Title: True Joy
By: Jill Vaughan
Email: Lady2545@hotmail.com
Disclaimer: The characters belong to another. I just borrowed them.
Rating: NC17 Attempted rape, Bestiality, Language
Challenge: 153 Snape does something bad, something that infuriates Dumbledore. Deciding that the Potions Master must be seriously punished to teach him a lesson. Dumbledore uses magic to make Snape serve Lupin for a year as his slave.
My thanks, to my beta, Queen Hatsheput; there are not enough words to describe how wonderful she has been.

Severus was pleased with himself, more than pleased-- he was ecstatic. He slid behind a suit of armor so not to be seen, as he giggled silently. Life was good; Voldemort was defeated, he had permission to take a year's sabbatical from Hogwarts and Lupin was walking the halls of the school naked, green, with donkey ears, tail and a huge cock swinging down around his knees. Wolf whistles and applauses followed Remus as he hurried to his chambers, mumbling something about a painful death to the person who hexed him. Oh yes, life was very good. His joy was shattered when he felt a firm hand grasp, painfully, his shoulder.

"Albus?" The Potions Master grinned sheepishly.

"My office, NOW!" Professor Snape swallowed hard. He felt like a first year student receiving detention. He had an idea that Albus didn't see the humor in his little prank.

"Sir, it was a joke, no one got hurt." Severus was pleading his case to an outraged Headmaster.

"Professor, I thought you had grown out of this vindictive, vicious, childish behavior that you continually inflict upon Remus. Which, I may add, has escalated since the defeat of Voldemort. Have you gone into your second childhood?"

"You know as well as I do, Headmaster, that I never had a childhood and besides I've done worse to Lupin." He wondered, sometimes, why he didn't just keep his mouth shut.

"That is the point. He has been patient with you. I, on the other hand, have run out of patient."

"Sir," he asked cautiously, "You're not going to take my sabbatical away are you?"

"No, my boy, I'm not. You deserve your year away from the students." Severus gave a sigh of relief. "However, you won't be doing much traveling."


"You will have a year to contemplate your actions. To look deep within yourself to find the reasons why you have tormented a good hearted young man for the last 20 years."

"I don't like the sound of this." His eyes narrowed, as he muttered to himself.

"You will, for the next year, be Remus' slave. To do as he wishes with."

Snape's mouth gasped opened. "You couldn't?"

"Severus, my dear, dear boy, I am livid by your actions, not only with today's prank, but with your attitude towards Remus through the years. This was only the final straw. You will be magically bonded to him during your servitude. You will be bound to serve Remus faithfully."

"Albus please, I'll behave." Going totally against his nature he found himself begging the Headmaster.

Albus shook his head sadly as he said, "For how long? A week? A Month? No the temptation to harass Remus would be too great. It is time that you learn that you actions have consequence." His voice softened. "This is not a punishment. You've been punished too much in your life; first by your father, then by Voldemort, even, at times, by myself. Think of it as a learning experience, grow from it." He lovingly patted the face of a very dejected young wizard. "Now, go pack while I have a nice chat with Remus." With every word spoken by the Headmaster, Severus found his very good mood disappear like a puff of smoke.

A knock on the door interrupted Severus' packing. Reluctantly he opened the door to find the werewolf leaning against the door jam with his arms folded over his chest and a smirk on his face. "Hi Sev."

"Lupin." He turned his back on him and continued to pack.

"I don't know about you Sev," the Potions Master cringed at the familiarity of his name. "But I'm looking forward to the next year."

"Goody!" The though of how much he hated the werewolf, kept creeping through his mind.

"Albus asked me to give this to you." He handed Snape a ring made of silver, molded into a snake consuming it own tail.

"Fine." The ring was too large for his ring finger. Severus slipped the ornate ring onto his forefinger, where it felt like it was made for.

"It will activate when we arrive at my cottage." Remus smiled.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Immensely." His smile widened.

"Fuck you."

"There will be none of that from now on." Remus was holding back a laugh.

"Fuck you."

"I will not tolerate bad behavior."

"What are you going to do, spank me?" His voice was tinged with disdain.

"If it becomes necessary!" Remus' said with an equal amount of contempt in his voice.

"You wouldn't dare." Severus sneered.

"You know me better than that Sev, I don't make idle threats." He stopped and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Look, Severus, I don't try to understand the reason why Albus is insisting on you being my slave but I trust him, do you?"

The Slytherin threw the book he was about to pack across the room in a fit of anger and frustration. "Of course I trust him, but I don't have to like it, nor do I have to be nice." He smirked.

"True, but I don't have to be nice either. Do we have an understanding?" His brow furrowed as he stared into Severus' obsidian eyes in a challenge.

The Potions Master faced the challenge, his eyes narrowed as he stared back into Remus'. "Yes, we have an understanding." To himself he added, to hate one another.

On a knoll, on a hill, stood Remus' charming, if slightly run down, cottage. The home was freshly painted white that matched the white picket fence that surrounded the front yard. Coming home always warmed Remus' heart; it was his first home that he could call all his own and it felt good. He smiled as he walked up the red brick path to stand under the trellis, which covered the porch. Clusters of grapes hung from the lattice, ready for the picking. He took a handful as he entered his abode. He could feel the scowl on Severus face, even though he stood behind him. Remus' slave's shoes never touched the hard wood floor of the cottage, instead he found himself on his knees, his eyes focused on Remus worn shoes. "Master, how may I serve you?" His mouth hung open, as did the werewolf's.

"Wow, That was. . .unexpected." Remus laughed.

"Crap." Severus snarled. "Lupin?"

"What?" He was still snickering, rubbing the tears from his eyes.

"I seem not to be able to move until you give me an order." Severus whispered, "Fucker."

"It's getting rather late, perhaps you should fix me some dinner." He remembered Albus'advice about not being easy on the Potions Master. "After I finish my dinner you can fix yourself something to eat. I expect the kitchen to be clean before you ready yourself for bed."

"What?" Severus was indignant.

"Slaves do not eat with their Masters."


"You don't know the half of it. After the kitchen is cleaned we will sit down and I will explain what is expected of you. The kitchen is through that door. The pantry should be full."

"Yes Master." Severus bit his lip till blood ran. He called Remus an 'arsehole' under his breath and decided that dinner just might not be a pleasant experience for his new Master. That should make then almost even.

Remus called after his slave, "Severus, I don't have to tell you not to ruin dinner, do I?"

"Of course not." Shit, he thought to himself.

Dinner was exceptional. The werewolf savored each morsel, as Severus stood behind him ready to serve. "A little more wine if you please?" He lifted his glass for the Potions Master to fill. Snape's teeth ground together as he poured the red wine.

"You must be pleasant, Severus. No more snarling or gnashing of teeth from now on, understood?"

"Yes Master." He replied between clenched teeth. By the time Remus had finished dinner Severus had lost his appetite and proceeded to clean the kitchen. Remus sat in front of the fireplace reading, waiting for his servant to appear before him. It wasn't long before Severus knelt before his Master, dreading the conversation that would define their relationship for the coming year.

"Lupin, I'm not to be your sex toy, am I?" His voice almost cracked.

"Oh, God no, Severus. Never will I ever be that desperate to take you to bed with me."

Relief was Severus' first reaction, quickly followed by anguish. He knew that he was not a handsome man, 'that ugly git' was how most people described him, but to hear it vocalized so vehemently was hurtful. Remus was surprised to see the hurt flash in Severus' bottomless black eyes.

