extramarital sex is very frowned upon for some reasons, and that's why (almost) everyone is virgin until their wedding night. Including Snape and Remus.

47) The couple has a sexual problem and they must seek help.

48) Remus and Severus are soul mates, but both of them died before they realised it. Will they get the chance to be together in the afterlife?

49) Sirius and Harry are married and their life is perfect. Except that their best friend, Remus Lupin, is slowly wasting away from loneliness. Will they put aside their hatred for Severus Snape to make the werewolf happy?

50) Lupin and Snape are captured, and it's just prior to the full moon. Instead of simply killing them, Voldemort has they locked up together, knowing that when Lupin transforms he will tear Snape to shreds, and then probably go mad from guilt. Rescue seems unlikely, but Lupin knows there is one thing that could save Snape: a werewolf would never harm its mate. The trouble is, not only must they have sex, but becoming a werewolf's mate means you must stay with them for life. Will Snape think death is a better option?

51) Lupin finds out that in a moment of madness brought on by having been cooped up in the house for so long, Sirius had sex with Snape. Now Snape is having the baby that should rightfully have been Lupin and Sirius'.

52) The war is over, and Dumbledore is dead. Without the help/support, Lupin is unable to find work, and finds himself homeless and starving, too proud to ask Harry or the Weasels (who have enough problems of their own) for help. Snape finds him, and insists Lupin come stay with him. Lupin accepts, but is very weary of Snape's sudden warmth toward him.

53) Snape desperately wants Lupin, and he knows Lupin would agree to be with him if he just asked. But Snape has not asked. Why? Because Remus Lupin is the guardian of Harry Potter.

54) Soon after OotP, Lupin is pregnant. Though he wants nothing more than to keep his child, he is forced to conclude that the best thing he can do is have an abortion. He goes to Snape, but Snape is disgusted by the very idea. Does Snape have an alternate solution to Lupin's problem?

55) Snape finally gets what he has always wanted: Remus Lupin. It doesn't take him long to realise, however, that Lupin will never get over the loss of Sirius. When Snape finds out there's a way to bring Sirius back, he has a decision to make.

56) When a werewolf loses his mate, madness and death can follow, unless the werewolf finds another mate. Snape knows that the side of Light cannot afford another loss at such a critical time in the war.

57) Snape and Lupin slowly ease into a relationship. Their love is soon tested when they must decide whether to become guardians of Harry and Draco.

58) Unknown to all, Snape has saved Sirius. Sirius is in a coma (or just really ill), and kept down in Snape's dungeons. Snape had every intention of telling Lupin, but that was before Lupin began showing an interest in him. Snape knows Sirius would put a quick stop to any possible love between them.

59) Snape must get married. Lupin volunteers.

60) Lupin is pregnant and because of his curse the pregnancy is very high-risk. He needs 24/7 care. Because Snape's cover was blown, he is the only one with the time to take care of Lupin.

61) Even more laws and regulations are made against werewolves, and Lupin's life is in danger. The only way to ensure his safety is to have him marry someone.

62) Snape is making progress with the Wolfsbane potion, but to continue working on it he must have 24/7 access to Lupin to observe and record subtle changes.

63) Trapped somewhere with a seriously injured Severus, how might Remus keep him connected to the living and what last confessions might Sev make? Can be a character death if you want.

64) James was too late and Remus managed to bite Severus that night at the Shrieking Shack. How would it affect them as the relationship between them is irrevocably changed? A chance to see protective Wolf and resentful Sev!

65) Remus is somehow given a chance to relive his schooldays (like a trip back in time or a look into Sev's pensive, etc.) and sees from a different prospective how cruel the Marauders treated Severus. Now he plans to clear the air once and for all.

66) Remus is charged with the job of helping an amnesiac Severus and the two become close. Then Severus discovers/remembers what Remus is and what he was like to him in childhood.

67) Instead of Sirius, it was Severus who fell through the veil that night and now Remus is determined to do whatever he can to bring him back and reclaim lost chances. Will Severus be grateful for being dragged away from the peace of death and will the pair get a second chance?

68) Remus catches Severus attempting suicide. How will he convince him to live again?

69) Remus and Snape's minds were connected.

70) Snape would do anything to make Remus get over his deceased mate.

71) After the Last Battle, Snape and Remus must cooperate to heal the dying Harry.

72) Severus is undercover on a mission - using the polyjuice potion. He meets somebody interesting (a polyjuice-disguised Remus) and they hit it off. What will happen when they find out about the others true identity?

73) Lupin will be dying soon and returns to Hogwarts to make up with Snape, who he had a crush on for a very, very long time. But the object of his affection is rather unwilling to forgive. Severus might or might not reconsider in time and Remus might or might not survive.

74) Because of a wayward student prank Snape and Lupin can't move more than a few steps apart from each other for one month.

75) Severus and Remus are going on vacation - a muggle vacation. Including muggle transportation, shorts and Hawaiian shirts.

76) Harry was hexed. Remus tries to get Snape to help, but the potion master has some conditions for the werewolf.

