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This fest has changed hands and moved sites recently. It is now being run by lore. Right now, we are still in the process of updating links and text, so please do not be surprised by 404 errors or out-of-date information, although all stories and images submitted should work just fine.

If you have any stories due for previous waves, please go ahead and submit them whenever you are ready. Please use the contact info for lore on this page if you have any questions or needs. Thank you!

(Picture on the first page was drawn by undun)
All of the Paypal unsubscribe links can be found on this page - Donations Page.


30-min Challenge
Is running from the 1st of March 2007 to the 31st of March 2007. You do not need to claim challenges for this and you can use any challenge you want, even if it has already been used before. You can plan the story before you write it and need to at least do a spell check afterwards, but the story itself has to be written in 30 minutes. The story should be sent to me my email address here. Thanks :)

Wave rules
1) All stories must be beta'd.
2) The stories are to be sent to the fest's mailing list or to one of the archivists - lore. Stories should be sent either as text files, html files or in the body of the email. (Sorry, no doc files :( Thanks).
3) The stories cannot be posted or archived anywhere else, until a month after the wave they were written for has finished.
4) Unless there are more writers than challenges, there is to be one story per challenge per wave. Expection - if a writer finishes their first story and posts it before the wave has finished they can pick any challenge they want to write a second story for, for that wave, even if it's a popular challenge. (The same goes for 3rd, 4th etc stories if they are finished in time for that wave). Currently this rule only applies to the new HBP based challenges. Anyone can write stories based on the old challenges.
5) Writers are allowed to pick which challenge(s) they want to write.