"Besides, I have a lover already." It was a weak attempt to sooth-hurt feelings.

"You. . .you have a lover?"

"Don't look so astonished. Joshua and I have been together a little over a year. He spends most of his weekends here with me. You shall treat him as you do me, understood?"

"Must I call him Master?"

"I think that would be a nice touch."


"Severus watch your mouth or I'll wash it out with soap."

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Severus repeated to himself as he smiled pleasantly at Remus.

"Your duties will be to keep the house clean, fix our meals, do the laundry, work in the yard and help me do repair work around the place."

"I'm not a fucking house elf."

"No, you're not, for the next year, you're less."

Bastard! At least he couldn't censor his thoughts.

"I have only one bedroom, so you will have to sleep on the floor in front of the fire."

"The floor. . . for a year?"

"You're welcome to the couch but I guarantee the floor is more comfortable; unless you want to sleep in the barn with the other animals?"

"Do you have any idea how much I despise you, Master?" He had wanted to say Lupin but Master came out instead.

"Yes I do. Now hand over your wand."

"My wand? You want my wand?"

"I personally don't want you wand, however Dumbledore's explicit order was for you to go wandless for a year."

"I'm not handing over my wand, no matter who gave the order." Severus was beside himself with anger.

"Kneel!" Remus ordered

Severus dropped to his knees, his head bowed in submission.

"Wand, now!"

"Yes Master." Pulling the wand from his the sleeve of his robe, Severus handed it to Remus.

"Now get ready for bed, we have a very busy day ahead of us tomorrow."

"Yes Master." That was going to get old very quickly. When they get back to Hogwarts he was going to spike Lupin's pumpkin juice with a fertility potion. The thought of having all sorts of little Lupins running around made him smile evilly. Fucking Bastard. He'd teach him to fuck with Severus Snape.

Severus moved from the floor to the couch and back to the floor, finding it nearly impossible to find a comfortable position to sleep in. He had barely gotten to sleep when a horrible sound from outside of the cottage woke him.

"Merlin, what the fuck was that?" He asked out loud, not really expecting a reply.

"It's called a rooster, Severus and our alarm clock."

"Master," Shit, "its still pitch black out, what are we doing the fuck up?"

"It will be light out in twenty minutes. Time to get up and fix our breakfast. I noticed you didn't eat last night. Be sure you eat a healthy breakfast, we have a lot of work to do and I don't want you collapsing on me."

"I'll get up in twenty minutes when it get lights." He rolled onto his side pulling the blanket tightly up around his chin.

"If you don't get up and fix me breakfast right now, I will call you my pet for the duration of your stay and put a collar on you."

"Bastard!" Severus sneered as he threw the blanket off and headed for the kitchen.

"Temper, temper Severus."

"Yes, Master," he grumbled as he pulled the bacon and eggs from the pantry. "Fucking arsehole." He whispered as he laid the bacon in the skillet.

"Severus I heard that!" Remus was running his fingers through his long hair, pulling it back with a hair tie. "I don't expect you to behave, but at least try to be civil. Otherwise, it's going to be a very long year." He added, as he sat at the table waiting for his breakfast.

The Potions Master leaned over the table until their noses nearly touched. "Master. Fuck. You." He said slowly with a grin.

With a grin of his own, Remus rose from his seat, grabbed Severus by the scruff of the neck and proceeded to put his head under the faucet. Turning the water on full force with his free hand, while his other hand held his slave's head in place, he took the lye base soap and rubbed it vigorously over his mouth. With his head and torso drenched, Severus tried vainly to keep the soap out of his mouth. Soon it was inundated with the horrid burning flavor of the soap, his face looked like a rabid dog when Remus finally let go. Soap seeped from his mouth as he stuck his head under the running water, spitting and washing away any trace of the soap. Remus held his head in place. He leaned over his slave and spoke softly in his ear. "No more foul language, or I'll stick a whole bar of soap down your throat. Do you understand me?" Silence hung in the air. "Severus answer me, do you understand me?" He demanded quietly.

"Yes Master." He sputtered. He used the back of his hand to dry his mouth.

"Good," He sat back down to eat his breakfast, seeming to be in a rather cheerful mood. "Once you eat, there are some old clothes that should fit you on the couch."

"And what's wrong with my robes?" He had picked up a dishtowel to dry himself off.

With a very loud sigh Remus told him, "We're doing hard labor today. Your long robes would only get in the way and may cause a hazard. Must you argue about everything?"

"Yes!" He threw the towel down hard on the sink.

As he got dressed in blue jeans, a plaid shirt and work boots, all he could think of how much he hated Dumbledore. Even if he was his mentor and the closes thing he had to a father, he never felt more abused than he did this moment. He'd quite Hogwarts, he could get a job elsewhere. He was a Potions Master; he could have jobs lined up waiting for him. He rubbed his arm absentmindedly. Then again he is a Death Eater. Who in their right mind would hire a repentant Death Eater? Besides, there was always a method behind Dumbledore's madness and he had always looked out for his well-being. He rubbed his hands across his face vigorously. Fine, he'll stay, whatever Albus had planned for him he'll see it through. He had a year to plot his retribution; Headmaster or not, he would exact his revenge on the manipulative old bastard.

Remus came out of his room dressed basically in the same attire as Severus. The surly wizard looked at Remus with hate in his eyes. "For Merlin sakes," He remembered not to swear, "I look like a muggle." He spit the words out as if they left a bitter taste in his mouth.

"You look fine. In fact it's good to see you in something different than your black robes."

"Humph!" was the Potions Master's reply.

They worked hard side by side that day. Remus was pleased that the wiry man was able to keep up the pace with him but there was no doubt in his mind when the Potions Master would wake the next morning, every muscle in his body would be rebelling. He gave his all and never slacked his responsibility. Besides a very short lunch, which Severus barely ate or drank, they never stopped until the sun was setting.

"Severus, go take a hot shower. You deserved it for working so hard today. You surprised me by working so hard. Because you've been so good I'll fix dinner this evening."

Severus felt that Remus was being condescending but was just too tired to have a row with him. Instead he meekly replied, "Thank you," as he headed for the bathroom. The shower was more than appealing: it was a necessity.

Remus had put the dinner plates down on the table when he decided that it was time to go look for Severus. He found him curled up in front of the fire lying on his stomach, his hair slightly wet from the shower and hanging in ringlets around his shoulders. His breathing was slow and steady as he snored slightly. His dingy nightshirt had crept up to his waist, exposing a very round and inviting view of his arse. His heavy balls peeked out from between his legs. Remus found himself licking his lips as he stared at the exquisite arse. "Isn't a shame, Severus, your best feature is always hidden?" He whispered to the sleeping man. Remus covered his exposed backside with a light summer blanket.

The morning sky had gone from the black of night to the deep blue of early morning, when the rooster started to crow. Severus, waking to the sound, wondered what rooster stew would taste like. His muscles automatically stretched as he rolled over onto his stomach. He had pulled the pillow over his head when it happened. He must have been hexed; he had to have been to be in this kind of pain. He writhed on the floor as the muscle in his leg felt like they were being pulled apart. Remus, dressed only in his pajama bottom, was right there pulling, firmly but as gently as he could, his leg straight.

"Sev, relax, let me.."

"Don't touch me. I have been hexed."