77) Remus can't deal with Sirius' death and casts an oblivion spell on himself to get some rest. But it is stronger than planned - he forgets basically everything about his past. Dumbledore sends a reluctant Severus to "baby-sit" him.

78)Snape is conducting experiments on himself to develop a new potion - with interesting effects to his personality.

79) Severus wants to meet Remus' family and he persuades his lover to go visit them together. But it is no happy reunion for Remus.

80) Snape and Lupin are on a mission to a little village for the order. Snape is his usual self, being rather cross with the werewolf. But said werewolf is the only person which can help Snape when a mysterious fatal illness befalls him and all the other human inhabitants.

81) Severus is definitely straight, or so he thinks. Remus tries to convince him otherwise.

82) During a battle Remus is badly injured while protecting Severus and needs constant assistance now. Severus takes the job - out of guilt first, but his feelings change soon.

83) Snape and Lupin each (separately) make a decision to adopt a child. And they're both stubbornly determined to adopt *the same* child.

84) One of the worst things about having Sirius gone is that there's no one to stay with Lupin when he transforms. But then, an animal starts to join him during the full moon. They quickly bond. Lupin is convinced it is an Animagus, and is determined to find his real identity.

85) Lupin is kidnapped by Death Eaters. Snape blows his cover to save him. Dumbledore is angry. Lupin can't believe how badly Snape is being treated.

86) Knowing what it's like to lose a mate, Lupin agrees to help save Snape's lover, Lucius Malfoy. He is only able to achieve this by allowing himself to be bound to both men. At first, no one is very happy with the arrangement, but that's before long-hidden secrets come to light.

87) Without Dumbledore (who died in the war) both Lupin and Snape are in danger of being thrown into Azkaban or even executed (Snape for being a former Death Eater, Lupin for being a werewolf).

88) Lupin and Sirius were never lovers, but that doesn't mean Lupin wouldn't do *anything* to get Sirius back. When Snape finds a way, Lupin agrees to whatever terms Snape insists on.

89) Lupin accidentally walks in on Snape bathing, and is horrified by the scars covering most of Snape's body.

90) Remus finds Snape's diary, and he can't help taking a look when he accidentally sees his own name mentioned.

91) When Snape falls gravely ill, Remus realises just how few people care, and it makes him all the more determined to make friends with Snape.

92) Remus owes someone a huge debt, and if it's not paid off by a certain deadline, he will be forced to go into servitude. Just before the deadline, the debt is paid anonymously. Remus assumes Dumbledore did it, but when he goes to thank him, he finds out Dumbledore didn't know anything about the situation. Remus is determined to find and thank his mysterious benefactor.

93) Snape is unable to sleep, and even the strongest potions do not help. By accident, he finds out that sleeping next to Remus means he can get a full night's sleep.

94) Dumbledore forces Harry, Snape, and Remus to go into hiding together. After months in isolation, Remus and Snape are horrified to realise that they're both starting to think about Harry in a sexual way. They realise that they need a release for their frustrations, before one or both of them does something unforgivable.

95) Remus finds out just how far James took his hatred of Snape, and finally understands why Snape will never let go of his grudge. He is also determined to convince Snape that he had not known what James did, and that he had not participated in any way.

96) After an accident, both Snape and Remus find themselves stuck in their teenage bodies. Runaway hormones and klutziness included.

97) Snape is believed dead when he doesn't return from a mission. Remus finds and reads a letter Snape left for him to find in the event of his death. There's just one problem: Snape is still alive.

98) Remus tries to convince Harry to take up Occlumency again. Harry insists Remus undergo a lesson with Snape, just to see how awful it really is.

99) A malicious prank causes Snape to believe Remus returns his feelings. The prankster has no idea Remus really does care about Snape, but after the prank, will Snape ever trust again?

100) Remus wants a child, but is reluctant to say so because he's convinced Snape hates kids.

101) Remus is determined to find the man who developed the Wolfsbane potion and thank him. When he does find the person credited with the discovery, he finds out that the man is terribly prejudiced against werewolves, and what's more, he appears to have no Potions skills at all.

102) To keep his cover as a spy, Snape is forced to stand by and allow his deepest secrets to be revealed to Remus.

103) Remus and Snape are linked by their dreams.

104) Remus and Snape are forced to share a shower.

105) Remus finds out that because Snape owed James a life debt, James had a right to force Snape to do whatever he wanted. What James wanted was for Snape to make a vow to never reveal his feelings toward Remus. Is there any way to safely break the oath Snape was forced to make?

106) Remus reveals his feelings for Snape. Snape thinks its a prank and is determined not to fall for it.

107) Contrary to all the fics featuring "Snape Manor," Snape actually does not have a home. Which is why he is forced to move into Remus' one-bedroom cottage when Hogwarts is closed down for repairs.

108) It becomes unsafe for Remus Lupin to leave number 12, Grimmauld place, and Severus Snape is conscripted into bringing him supplies and Wolfsbane Potion. Over time, Remus's 'wolf' begins to regard Severus as his pack leader. One day, Severus is shocked when Remus obeys a sarcastic order.

109) Due to past experiences, one is convinced sex is not something he can ever enjoy or want to do.

110) One is very shy in bed. The other is tired of not knowing what his partner wants or likes.

111) Lupin is convinced he will never love again, but he enters a sexual relationship with Snape.

112) Each one wants their relationship to go from just sex to commitment. But each thinks the other does not want commitment.

113) Snape thinks that eventually Lupin will get over his loss and move on -- hopefully into a relationship with Snape. However, even though he tries, Lupin can see no reason to go on. He gives up -- and throws himself through the veil. Snape, who always knew there was theoretically a way to get someone back, goes after him -- but is forced to bring both Lupin and Black out.

114) Snape has closed himself off completely from all positive emotions. Now he can't express what he feels even when he wants to.

115) The two get very, very drunk.

116) After an unplanned/unexpected night of intimacy, Snape acts more coldly than ever toward Lupin, apparently regretting opening up to anyone.

117) They have been together for a while, and a wedding is planned. One backs out at the last moment.

118) One disappears, and the other is convinced he did not (like everyone else thinks) go willingly.

119) One begins to see visions of the other.

120) One is convinced the other is spying on him / stalking him.

121) The two know that someone is trying to play matchmaker and get them together. They are determined to resist, even if it means joining forces.

122) Hogwarts castle is in ruins. Snape and Lupin are a vital part of the team working to restore the school.

123) Snape just wants to get some work done. What does he have to do to get even an hour of peace?

124) When Snape's cover is blown, he starts to feel as useless as Sirius did. Lupin recognises the danger.

125) Snape insists they not tell anyone about their relationship. Lupin finds it next to impossible.

126) Who's going to set an example of cooperation and peace between Hogwarts Houses? Head of Slytherin Snape and Head of Gryffindor Lupin, of course!

127) The two are locked into a secret chamber, and help may not come for days.

128) One lies in a coma. The other talks to him, not knowing he can hear.

129) Lupin is addicted to a potion.

130) Snape and Lupin are being pursued by Death Eaters. They're a long way from safety and magical transportation cannot be used.

131) Problems arise when one brings home a puppy.

132) Lupin decides to search for a suitable partner. How long before he thinks of Snape?

133) Snape decides to search for a suitable partner. He does so very systematically and unemotionally. Then, with similar cold logic, he sets out to win his man.

134) Things are changing in Snape's life, and he realises he is no longer happy being left alone. He decides to form a friendship, and since Lupin is one of the very few who have been willing to spend time in his company in the past, he decides to start there.

135) One watches the other, not daring to approach. The other is convinced he is being spied on, and wants to put a stop to it immediately.

136) Lupin is in an abusive relationship because he doesn't think anyone else would want him. Snape finds out about it.

137) There are three things that Lupin wants more than anything else in life. Snape is convinced there is no point in approaching Lupin unless he can give him all three.

138) Is it possible? Could Snape really have made a mistake in one of his potions? Lupin suffers the consequences, whatever they are (can be good or bad).

139) When Lupin's friend plays an ill-conceived prank on Snape, Snape withdraws to his dungeons, refusing to speak to anyone or continue his work. As the full moon approaches and no Wolfsbane appears, Lupin fears he will be the one to suffer the consequences of the prank.

140) Lupin accuses Snape of holding a grudge for a "silly schoolboy prank" once too often. Snape decides to show Lupin just how awful the Marauders really were.

141) Either Snape or Lupin finds out that someone is in love with him, and he will do anything to find out who it is.

142) In a nod to the Anita Blake universe, Severus is a Master Vampire. Remus is his beast to call. Sirius or Lucius (or both) could help (or hinder) the relationship.

143) Everything *except* the Shrieking Shack happened. Remus arrives at Hogwarts in Harry's 3rd year with his secret intact. Severus is willing to forgive and forget, and becomes involved with Remus...only to discover on the night Sirius Black is exonerated that his new lover is a werewolf.

144) Snape's a popular Slytherin...who's also a vampire. Remus is a lonely Gryffindor with a crush. Malfoy uses that crush to lure Remus to Snape's rooms..while Snape is having 'dinner'.

145) Ever since his change into a vampire, Severus can't 'get it up'....that is, until the night he accidentally drinks some of Remus the werewolf's blood.

146) Crossover story: Lupin gets a tutor to learn to control his wolf. It is Oz from 'Buffy'. Snape gets jealous. (After season 7 from Buffy, Oz is together with Willow again)

147) Maurder's time: everybody loves Remus, 'course he is so sweet, sexy, nice, intelligent, calm but he has also an inner wildness..., even Slytherins like Malfoy find him attractive. Everybody but one - Severus. Really?

148) Remus is turned into a woman with little or no chance to be turned back. How will he cope as a beautiful woman. How will his students react, how his colleagues, how will Severus?