"Severus, calm down, now." It was an order that the Slytherine was compelled to follow. His slave took a deep cleansing breath; a deep breath holding for a count of ten before letting it slowly out. "That's good, Severus, no one hexed you. You have what the Muggles call a muscle cramp." Remus pulled Severus' leg straight and set the slaves foot in his crotch as he started to massage deep into the muscles.

"Don't touch me." The fact that Remus was touching him wasn't what bothered him, in fact his strong hands kneaded the back of his leg felt good, and where his foot was located was all the more intriguing, it was the fact that he wanted no one to touch him. He had managed to go a lifetime without the touch of another; he didn't want to know what he had been missing out on his whole life.

"Hush, I'm not going to hurt you." He continued to massage the calf of the leg until he could feel the muscle start to relax. He ran his warm hand up and down the back of his leg as he asked Severus, "Better?"

"Much," he purred, "Thank you." It was almost a question.

"I'm going to have to keep an eye on you. You have a tendency not to take care of yourself."

"I'm not a child that needs to watched over."

"Perhaps not, but for my own peace of mind, I think I'll keep an eye on you to be sure you eat properly and drink plenty of liquids. I don't know how you keep yourself going with how little you eat and drink. Now get up and fix us both a big breakfast."

Remus concern seemed genuine. He found himself warmed by the knowledge that someone cared. Of course it was probably no difference than a man's concern for a pet, he told himself. It was better to think that, than there might be a friendship developing between the two of them, and then is sorely disappointed.

The first time Severus met Joshua, all he could think was that Adonis would be jealous of his looks. Where his nose was hawkish, Joshua's was Romanesque, where his hair black and lackluster, Joshua's was sun bleached blond with waves and waves of curls. Where his eyes were coal black, Joshua's were sky blue. Where his body was straight up and down, much like a light post, Remus' lover was broad in the shoulders and narrow at the hips, but his arse was round and firm. The Potions Master took an instant dislike to the man.

Joshua didn't even notice Severus sitting on the worn, torn couch, it seemed he had only eyes for his beloved Remus. Joshua pulled the Gryffindor from his chair into his hard body. Their kiss was hot and needy. Joshua's broad hands cupped Remus' arse and pressed his erection into that of the werewolf's. Severus couldn't help but blush. His eyes darted about the room, trying to find something to catch his eye besides these two men and the passion that passed between them.

"Josh, this is Severus Snape," with a tilt of his head he motioned to where Severus sat, "my slave for a year." Remus' lover eyebrows rose to his hairline. "A gift from Dumbledore." He said it like that knowledge alone would explain everything. "Severus, this is Joshua. He works as a reporter for the Daily Profit. They keep him quite busy, so the only time we have together is the weekends." He looked lovingly into his lover's eyes.

Joshua barely took his eyes off his lover to acknowledge Severus, "Hi Sev." His voice was ever so cheerful.

Severus cringed, the curse words stopped at his lips. Instead he smiled sickeningly sweet and greeted him. "Master."

Joshua looked back into Remus' shinning eyes. "Oh, do I get to be Master, too?"

"I thought you might appreciate the gesture."

"I appreciate you." He pulled Remus into his hips again.

Severus silently growled. He didn't like this man. True, he was sexy, virile, and handsome beyond belief, but that didn't change the fact that he wanted to hex the man.

"Are you hungry? Severus has dinner ready to be served."

"Food is not what I am hungry for." He slowly moved his groin up and down Remus'.

"But I am. You can have that," he thrust his hips into his lover, "for dessert."

"Mmmm, can't wait." He bites Remus' lower lip.

"Severus, would you please serve dinner." Remus asked, as he stared deep into the deep blue ocean of Joshua's eyes.

"Yes Master." He couldn't keep the scorn from his voice.

"I expect you to behave yourself, Severus. You will treat our guest as you would me!"

"Don't worry about a thing, love." Joshua interjected, "Sev and I will get on famously, won't we Sev?" He slapped the Slytherin on the back as Severus walked by. Remus winced.

"Yes Master, famously." He said through clenched teeth.

After dinner, Severus washed the dishes and tidied up the kitchen as Remus and Joshua walking hand in hand into the bedroom. Feeling rather depressed, Severus rolled up in front of the fire, hoping for a goodnight's sleep. As his mind and body approached sleep, the sounds of moans and vulgar language came from the joining room. Even with a pillow over his head he could hear the pleas of Remus for Joshua to do it harder. The headboard pounded rhythmically into the wall. Knowing he couldn't sleep and certain that he didn't want to listen to the noise from the other room, he decided to leave. It had been a long time since he had snuck out of the house for a late night stroll. He thought back to the time it was common to leave his father's house in the middle of the night, to escape his father's drunken wrath.

Sliding on a dirty pair of slacks, he tucked his nightshirt into the waistband and slipped his work boots on as he left the confines of the cottage and the annoying groans of the bedroom. Even thought the air was nippy and Severus wished he had slipped his robe on, he felt much better once he got outside. He took a deep breath, filling his lungs with the cold night air as he started down the path leading away from the cottage. He got lost in thought, wondering why the two of them together affected him as it did. It was certainly not jealousy. There was nothing to jealous about. He liked Lupin all right; well he liked him as an enemy, nothing more. Being a spy for so many years he had honed his ability to read people quickly, and Joshua was all show and no substance. How could Remus, with all his intelligence, be fucking the arsehole, much less be in the same room with him. Wandering half the night, he found his mind kept going back to Remus and his amber eyes, his silver brown mane and his tight arse and how it was being totally wasted on the git in his bed.

A gentle hand shook Severus' shoulder, waking him. "Severus, it time to get up. It's nearly 10."

"Your breakfast, I'm sorry." Crap, he just apologized to Lupin and meant it. That was a first.

"We already ate. We left some food on the table for you."

"Thank you."

"I got up late last night to use the loo and found you were gone. Where did you go?"

"Out, for a walk."

"Why?" Severus eyes darted to the bedroom and back. "Oh. We'll use a silencing charm next time."

"You shouldn't have to, it's your home." Merlin, there is going to be a next time. "Besides I enjoyed the walk."

"If you decide to go strolling again at night, be aware of the wolf traps. The ranchers have set up the traps to catch some wild dogs that have been attacking their sheep." Severus eyes widened in dismay. "There like a metal jaw, that will clamp around the animal leg. Very painful and the teeth are laced with a poison that will kill the dogs quickly."


"Yes." Remus nodded sadly. " So please be careful, stay on the main paths."

"I wouldn't have survived this long if I wasn't one thing and that's careful but I thank you for your concern."

The following afternoon, as Severus prepared lunch for his two Masters, he spied, from the kitchen window, two beautiful bronzed bodies, playing a rough game of tag. Dressed only in cut-off jeans, the two men chased each other in the opened field. They tackled and threw each other onto the soft grass, as they laughed long and hard. Severus heart skipped a beat when he saw Remus pin Joshua to the ground, holding his arms over his head. They just looked at one another for the longest time, without moving, their laughter faded. Severus ran his long elegant fingers around his lips, as he watched Remus lowered his body onto Joshua's and kissed him, as a lover should. He wasn't even aware of the feelings he had hidden for so very long. The desire to be with someone, to taste someone lips, as Remus tasted Joshua's. Severus turned his back away from the kitchen window, when he saw the werewolf reach between their body and pull his cock out. He found himself shaking uncontrollably. All he could think of was his father and what the man had done to him so many years before. He swallowed bile that rose in his throat, back down. He wanted to turn around and watch. He wanted to see what a hard cock looked like as it disappeared into another body. He wanted to hear the moans and their names called out as they came. But most of all he wanted to pretend, just for a moment, that it was him who was desired and loved.

Fifteen minutes later, lunch was served. Remus and Joshua ate a hearty lunch while shooting knowing looks between each other. Severus didn't eat that afternoon; he wasn't hungry. He wondered if he ever would be hungry again.

Sunday evening Joshua apparated back to London, leaving Severus and Remus once again alone.

"Well" Remus leaned against the closed door with a dreamy look on his face.

"Well what?"

"What did you think of Josh?"

"He is perhaps the best looking man I have ever seen."


Severus rolled his eyes, "And what?" he was getting annoyed.

"There must be something else you have to say about my boyfriend."



"Leave it be, Lupin."

"For some unknown reason I value your opinion, Severus. What did you think about him?"

"The truth?"


"I don't like him nor do I trust him."

"Why?" Remus bristled.

"Knew you didn't want to know."

"I asked you a question, I want an answer."

"He's a phony."

Remus crossed his arms over his chest. "Why do you think that?" He was becoming defensive.

"It's a felling I have."

"A feeling. Is that all?"

" I was a spy for to many years not to trust my instincts and those instincts tell me that he's a son of a bitch. In the future, please remember, if you do not want to hear my opinion, do not ask for it." He crossed his long, gangly arms tightly around his chest.

"Let's drop the subject."

"I didn't want this conversation in the first place."


"Don't worry, I'm going to take a long shower. Goodnight, Master."

Remus felt guilty. He had no right asking Severus for his opinion and then getting mad at him because he didn't like the answer. He knew Severus had eaten very little that day and decided to fix him a roast beef sandwich with horseradish, a hot bowl of vegetable soup and a large glass of milk, as a peace offering.

He went to tell the Potions Master that he had made him dinner. He entered the bathroom without knocking and was dumb struck by what he saw. Severus stood under the steaming water, his eyes closed, and his head thrown back against the tile wall. His body was nothing but a series of scars, some fresh, most very old. One scar caught Remus eye. It was a gaping, angry red scar that started from his left hip, curving around his penis, and under his testicles, and back up the other side.

"Severus?" He spoke softly, trying not to spook the Slytherin.

Severus' eyes shot open in horror. "Get out." He screamed his face was flushed with anger.

"Who tried to castrate you?"

"None of your fucking business." He ran his hand over his face. "Remus please-- just leaves me alone." Remus could hear the sob behind the words.

"I'll be waiting for you in the living room."

Remus was disturbed by what he saw, and he knew that the man in the bathroom would be beside himself with anger, soon to be followed by a tantrum. He became acutely aware of the fact that he knew little about this very private man, except that he was irascible, obstinate, calculating and surly. It was time to find out why the man was the way he was.

The room was darkened with only the light of the fire to light the room. It would be easier to get Severus to talk if he could hide behind the darkness. Now, he waited until Severus finished having his temper tantrum in the bathroom. Periodically, he could hear glass shattering against the wall, followed by some choice swear words. The Potions Master probably thought he could outlast the werewolf, but he would be disappointed. The wolf had his prey in sight. Severus didn't have a chance.

"Severus." Remus acknowledged the wizard with a nod of his head as he came out of the bathroom; Severus' robe was pulled tightly about him. Remus could see the dark, bluish circles that shown under his red swollen eyes from where he sat.

"Lupin, I am exhausted. Please, just go to your room and leave me alone."

"Eat." He commanded softly, pointing to the sandwich and soup he had fixed for him earlier in the evening. Severus ate in silence, staring at the dancing flames of the fire instead of Lupin, but all the while he ate he could feel Remus' eyes staring at the back of his head.

"We're not going to talk about it, Lupin." Severus announced as soon as he swallowed his last bite of food. Remus had gotten up without a word and proceeded into the kitchen to secure a bottle of firewhiskey and two glasses. He tapped Severus' shoulder with the filled glass of whiskey, offering him the drink. He turned around, looking first at Remus, then the drink. Taking the drink gratefully, his thin lips turned up slightly in approval. About half way through the drink, Remus found the courage to ask the question that had been on his mind since he walked in on he Slytherin.

"Was it Voldemort?"

"I'm not going to play this game any more. In the morning, I am going to go back to Hogwarts." He downed the rest of his drink.

"I could use my power to procure the information from you, but I know you would never forgive me for that transgression. As a friend I want to know who tried to castrate you?" Severus could hear the sincerity in his voice but was still reluctant.

"Another drink, please." Remus was happy to obliged.

As he filled Severus' glass, with his free hand he tilted Severus' chin up until their eyes met. "Sev, I give you my word, not only as a wizard but as a friend, that what you tell me will go no farther."

Severus was almost done with the second drink when he finally broke his silence. "It was Christmas break of my twelfth year." He sipped on his drink, "My father caught me masturbating; needless to say he didn't condone my actions. My uncle was able to stop him before he had finished what he intended on doing. I haven't seen my father since that day."

"He tried to castrate you for masturbating?"

"He succeeded in castrating me." It was Remus' turn to down his drink. "All the parts are there but they, let us say, don't function."

"So you're a. . ."

"Virgin is the word you're looking for. Yes, I am, and it seems I will be remaining so."

"I'm sorry."

"For being castrated, for being a virgin, or prying into a part of my life that you have no right to."

"There are specialists." He ignored Severus' outburst.

"I've seen them all when I was young. They put everything back where it belongs, and assured me that it was only a matter of time before my. equipment would be able to function. They were wrong. I've never had an erection since my father tried to cut it off. Don't feel sorry for me Remus." He could see the pity in his Master's eyes. " You really don't miss something you never had." Severus yawned. " I know this is your living room, but it also happens to be my bedroom. I find myself yearning for repose."

Remus said his good byes as he left for his room. "Goodnight, Master." Remus let the bitterness he heard in Severus' voice roll off his back. They had a breakthrough of sorts that evening, even perhaps the beginning of a friendship. He knew only time would tell, but he felt good at the prospect. The idea of being amiable with the difficult man pleased him. He would have to go to bed and think of the events of the evening and of what might come from it.

In the following months, Severus started an extensive garden, growing plants and herbs that could be sold to Apothecary shops across England. The plants and herbs were easy to maintain and money for harvesting them rather good. Even though Remus was now teaching at Hogwarts once again, as DADA professor, he found the extra money was useful. Most of his shoddy, secondhand furniture had seen better days and needed replacing. Some new boots would have been appreciated, as well as some teaching robes. He did offer to split the profits with the Potions Master, who refused, stating that slaves did not get paid for their labor. In truth, he was extremely well off, and the money offered to him was of little use, but to Remus it was a fortune. Even if it wasn't desperately needed, it still was appreciated. Once the new year began at Hogwarts, Remus was back teaching, leaving Severus to manage the home and the yard. Each evening, when Remus would apparated home from work, he would find Severus waited at the door with a small brandy in hand, dinner on the table, a bath filled with hot water, scented with lavender, and a fresh pair of pajamas laid out on the bed. Slavery suited Severus; he fell into the submissive roll easily once the shock wore off. In some sort of perverted way, Severus took pleasure in making Remus happy. He felt an accomplishment when Remus' face shone with happiness. The only blemish to their growing friendship was Joshua. Severus couldn't tolerate the man, and showed it clearly with every word and expression on his face.