149) Crossover: Lupin and Snape visit the Buffy and Angel Universe. A world where, in theory, everybody can use wandless magic. What will they learn, how will they go back home? (Buffy a little AU, with Oz, so Lupin will get to know a different kind of werewolf)

150) Sixth year. Lupin teaches DADA again. He and Snape are together. Lupin gets pregnant and has babies or puppies. The family must survive a war, Voldemort, classes, Draco as a baby-sitter, grandpa Albus, a visiting Sirius, Molly Weasley and her clan and solve the question about who is involved with who: Harry with Hermione or Ron, Ron with Harry or Hermione, Hermione with one of the boys, or all three together?

151) Remus and Severus meet Batman and Nightwing. (and maybe a few of other DC heroes like the JLA, JSA... and/or magicians from DC)

152) Potions accident, Snape wakes up in the future and meets...Lupin? How? Why?

153) Snape does something bad, something which infuriates Dumbledore. Deciding that the potions master must be seriously punished to teach him a lesson, Dumbledore uses magic to make Snape serve Lupin for a year as his slave.

154) After seeing Snape humiliate Neville Longbottom during potions class one day, Lupin decides that what Snape needs is a little attitude adjustment.

155) While on a mission for Dumbledore, Remus finds the journals of Salazar Slytherin. They tell the real story of why he left Hogwarts, and it's not what everyone thinks. Remus (maybe) realises the Sorting Hat wanted to put him and Harry in Slytherin for the Original Reasons (clever and cunning protectors, ruthless survivors) not because they were tainted with darkness. Reading Salazar's journals (also?) give Remus a different view of Snape..and it's one that makes all the difference to their (lack of?) relationship.

156) Blind, not dead ... yet challenge. An accident during class causes permanent blindness for Severus. Unable to accept this Severus withdraws into himself. Remus turns out to be the only one able to get Severus out of his depression.

MUST HAVE Severus ending up as head of a small potion's company, doing what he likes best, inventing potions.

157) After the final battle muggle world and Magic world are severed for good. Who's in is in, who's out is out. Snape and Lupin are out, alone and without magic to use to try to come back. They only have each other to survive in a very different world.

158) Because of an external curse, Snape's mind is inside Lupin's body during a full moon night and feels everything Remus usually feels during that night . After that he starts to see things in a very different way.

159) Lupin is finally cured, but he's like an empty shell without the wolf. Snape have to intervene before the depression boards into a suicide wish.

160) Accidentally Snape turns into a werewolf and discovers he can't help but take a submissive role when he's with the alpha male of his pack: Remus Lupin.

161) Remus and Severus have met in the past...the distant past. Like a past life. Flashbacks reveal that they were more than just acquaintances in this past life. With such revelations, the two begin to wonder if such a relationship is possible in *this* life.

162) Hogwarts set when Snape & Lupin were students: one or the other (or both) are in the Muggle Studies class (stuck for Severus). For whatever reason the two of them are stuck in an experiment without magic and must spend at least 3 hours a day in each other's company for that week.

163) Remus/Snape hadn't realised his true feeling until Snape/Remus was dying.

164) The couple is offered a gift of immortality.

165) It doesn't take a genius to know that Remus/Snape is in love with the other one. Does it?

166) Harry and Sirius are worse than Molly Weasley when it comes to planning Remus' wedding day...

167) Remus is oblivious of how gay men can have sex.

168) Snape is harbouring a false assumption that werewolves mate for life.

169) Remus/Severus is not so well endowed as everyone thinks. (credit to Isis' drabble for this bunny)

170) A cure of lycanthropy is found, but it will make Remus impotent.

171) Because of what he is, Remus Lupin can not carry or father children.

172) Severus and Remus discuss love and families while cuddling with their youngest grandchildren as they watch Harry [who has just announced that he is pregnant...........AGAIN] and his husband round up their older children.

173) Severus is missing at the end of the Second War and presumed dead. He returns a year later. NC-17?

174) Remus is having nightmares about Severus and finds out the nightmares are coming true (not prophetic nightmares about actual events, but literal nightmares that are inflicted on Snape).

175) Remus and Severus are sent on a mission for the Order and it all goes horribly awry, leaving them on the run and struggling to return to safety. Action/Adventure.

176) One cast a special memory charm over the other a long time ago, erasing a memory. However, the one who cast the charm has the power to lift it and restore the memory as well….

177) Remus decided a long time ago that Snape's life was worth more than his because of Snape's work for the Order.

178) One has no choice but to put the other under the Imperius Curse.

179) Did anybody ever wonder why there are no female werewolves? So, Remus is a woman for three days every month, but she is not the calm, restrained Remus we all love. And yes she is also beautiful.(like Kylie Minogue ;) in my mind)

180) Severus thinks Lupin are cheating on him....WITH AN ELF???(might be light LOTR crossover, but could be anybody else: like Hagrid, Dumbledore, Tongs, Oz(BtVS),....)

181) One evening the picture of Mrs Black sees something new.

182) Snape always tries to protect Remus, but does he have to? What if Remus were extremely powerful(we know he is intelligent, but powerful?) and only a few people knew of it. And what if he discovered how powerful during a mission. What will he do when he thinks he is not needed?

183) Remus can see dead people. (Like in “The Sixth Sense” with Bruce Willis).

184) After the second war, thank god there are only a few causalities. One of them: Remus Lupin, or so they thought. There was no body. Ten years later he is back, how, why, where was he, and why does he look younger and better than before?

185) Lupin searches for a way to bring Sirius back. Because Snape loves him, Snape helps. So where does the veil lead to? (Could be a crossover, maybe with Yu-Gi-Oh! 'cause of the Shadow Realm?)

186) A potions accident during class turns the 'golden trio' into much younger children. So Remus and Severus have to look after them for the next two month, and we know how much Snape 'loves' our three heroes. BTW - the three are NOT 'good children' but they love their Dada Wuf. (Daddy Wolf/Remus)

187) Nobody knows that Snape/Lupin are together, not even Dumbledore. Everybody thinks Snape hates Lupin, hence everybody is very protective of our loveable werewolf. How can our two lovers save their secret, out manoeuvre a few hundred students and teachers and meet at their dates? What happens when a certain 6th year genius and one third of the terrible/golden trio becomes suspicious?

188) The children find a mirror/portal/whatever in the basement of the Black house HQ. Because everybody wants to see it, the room becomes too crowded, so during the examination Remus and Severus fall through it and end up jumping from world to world to get home. (multiple crossover).

189) At the end of Book 3, Dumbledore tells Harry that when a wizard saves another wizard's life, a bond is created between them - what would happen if Snape/Lupin saved Lupin/Snape’s life? What sort of bond would develop between them?

190) SS as the new Dark Lord, takes RL as his consort.

191) Virgin!Severus

192) SS/RL is broken down, SS/RL has to/wants to teach him that his body can also bring pleasure.

193) SS/RL is (presumed) dead, but comes back. The other has to cope...

194) Hurt/comfort after RL's change.

195) Alpha!Remus marks SS as his.

196) SS/RL, but include Draco or Harry one way or the other.

197) Lupin is at a loss now that Sirius is dead. Wolves aren't meant to be alone so he knows that the wolf in him will demand that he take a mate. His heart tells him that Snape is the one, since even as a youth that was who it originally wanted. (You decide why he didn't try to seduce him then). Now he has the unenviable task of trying to seduce Snape when the man still hates/fears him.

What will be the Order's reaction when it's obvious to them what Lupin is up to? You can complicate it by making Harry have a crush on Snape at the same time but it isn't necessary.

198) Severus is a very uptight, sexually repressed man. The only way he can find release and enjoy sex is by being dominated. He joins a sex club, and (under guise of polyjuice or a charm) is passed from dom to dom, defiled for their pleasure and loving every second of it. Remus also joins the club and learns Snape's true identity. He has his way with Sev and greatly enjoys the experience. The end is up to you. Would be interesting to see news of Sev's nocturnal activities 'leak' out for discussion in the staffroom. ;D

199) SEQUEL to Challenge # 50 (Note: it's not necessary to have written a story for challenge 50, it's just a jumping off place. Review of challenge 50 -

Lupin and Snape are captured, and it's just prior to the full moon. Instead of simply killing them, Voldemort has they locked up together, knowing that when Lupin transforms he will tear Snape to shreds, and then probably go mad from guilt. Rescue seems unlikely, but Lupin knows there is one thing that could save Snape: a werewolf would never harm its mate. The trouble is, not only must they have sex, but becoming a werewolf's mate means you must stay with them for life. Will Snape think death is a better option?

The sequel - Lupin and Snape have reluctantly bonded for life. They experience the ups and downs of adjusting to this new situation and it's effects on their lives in Hogwarts.

But one or more meddlesome friends of Lupin's (The trio? Black? Dumbledore?) decides to 'fix' the situation. They research and cast a spell to break the mating bond, freeing nice, loveable Lupin from nasty, awful Snape. But no one asked them if they wanted that. What do they do now? How does it affect them? Will they choose to renew the mating bond, with both it's rewards and drawbacks? Or will they even notice it's gone?

200) A group of potions masters lands at Hogwarts for a convention or something. Snape is among his own peers now. What rivalries or friendships will be revealed? Why do all potions masters have greasy hair? How much would they love to get their hands on some werewolf blood? Could anyone else put up with Longbottem's disasters in potions classes? Opportunities for humour in this challenge, I hope!

201) For whatever reason, Lupin decides to go undercover to either monitor Snape's behaviour or find out more about Snape. He does this by impersonating a student, house-elf, animal, inanimate object, or whatever.

202) Snape and Lupin are de-aged and must attend Hogwarts as students again.

203) Snape finds a cure or a new treatment for Lupin's condition, but is he going to make it easy for Lupin to get it?

204) Snape becomes Headmaster. Lupin had been teaching at Hogwarts before this happened. What will Snape do? Kick Lupin out? Let him stay with some 'conditions'?

205) Snape becomes Headmaster. Lupin is desperate for a job. He is stunned when Snape offers him one.

206) Snape and Lupin are together. Snape is convinced that Lupin would leave him if he had other options.

207) One of them is getting married. The other only now figures out that he's in love! Can he stop the wedding?

208) Snape, being a Slytherin, doesn't hesitate to force Lupin into a relationship by whatever means he has available to him.