Going out at night was becoming a regular event for Severus, especially the nights Joshua was there. There was a need to get away from Joshua and Remus, with the two of them shagging one another in the bedroom. Underneath all the bells and whistles, Joshua was a phony. It irked Severus that Remus could not see how shallow his lover truly was. He surmised that Remus never even noticed the fine white line around his third finger, on his left hand.

Severus had seen the crack of the lighting and heard the roar of the thunder a few second later, but that didn't stop him from his walk. Before he walked a hundred meter there was a downpour, drenching the Slytherin. Severus was annoyed; if he had his wand he could have used a protective spell that would have kept him dry. Instead, he found himself trudging through the muck, battling the rain with every step he took. "Fucking idiot," he called himself, "Didn't have enough brains to stay out of the rain, did you?" He decided enough was enough, and that spending one night in the same house as Joshua was better that being drowned. He cursed loudly when he came upon a fallen tree that crossed the road while on his way home. Not wanting to crawl over the tree, he decided the best plan of action would be to go around it. Using the stump for support, Severus stepped around the base of the tree. It could have been the flash of lightning from over head, or that his mind was on Remus, but the drenched wizard was not paying attention to where he was stepping. As the weight of his body pressed down on the release mechanism of the wolf trap, Severus heard the sound of metal hitting metal, and felt the searing pain of his bones splintering apart. He laid face down in the mud as he laughed bitterly, the poison surging through his body. The rain pelted him awake when he lost consciousness; he was always slightly surprised that he was still alive. Remus had said it was a quick death; he'd have to ask him what, in his opinion, constitutes a quick death the next time he saw him.

It was morning before the rain had stopped and the sun peeked through the scattering grey clouds. Searching for Severus since the rooster crowed, it didn't take Remus long to find his fallen comrade. He pulled the jaws of trap apart from the shattered leg and dragged the lifeless body free. Using a healing spell to stabilize Severus, he hurried the Professor back to his cottage. From there, he had Joshua floo to Hogwarts, to bring back Madam Pomprey and Headmaster Dumbledore. Hours passed slowly, Remus wrapped in Joshua's arms. Dumbledore stared silently at the flames in the fireplace, his heart breaking. He loved the difficult boy. He had lost to many children in his lifetime, the thought of loosing one more, especially Severus, was too much to endure. As the hours passed Albus and Remus started to pace the small living room as they waited impatiently for the mediwitch to appear from the bedroom. Joshua had to kiss Remus adieu, and headed back to London for the week. It was early evening before an exhausted Poppy emerged from Remus' bedroom. Remus wasn't even aware he was holding his breath until she told him he would live. He let his breath out slowly in relief. Albus beamed, as he squeezed tightly the werewolf's shoulder.

She held up her hand to stop short their jubilation. "That doesn't mean he will be his cantankerous self in the near future. The bones will be healed in a day or two but the poison, no longer a danger of killing him, will have to run it's course. I think, Headmaster, we should take him back to Hogwarts with us, where I can keep an eye on him."

"No." Remus said firmly. "He is my charge and therefore my responsibility."

"Remus, you have no idea what you're letting yourself in for. He is difficult in the best of time, but believe me when I say this, he unbearable when he is ill. He will be as helpless as an infant, needing to be fed and cleaned as a baby would." The Gryffindor had no illusions about how difficult Severus would make it for him in the coming days but something, deep inside, needed to take care of his friend.

"I can handle it."

"It's not only you I am worried about. Severus is fiercely independent and will not take kindly to be taking care of. I have lived through a few of these life-threatening illness with the man and he can be irritable, rude, and as bad as an unruly child."

"And how is that different that the rest of the time?" He grinned for the first time that day. "That fact alone, should make it obvious that I should be the one to take care of him. If you remember, he is still my slave and is honor bound to do as I ask. He might not like it but he will listen to me a lot faster than he will you. I'll even have help. Joshua will help me, when it become too much for me to handle and when the students come back from the winter break."

"If you're sure." She still sounded reluctant to leave her patient.

"I'm sure. All you have to do is tell me what is expected of me, and I'll do the rest."

The sweat soaked sheets were changed at least twice a day, more when Severus lost control of his bladder. Cleaning spells were used generously, but a sponge bath was use to cool his body every few hours. Meals mainly consisted of broths, and any food that could be smashed into pulp. Remus stroking Severus' throat gently, encouraging his patient to swallow down each mouthful of food.

Early one morning, a whimpering Severus woke Remus, desperately trying to crawl out of the bed. "No, No, No." He kept chanting as he struggled with the blankets. The werewolf pushed his patient back down on the bed and pulled the covers back off the squirming body. Feces were spread across this lower body. "It's okay Sev, I'll take care of it." Severus continued to struggle until the werewolf spelled him to sleep. After using a cleaning spell, he levitated the sleeping man, as he changed the soiled sheets. Next he decided to wash Snape, to clean what the spell might have missed. He pressed Severus' legs up and out, making this area more accessible. Using hot water and a soapy washcloth, he started to wash the genital area down. As he moved the washcloth up and down over Severus' cock, he was surprised to feel it twitch and harden slightly under his ministrations. Remus' lips curled up in a smile as he started on his balls and arse. Severus moaned as Remus moved the washcloth between the cheeks of his ass. Cleaning the washcloth, he went over his ball once more, when Severus whimpered as he came it was weak and quick, but he did ejaculate.

"Well, it seems, Severus, your equipment isn't as useless as you thought it was." He proceeded to wipe the semen from his groin and tucked the Potions Master into bed.

Within a week Severus fever was all but gone. Besides feeling humiliated by showing Remus how needy he was, he was very weak, still needing Remus' support as he shuffled to the bathroom. Remus didn't feel right about leaving Severus with Joshua when a school function would keep him late at Hogwarts, but Joshua sent Remus on his way with the promise to keep a close eye on Severus. He'd be sure that Severus would drink plenty of liquids and take his medicine. With a chaste kiss and a word or two about how much he loved and appreciated Joshua, Remus left for Hogwarts.

"Feeling better?" Joshua brushed the black strands of hair off Severus' forehead, while his other hand ran up and down the length of Severus' arms. "Did anyone every tell you that you have an exotic look about you?" Even being as ill as he had been, Severus knew a line of bullshit when he heard it. He squirmed uneasily from Joshua's touch. "You're intriguing in a dark brooding sort of way." He leaned down and brushed his lips across the Potions Master's own cracked, dried ones. Joshua stroked Severus' flaccid cock through his nightshirt. Severus tried with all of his strength to push Joshua off of him.

"Remus?" The ailing wizard was barely able to spit out.

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him, and who do you think he'll believe--you, who have been delirious for weeks, or me, his lover for the past year?" He hiked the nightshirt up around Severus' waist and rubbed his thumb across the tip of the cock. He was surprised to find a flaccid dried cock. "Don't like men? That okay, it's not your cock I want"

"Don't!" He struggled and strained, trying to get away from his attacker. With no effort, Joshua turned the weakened man over and bound his hands over his head with a spell. "Please don't," He begged.

"Don't act like a child, Severus. We're all adults. It not like we're virgins." He pulled him up onto his knees and place a number of pillows under his hips. The nightshirt was pulled up to Severus' waist; his attackers firm fingers stroked the bony arse then pried his cheeks apart and licked his tight hole. Severus clenched his hole tightly.

"Relax!" The voice was demanding. "I like a tight hole but if you don't relax, I'm going to tear you apart."

"Remus." It was a plea, a cry for help.

"Remus isn't here, won't be for hours."