209) There is something that both Snape and Lupin want. And neither one is willing to back down. Dumbledore, or someone else, steps in and makes them share, which is the last thing either of them is willing to do.

210) Either Snape or Lupin is hexed and turned into some sort of object (can be anything from a candlestick to a teacup). The other one (unknowingly) takes the object.

211) A student accidentally spills the beans about the crush one of the men has on the other.

212) Snape and Lupin are keeping their relationship a secret. One morning the paper arrives, and there it is, on the front page, in painful detail.

213) Snape forces a student/students to get Lupin to fall for him.

214) Sirius is still alive, but no one can see or hear him. He wanders around for months (or years) without finding anyone who can help him. Then he runs into Snape. Not only can Snape see and/or hear him, but Snape is willing to help him. For a price. Snape wants Lupin, and he wants Sirius to make it happen.

215) Before the movie came out, Lupin was depicted as turning into an actual wolf. Now we know it's part wolf, mostly monster. Incorporate Movie!Remus into your story, little moustache and all!

216) Tell us any RL/SS story, but not with them ever being the 'main' character you are showing. We can see the thoughts/actions of any/every other character observing RL/SS, but we are totally outside of RL and SS, seeing only what other characters see and think of them.

217) Voldemort has a new weapon at his disposal. In order to gain strength, he is 'trapping' powerful wizards, witches, and dark creatures. Once they are trapped, he is able to use their power as his own. Snape and Remus find themselves trapped in this manner.

218) Remus becomes suspicious that something (or someone) is affecting Snape's mind, or that Snape is not himself anymore.

219) After the war ends, Snape decides it is high time he took a relaxing vacation away from the nasty brats and annoying co-workers and his drab life in general. He spends all his savings on the perfect summer getaway. Dumbledore approves whole-heatedly... and then wrangles Snape into taking Remus with him.

220) Snape and Remus are stranded at sea or on a deserted island.

221) Snape and Remus as the parents in a retelling of 'Swiss Family Robinson' with Harry as one of the three children (add whomever else you want) and Draco as the rescued pirate (Death Eater?) captive.

222) There are many post-war fics, but details are usually sketchy and often involve a list of people who died. Then everyone seems to simply move on with their lives. This challenge is to write a fic that depicts a world torn apart by the recently-ended war. Torn apart so completely that the dead are left in the streets because there is no one to bury them, the wounded are left to die because stopping to help others means lowering your own chance of survival, everyone is starving, orphans are left to fend for themselves, money means nothing, gangs prowl the streets, dark creatures feast on anyone who can't defend themselves, and you can't trust even your best friend anymore because all morals and ethics have been thrown aside in favour of simply SURVIVING. In the middle of all of this are Snape (a hardened, pragmatic survivor) and Remus (heart too big for his own good).

223) A new law is passed. Werewolves are prohibited from any sexual contact.

224) The end of the war brings on an era of extreme conservatism as well as a huge increase in bigotry and fear of those who are different. Anyone who is in any way dark is forcibly stripped of their magic. Write about Snape and Lupin either being stripped of their magic or attempting to escape this terrible fate.

225) Snape and Lupin are ordered to discontinue their relationship. Years pass before the situation changes and it becomes possible for them to think about getting back together. Can they really pick up where they left off?

226) A very close friend or family member of one of the men gives him an "It's him or me!" ultimatum. It must be someone he's very close to and he has to be in absolute agony over the decision.

227) Homosexuality is considered an aberration (or is punished harshly), and no one in their right mind would ever come out even to their closest and most trusted friends. By pure accident Snape and Lupin discover that both of them are gay. How will they deal with this after a lifetime of secrecy and loneliness?

228) Homosexuality is not accepted in the Wizard World, and almost everyone keeps it a closely-guarded secret. Snape and Lupin are caught in a compromising position by at least two of their friends, colleagues, or students.

229) Albus Dumbledore is evil. He is not above killing someone who resists being manipulated or becomes a liability. Of course, no one has ever suspected this. Then, Snape and Lupin come across indisputable evidence of Dumbledore's crimes.

230) Snape, Lupin, or both of them, become trapped in a portrait.

231) Snape and Lupin have been together for a while. A third person propositions Snape. Snape later relates this fact to Lupin. Snape's feelings about it are up to you -- he can be disgusted or intrigued by the idea of that particular person liking him, angry, or even eager to see if Lupin is willing to do a threesome.

232) Lupin doesn't know that Snape has had his baby. Then, Snape hires Lupin as a servant or nanny, without telling him the truth about the baby.

233) Lupin has reached the end of his resources. Though his pride is hurting, he is forced to sell himself into servitude. Imagine his additional humiliation when it is Snape who engages him.

234) Remus has arrived to begin teaching at Hogwarts, just as Harry Potter begins his FIRST year. (Philosopher's Stone.) Hopes to mend fences with Snape, and to go further than friendship are threatened by the sudden presence of his old friend, James Potter, who was not there the night Voldemort killed his wife and attacked his son. James has finally returned to the wizarding world after keeping Harry away from it for 10 years. Suddenly James is around a lot for Parent's nights, Quidditch matches, Christmas and teas with Dumbledore, playing 'Stag and hunter' with Hagrid, and his attitude towards Snape, the former death eater, has not improved. Will this arrogant and paranoid old friend cost Remus love?

235) Getting married is almost never a piece of cake, but since Snape and Lupin had kept their relationship quiet, it promises to especially difficult to win the acceptance and blessings of their friends and colleagues. Even those who do accept them meddle terribly in their wish for a simple, quiet ceremony.

236) Body switch! Lupin and Snape switch bodies and lives for a period - and they can't let anyone know! What will they learn, walking a mile in each other's shoes?

237) The quiet, fiercely loyal Remus could never commit an adultery. Or could he? Sirius thinks so. Although he never gets proofs of the supposed affair between his husband and Severus Snape, his suspicions lead them to a divorce. It isn't until the hurt and insulted werewolf - who had never cheated on Sirius - turns to Snape for comfort that Sirius notices just how wrong he was...

238) There's only one person who may ever call Severus 'Sev': His beloved Remus.

239) Three years, Sirius has been in coma. Three years, Remus has been loyal - until one night, almost driven mad with loneliness, he sleeps with one Severus Snape. A week later, Sirius wakes up, but the worst has already happened - one of the two, Remus or Severus, is pregnant from their one-night affair, and is not going to abort.

240)One of the two, Remus or Severus, is pregnant to the other. How this is, neither of them knows, since they've never slept together... Or have they?

241) A madman turns a wizarding baby toy company's products into dangerous traps. Seventy-three kids and babies are dead, one hundred and twenty-four more or less severely injured. Unfortunately for the madman, one of the young victims happened to be Remus and Severus Snape's only child, the two years old Anne-Marie. And the furious parents won't give up before the guilty person has got what he deserves.

242) Dumbledore is homophobic. Remus and Severus suffer the consequences.

243) AU. Remus is a whore. Severus is a drug dealer. Sirius is a serial killer on run - or is he?

244) The dungeons are described as a maze of corridors and rooms under the castle. Write a fic where Remus gets hopelessly lost and Snape is the only one with enough knowledge of the dungeons to attempt looking for him. OR, someone else gets lost and Remus must talk Snape into leading the dangerous search operation.

245) Remus and Snape are pulled into a book. The only way to get out is to act out the story.

246) When Snape is temporarily de-aged, no one but soft-hearted Lupin is willing to take care of him. While caring for the five-year-old, Lupin learns things about Snape's past that bring him to see the man in a different light.

247) Remus Lupin's worst nightmare comes true; he attacks someone in werewolf form, and though they survive, they will become a werewolf. It's also Severus Snape's worst nightmare. He's the one bitten. Can be before or after they fall for each other.

248) Snape and/or Lupin's diary. In the style of Bridgett Jones. (SP?)

249) Everyone keeps telling Snape to 'let it go', referring to the bullying he endured in school, even Dumbledore. They learn that an Occlumency/Legilimens master with a temper really should be taken more seriously.

250) HBO gave us Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. Substitute them with Harry Potter characters and let the intimate details fly. Note: You need either Snape or Lupin, but not necessarily both. That way they can talk freely about the other. :)

251) Draco and Harry are in a secret relationship, but Snape and Remus are sabotaging it at every turn (not on purpose, since they don't know about it, but just with their inability to get along and their House prejudices). Draco and Harry decide that the only way they'll get any peace is if they get Snape and Remus together.

252) Remus decides to help out with the war orphan situation by becoming a foster parent. However, werewolves are prohibited from adopting, and Remus is devastated when it becomes clear that a child he had hoped would be with him forever is going to be removed from his home.

253) Remus suffers from chronic, unrelenting pain, which cannot be controlled by any known potion or therapy. Finally unable to bear his pain in silence any longer, he goes to Snape seeking the ultimate end to his suffering.

254) One of the men is under a curse. If he ever falls in love -- really *truly* in love, not just lust or a passing fancy -- then he is doomed to murder his lover on the stroke of midnight on their first anniversary.

255) In OotP Remus comforts Molly Weasley by telling her that her friends would not let her children starve should anything happen to Molly and Arthur. Well, what if something did happen? How would Snape (who is by that time Remus' lover or husband) react to having to adopt Weasley children because Remus feels obligated?

256) By sheer dumb luck, Neville Longbottom saves the lives of Snape and Remus. Now that both of them owe Neville a life debt, Neville can give them one command that they *must* obey. Neville meant to tell them to get along better and be friends, but what came out of his mouth is not quite that innocent.

257) Snape confiscates Harry's Invisibility Cloak and Marauder's Map. Without really meaning to at first, he begins using them to follow Remus around.

258) Harry is missing following the final battle. Somehow the whole Wizarding World becomes convinced that in order to win Harry had to sacrifice himself. Everyone but Remus believes it. Remus is determined to search the whole world if necessary. Snape tags along, despite his belief that Remus has gone off the deep end from grief.