"You're so wrong, Josh, you never been more wrong that you are right now. Get off of him and put your prick back in your trousers." Remus' slender body seemed to fill the doorframe with righteous indignation. He was beside himself with anger.

"Come on, Rem. You want some for yourself? I've seen how you look at him when you don't think anyone is watching."

"Josh, I want you to leave now and never come back!" Remus didn't feel the betrayal. His concern was that of Severus and the torment he must have been going through.

Joshua climbed off the bed as he tucked his hard cock back into his slacks. "Do you mind if I go and wank off?"

"Leave. Now!"

"I'm leaving. I'll owl you when you have had time to calm down."


"Yes?" his voice was as sweet as syrup.

"Don't owl me."

"Whatever." He left without a glance back.

Remus covered Severus with a blanket and released his hands from the spell.

"I'm alright!" Severus rolled up into a tight ball

"I might believe you if you weren't shaking so hard."

"Go away, Remus." He tried to snarl but failed miserably.

"I'm not going any where, Severus." With the movements of a cat, he started to crawl onto the bed. "I'm going to lay on top of the blanket next to you."

"Don't," he pleaded.

"All I'm going to do is hold you until you stop shaking."

"I'm fine."

"Of course you are." He slid his arm around the trembling shoulders. Against his will, Severus' body melted into Remus' arms, much like a child clinging to his mother after a nightmare. Remus leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on his forehead. "You're still fevered. I guess I'll be taking care of you for a little bit longer."

"When will he be back?"

"He won't be back!"

"You'll make up. You'll have to."

"Why will I have to?"

"You two are... beautiful together."

Surprised by the statement, Remus asked bewildered, "Are you saying since we're good looking that we belong together?"

"You belong with someone who beautiful and not ugly."

"Severus, do you consider yourself ugly?" There was no answer. "You know you're not. You're an intriguing, intelligent, resourceful individual. I don't ever want to hear you put yourself down again." He pulled him closer.

"And absolutely useless in a relationship."

"Do you believe that this," He grabbed his own crotch, "is the all there is in a relationship?"

"Master, I beg of you, please drop the subject. I am so very tired and want to sleep." Remus became quiet and made small circles on Severus' back until he felt his breathing become shallow and his body became lax in his arms.

"There something happening between us, Severus. You may not be willing to admit to it yet, but I know you feel it as deeply as I do. Soon, very soon, we'll have to admit that we care for each other and there is no longer any hate and mistrust between us." Remus whispered to a sleeping Potions Master.

The events of that evening were never spoken of again. Over the months, their conversations became animated and a healthy respect grew between them. The slave relationship was maintained, but for the most part it was done with humor, where ' Master' was used more as a term of endearment than that of a submission. Remus only used his power over Severus when he became obstinate and endangered himself by working late into the evening or forgetting to eat. Remus realized that the man enjoyed being fussed over by the smile that shone in his eyes, if not on his lips. The Slytherin wanted to give up control but his pride wouldn't let him. Remus would have to periodically take control from the man for his own good.

A couple of months after Joshua 'left', Remus found himself uncomfortable lonely. Sighing, he called his slave. "Severus, leave the dishes for tomorrow. I feel the need for some company. The fire is warm and the firewhiskey is smooth."

"Coming." Severus untied the apron that hung around his waist and folded it over the handle of the warm oven. He had barely sat down next to Remus on his new couch when he saw the sadness in his eyes.

"You miss him." He wanted desperately to call Remus' ex-lover a bastard but it would only hurt Lupin even more.

"I miss his touch." The werewolf handed Severus his drink and the sipped on his own. The taste burned his throat, while Severus savored the taste of his drink. "Don't you miss being touched?" Remus asked.

Severus shook his head slowly. "Having nothing to compare it with, no I don't miss it. most of the time. Do I wonder what it would have been like if my father didn't effectively castrate me? Yes, everyday of my life." After a moment of silence, as both men sipped their drink, Severus continued. "There were many orgies I attended as a Death Eater. I was never happy about what my father did to me except for those moments. Voldemort never expected a eunuch to perform for him. I watched the rape and murder of many men, women and children. Muggles or wizards, it never much mattered to him. It was brutal and bloody, the screams endless until every one of them lay dead. When they were no more humans to abuse they took the farm animals and." Severus wiped the tears away with the heels of his hands. "I'm sorry I ever called you a monster, Remus. Malfoy, Nott, and the rest were the true monsters."

Remus reached over and stroked his thigh. "Thank you for apologizing, I understand how difficult that was for you."

"You have no idea." Severus laughed bitterly.

"Sex can be gratifying when done properly."

"For everyone else perhaps." He pulled his boney knees up to his chin, his arms hugging his legs as he rested his head on his knees.

"There is more to sex than the penis, especially for people like you and I."

"I realize that. Why settle for half a man when there are so many men that look like Joshua out there. Beautiful and virile."

"Severus, I don't ever want to hear you talk about yourself that way again and this time it's a command."

"Yes Master." There was a genuine grin on Severus' face, even if it was a little sad. "In truth, Remus, have you ever thought of me that way?"

"Quite often of late."

With eyes widened in wonder and his mouth gaping, Severus asked, "You have?"


"You're just lonely and I'm available."

"Yes, I am lonely, but I've been think of you since before Josh left. He was right about one thing. I was watching you and wondering. Wondering how you would feel around my swollen cock as I pound into you, or how your fingers feel around me as you stroke me off. How you would feel in my arms after we had made love all night long. Yes, my dear Severus, I have thought of you that way and I have enjoyed the thought." Remus swore he could see Severus blushed even in the darken room. "Do you trust me?"


"Do you trust me? This is very important, I need to know, do you trust me?"

"What kind of game are we playing, Remus?"

"Answer the fucking question. Do you trust me?" His demanded.

"With my life!" Remus smiled. For Severus that was a declaration of love. He could feel his cock come alive in his pants and had to remind himself that very soon he would have his Potions Master where he wanted him, naked and under him, but for now there was something much more important to tend to.

"Will you do exactly what I ask of you?"

"Yes." He answered without hesitation.

Remus almost came into his pants from the sincerity in Severus' voice.

"I want you to leave the door open to my bedroom when I change tomorrow night."


"All of your questions will be answered in do time. Will you?"

Severus nodded.

"I want you to lay naked on the floor in front of the fire and wait for me. Do as the wolf asks and I won't hurt you."

Black eyes met amber ones, both pleading. The black orbs pleading not to make him do it. This was Remus, he thought, he trusted him with his life. There was no better way to prove it, but to do as he was asked. With a slight nod of the head, Severus agreed to meet the wolf the next night.

Before Remus went to his room to transform into the wolf, he prepared the living area for he and Severus. He moved all the furniture away from the center of the room and charmed the fire to burn through the night. A soft thick rug was spread out for Severus' comfort. With a slight kiss to the Potions Masters cheek and a stroke of his arm, he left him alone in the living room as he took his leave. Severus slipped out of his dingy nightshirt and lay stiffly on the rug. His heart pounded. He had the urge to run as far away as he could but he'd promised Remus to stay and he wouldn't break that promise.

Minutes after the moon rose, Severus saw a dark figure creep from the bedroom. Droplets of sweat poured down his face from his forehead, as his body shook in fear. The wolf moved slowly around the shaking man. Tightening his circle with each passing until Severus could feel the wolf's hot breath on his face and the fur brushing up against his bare skin. He held his breath as he kept his eyes closed tightly. He waited, nothing happened. Opening one eye, he saw the werewolf sitting there with something like a grin on his face. His brow arched as he asked, "Are you just going to sit there and stare at me, you wolf?" He saw the wolf's head tilt to one side as if he was saying, "Alright, you asked for it." With that, the werewolf stood, and lifted his leg and to peed all over Severus' groin. The hot liquid splattered as it hit Severus' lower stomach, flowing down through his pubic hair, over his groin and down his balls and between the cracks of his arse.

"Remus, really!" His fear had subsided but disgust took its place. Moony's reply was a swipe of his tongue across Severus lips. "For Merlin's sake, what the fuck are you up to?" He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Remus started on the Potions Master forehead, licking the salt and sweat from his brow, going down over the long lean body, giving him what had to be called a bath licking. Every inch of his body was deliciously stroked and probed with the long rough tongue. Occasionally the wolf would nip, leaving tiny red marks on the skin. The nips, which never drew blood, seem to have a pattern about them, collarbones, and nipples and just above his penis. Severus found himself fidgeting, knowing that this was wrong on so many levels, but was the most erotic experience of his life. His mouth hung open in shock as his cock twitched and hardened. "Oh, God, Remus." Fingers clenched the soft rug as his body arched off the floor. A heavy paw was placed on his solar plexus and forced him down on his back. The long tongue fucked the Slytherin's bellybutton, leaving him moaning in need. After the werewolf teased his lover long enough, he climbed on top of Severus and laid his heavy body over him, his bushy tail wagging happily over the Potions Master's face. Spitting fir out of his mouth, Severus bent the tail over to one side. "Remus what are you doing to me?" Remus' answer was to swipe his tongue over the tip of his cock. Another lick soon followed, from his heavy balls up the length of Severus' painfully hard cock. If the wolf hadn't been on top of him, Severus would have been in the bathroom, the door locked, after that last lick.

Moony laid his large head in the dark curls that surrounded Severus prick. He took the scent of his lover in as he lazily licked and teased Severus' dripping cock. Squirming, Severus tried to push the wolf off his body, only to have the wolf turn his head and growled, baring his teeth. He settled back down onto the floor, his eyes closed tightly, trying to relax and remembering that it was Remus that was about to make him come. He felt like a randy teenager as he became lost in the sensation of that wonderful tongue on his cock. The werewolf nipped the loose skin around his balls, again leaving two tiny red marks on the skin. When the tongue darted in the tight wrinkled hole of Severus' arse, he screamed Remus' name as he came. Arching his back off the floor, he lifted the heavy wolf as he had his first organism. His long fingers dug into the thick fur of the wolf as he spread his seed between the two of them.

A very sated and groggy Potions Master closed his eyes to rest, when he felt a cold nose nudge him. "Go away, Remus, I want to sleep." The wolf was persistence and nudged him from under his waist and pressed up. "You want me to roll over?" The werewolf licked him again across the mouth. "Remus, will you kindly stop doing that?" The werewolf answer was to lick him again. This time the tongue slipped into his mouth a tad. "Oh for Merlin's sakes, if I roll over, will you stop doing that?" The wolf sat down on his haunches. "Fine." He eyed the wolf suspiciously as he rolled over. Severus felt the soft fur tickle his flesh, as the wolf climbed onto his back. He glared over his shoulder at the wolf, only to see him bare his teeth and hear him growl, telling him he would take no back talk from him.

"Fine, I'll do as you wish but I swear in the morning were going to have a long conversation about your actions this evening." He found his nose licked. Pillowing his head onto his arms, he felt moisture on his tailbone as Remus started to slowly hump Severus' body. "I trust you, Remus." The Slytherin was surprised that he truly meant it. The movements steadily became faster with shorter thrusts as Severus found himself becoming once again excited beneath the animal. He found it difficult to rub his hardening cock onto the rug underneath him, with the heavy beast on his back but found if he matched the movements of Remus that he could get the friction he so desperately needed. He felt the werewolf's teeth engulf his neck, bearing down on sharply drawing blood just to the surface of the skin. Remus tossed his mates head back and forth as he spilled his seed onto Severus' back. Howling, Severus came for the second time that evening and collapsed, exhausted, onto the floor in deep sleep. He wasn't aware of the wolf rolling in their come as he spread it all over his and his lover's body. He had marked his mate. he was safe now from him and any other werewolf. With or without the wolfbane potion he would always be safe. Satisfied finally, Remus laid next to his lover, his large head resting on his lover's back.

The next morning Severus kept his eyes tightly shut, afraid that once he opened them that everything he felt was just a dream. It was better to enjoy the feelings as long as he could, before reality sat back in.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Remus' soft voice sent shivers down Severus' spine.

"It was all real?" He pulled Remus into his arms. "You are with me?"

The kiss that Remus bestowed on his lover left no room for doubt his feelings he felt for the Potions Master. As Remus played with the nip marks he left around Severus' groin, he found Severus cock starting to stir.

"Remus!" His hip moved into Remus' hand, searching for more contact.

"Like that?" He chuckled as he began to stroke the length of his long cock.

"Oh Merlin, yes." He stopped suddenly, the eyes widening as he remembered the night before. "I had an orgasm last night!"

"Two, as I recall." He kept a steady rhythm to the movement of his hand on his lovers cock.

"Remus, stop that. This is important. What did you do to me last night?" He used his no nonsense voice.

Remus slowed the tempo of his stroking but refused to stop. "I claimed you as mine, last night."

Severus thought long and hard at what the werewolf had just told him and was surprised at how pleased he was with the idea of belong to someone. He thought he should be affronted but instead he found the thought rather a pleasing idea. He found himself feeling rather warm and mushy inside. " What have you done to me Lupin?"

"Do you find it repulsive to have me as a lover?"

"Oh for cripes sakes, don't get offended." He leaned down and showed him how he felt with the desire in his kiss, if not by the spoken word. Remus' strong hand increased the pace on his cock. "I desire you as much as I desire my next breath of air," he added as the kiss ended. He slipped his hand over this lover's hand, firming the grip around his shaft. He was close to coming, but wanted to hang on for a little longer, to savor these new and wonderful feelings he felt. He decided to stop using his little grey cells and relax into the feeling of the talented fingers around his throbbing cock. In no time, he arched his back and spilled his seed into his lover's waiting hand. He watched in amazement as Remus licked the thick liquid off of his hand.

"Would you like to taste how wonderful you are?" Severus nodded slightly. Remus offered his sticky fingers to Severus, who hesitantly opened, but once in his mouth suckled hungrily on the fingers. "I would like to complete the mating ritual this evening and fuck you."

"Does it have to be this evening? Can it wait a few days?"

"We don't ever have to complete the bonding." Remus sounded hurt.

"Please, Remus, don't become over emotional. In a few days I will, probably, be begging you to take me. This is all so new to me and I would appreciate a few days to mull over all that has happened. Remus, pouting is not becoming on you. This has been a trying year for me. I thought once old Voldie was dead, not to rise again, I was certain my life was going to be simpler. Instead, I found myself given to you as your slave and I have felt and done things in the past year I never thought I would experience. I have despised you for most of my life, now I find myself very fond of you. Give me a couple of days to absorb all these new feelings. However, if touching me makes you feel more secure in our relationship, feel free to stroke me anytime you like." He blushed and turned his head slightly away.

"How very generous of you, my darling. If you find yourself curious about what I may fell or look like, you're welcome to explore to your heart's content.