259) Remus and also Sirius are back to teach at Hogwarts. Snape is not pleased and after increasing trouble, Dumbledore forces them to make a psychotherapy together.

260) The Marauders swore one day to marry all together in the same ceremony. But the other three are shocked, when Remus tells them, that he want to marry Snape. Other problems turn up when James´ and Lily´s parents disapprove the choice of their children, Sirius falls in love with one of his cousins and Peter seems to have an awful secret. Can be humour or adventure, but I recommend a happy end for all four pairs.

261) After Snape´s worse memory in OoP we know how cruel the Marauders really were. What if they had realised that themselves during their school days and tried to make up to him – especially Remus? Would he forgive them? How had his relationship to Remus developed?

262) An variation of the normal movie-challenge. Put our pairing in one film where Alan Rickman or David Thewlis already play a role, like for example Dragonheart or Sense and Sensibility.

263) Remus and some friends – can be Sirius, the golden trio or simply other members of the order – find out, that Snape never in his life got a proper Christmas present. So they make a bet about who finds the perfect gift for him.

264) A tickling challenge. That's all, nice and simple, doesn't matter who's the giver or who's the receiver, as long as it's SS/RL. It can lead to sex, or not, whatever the writer chooses.

265) Severus, Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was shocked to find that one of the new first years looked quite like himself. The same black hair, the same Roman nose. When the boy was sorted, Snape was surprised to learn that he was sorted into Slytherin, and even more surprised to learn that the boy was Lupin's younger brother... or was he?

266) Magic sex! Snape and Lupin discover the joys of magic in the bedroom. Think of what they can do with levitation spells, stretching potions, even mind-reading during sex.

267) Due to a misunderstanding, Remus is unintentionally cruel to Severus and must deal with the consequences. Can be either established relationship or pre-slash; past or present.

268) Alpha Male!Remus gets jealous when Severus seems to be getting closer to another man than Remus likes. Can be humorous or angsty. Possible suspects: Hagrid, Bill or Charlie Weasley, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Albus. Absolutely none of the children from the present day era of the novels and Voldemort, Malfoy, etc. only in the event of angst and if they end up meeting a grim demise. ;)

269) What if Remus had met Snape on the train the train to Hogwarts before he meets Sirius Black and James Potter? Disgusted with their bullying, he tells the Sorting Hat in no uncertain terms he wants to be in Slytherin along with his new friend Severus Snape.

270) Snape is meeting with someone important (Dumbledore, the Ministry) via the old head-in-the-fireplace Floo method. Lupin comes across Snape on all fours with his head in the fireplace, and decides to have a little fun with him. And Snape has to carry on with his meeting without letting the person/people he's speaking with know what's going on with the rest of his body.

271) J.K. Rowling has stated that Remus is a half-blood. Create an alternative universe where Remus never attended Hogwarts and lives in the Muggle world. You can have him still be a werewolf or have magical powers but somehow, someway, he has to run into Severus, who is a full-blood wizard and therefore trained. However you want to do this, however you want the characters to be is entirely up to you. Things to ponder though: what does Remus do in the Muggle world, is Voldemort around in this universe, why would a full-blood wizard meet with a Muggle-world bound half-blood?

272) Snape prepared well for the inevitable day when Voldemort would learn he was a spy. Among other things, he kept a potion stored in a hollowed out tooth, one that would allow him to be awake and aware, but appear dead. Perhaps even astral-project himself? Too bad he didn't tell anyone. What will he learn at his own funeral? Will he wake in time? Can be pre-relationship or established. Can be humour or angst. Or both. :)

273) SS/RL established relationship.

Remus makes/orders Severus to wear a magical sex toy in public... under his robes... (or vice versa... Severus orders Remus around...) during a meeting/date with Gilderoy Lockhart (or, if you like this one better: Sirius Black).

Extra Bonus for a nice, smutty ending (perhaps with semi-public sex or/and a threesome).

274) Lupin is normally everyone's favourite teacher, but suddenly he is in such a terrible mood that the students wonder if Snapeitius is a contagious disease. What is going on? Someone, Dumbledore, the students, etc. investigates...

275) Either Snape or Lupin is the Half-Blood Prince. Why and how? And how does the other react when that fact is exposed?

276) Lupin knows that Snape is not really a traitor, because he himself is working for Voldemort and knows that Voldemort manipulated Snape into killing Dumbledore.

277) The Order desperately wants to capture Snape, and Lupin volunteers to seduce him in order to lure him into a trap.

278) Snape sacrifices himself for the Order, and Lupin hears his last words as he dies after the final battle. (confession of love, explanation of betrayal, etc.)

279) Snape arranges for the Death Eaters to capture Lupin in order to get his hands on Lupin, because he either loves or hates him.

280) After Harry has killed Voldemort, Snape is vindicated, but everyone hates him anyway. Snape volunteers to make Wolfsbane for Lupin, who becomes his only contact with the world.

281) Peter Pettigrew becomes a spy for the Order because of the life-debt he owes Harry. What does he tell Snape and Lupin about each other?

282) One of the pair is assigned to kill the other. Does he follow through?