He held onto his lover like he would never let him go. "Remus, may I ask you a question about last evening?"

"And what would that be?"

"Was pissing on me part of the mating ritual?"

"No," he giggled. "I was just getting even for all of the crummy things you have done to me over the years." "For the time being, yes. But be a git to me again and you'll get more of the same."

"I'll remember that." He gave his lover a kiss on the nose. "And I'll expect to be properly punished if I misbehave." A smile spread across his face. Remus was sure it was the first smile he had ever seen on his lover. It looked good on him. He'd have to be sure to keep it there.

It didn't take much time for Severus to make up his mind. He found himself standing naked in the dark of Remus' room that very evening. He stood, his back against the wall, staring at a sleeping Remus. The Gryffindor woke to the labored breathing of his slave. He could smell Severus' fear. With a deeper breath, Remus found himself quivering, the scent of sexual desire seeped from every pore of his lover's body.

"Severus?" Remus broke the silence of the room.

"I hear it hurts like a mother fucker." His voice trembled in anticipation.

Throwing his blanket off, Remus padded over to where Severus stood, frozen in fear. Remus ran his hands over the length of Severus' arms, trying to clam him. "I promise, my precious, to make this evening the most enjoyable of your life." Remus held back a snicker. Here was one of the bravest men he had ever known. Who had been tortured, hexed and cursed horribly for most of his life, was standing in front of him, trembling, because he was afraid to taken in the arse. Remus took Severus' sweating hand into his, leading the man he loved to his bed.

Hours of slowly learning the taste and feel of Severus body, Remus prepared his lover for penetration. Holding him tightly to his chest, he took Severus from behind. One arm was holding Severus across the chest, while his other arm encircled around the Slytherin's waist. Severus pleaded and tried to pull away as the pleasure sent him to strange, new heights. Slowing the assault on Severus' prostrate, Remus pulled Severus' head back against his shoulder and bit the lobe of his ear. In a gentle voice he whispers to Severus, "There is nothing wrong in feeling good." He thrust once, hard into Severus'. Bring a cry joy to his lips. "It's alright to enjoy yourself." He attacked the prostrate again, as his callous fingers encircled Severus' straining cock. With a firm stroke of Remus' hand, Severus came with Remus' name on his lips. Remus own release came when Severus clamped himself unbearable tight around his cock.

Remus stayed deep in his lover, rocking slowly back and forth as Severus trembled and cried with happiness. He was held tightly until the tears stopped and the sobs turned into a soft snore. Remus pulled himself from his lover. Severus stirred, whimpered at the loss. He slept without stirring through the night, to sated to even roll over. The following day, Severus spent the day in bed, drifting in and out of sleep.

The sun had already set when Remus brought a plate of food for Severus. Severus was sitting up in bed twisting the ring back and forth; his brow was furrowed, deep in thought.

"So you finally decided to wake up." The Potions Master jumped at the cheerful sound of Remus voice.

"I was awake most of the day. I just wanted sometime to think." He licked his lip as he spied the food that Remus had brought in. "Is the food for me, or are you planning to torture me with the aroma?"

"Oh. Sorry!" Remus sat the food across his lovers lap. His fingers, accidentally, brushed against Severus' flaccid cock. It twitched and immediately hardened with the feather like touch.


"Sorry." He smiled playfully.

Severus' dark eyes narrowed, "No you're not. I can tell you're quite pleased with yourself."

Leaning over, Remus kissed Severus' furrowed brow. "Eat." He commanded.

"Will you stay while I eat?" He cringed by how needy he sounded.

Remus climbed up next to his lover grabbing a chicken leg from his lover's plate. They sat in comfortable silence as Severus finished his dinner. Once the last bit of food was swallowed and the dinner plate and tray had disappeared, Severus found a very naked Remus straddling him. Severus' manhood was pressed firmly next to Remus' unprepared hole. Severus moaned as his head lolled back against the headboard. The palms of his hands stroked Remus' firm chest, finally resting over the light brown nubs of his nipples. Remus wiggled his arse to make more contact.

"Remus, as much as I would like to be balls deep inside of you." Remus wiggled again. " Merlin, please stop that. I can't think straight with you doing that to me."

"Thinking is over rated." He leaned over and kissed his lover.

"Remus." He gasped. "I need to have a word. Oh Merlin." Remus had sat straight up and with a slight maneuver he impaled himself on Severus' engorged cock.

Severus grabbed the headboard, his body arched into the Remus' heat, nearly blacking out. The werewolf sat motionless on his lover until the glazed look faded from Severus' eyes and the spark of reality returned. He moved up and down on his paramour leisurely, savoring the feel of his lover's cock deep inside him.

"Please, Remus, faster." Pleaded Severus.

Taking pity on his lover, Remus sped up his movement on Severus' inflated cock. Conscious thought left the Slytherin, leaving a babbling, mindless, boneless body, squirming relentlessly under a very pleased werewolf. As Severus emptied himself into his lover, he screamed just before he passed out

A week before Severus' servitude to Remus was over; Severus thought it was time to have a talk with his lover. Remus lay next to his slave, playing with the thick curly hair that surrounded his lover's prick.


"Yes dear?"

Severus scowled at the werewolf in disapproval. Even though he found himself enjoying those sweet words of affection, he would never let Remus know how much those terms of endearment had meant to him. He knew with or without the ring, that he would always be submissive to the Gryffindor and that exasperated the hell out of him.

"I want to explain why I treated you as I did all of these years" Severus barely choked out.

"I always assumed it was the Shrieking Shack incident."

Severus chuckled. He leaned over and bit down on Remus' nipple.

"Hey!" Remus smacked the Potions Master's arse rather hard. Severus merely grinned with approval.

"That may have added to the ambivalent feelings but no, that was not the reason why I tortured you for most of your life." Remus saw the hurt that shone in the black eyes of his lover. Remus ran his hand up and down Severus' arm in reassurance. With a deep long sigh Severus continued his tale. "I always blamed you for my condition." Severus took Remus' hand and laid it over the scar that encircled his groin.

"I. . . I don't understand!"

"The day my father entered my room and caught me masturbating, I was thinking of one person specifically. I was thinking how you would feel in me."

"Oh, my darling." He didn't know what else to say.

"If you don't let me finish this confession, I may never again have the courage to tell you." Severus rolled over onto his back so not to have eye contacts with Remus. "Listen closely, werewolf, for you many never hear these words from me again. I love you. I probably always have. I know it irrational, but if I wasn't so totally consumed with desire for you, my father would have never had tried to castrate me."

Remus had never wanted Severus as much as he did that moment. He reached down to fondle Severus' hardening cock, only to be stopped by Severus catching his hand.

"Before you distract me, there is more I need to tell you."

"I'm listening."

"I have been thinking a great deal about my future. I don't want to go back to teaching." He twisted the ring about his finger. " I also plan not to ever take this ring off."

"Please explain yourself, darling."

"The ring, to remind me to whom I truly belong." He leaned into Remus, kissing the top of his head. "I have never enjoyed teaching. My passion has always been potions and now, it seems, taking care of you." He smiled sweetly. "Here, I have both worlds. I have bought some land, next to yours. I plan to construct a large greenhouse on the sight. I have hired Mr. Longbottom to assist me with the cultivating of the plants. With research and development, I have hired Ms. Granger. This is, of course, if it meets with your approval."

"With a couple of stipulations I agree whole heartedly with your plan."

Severus' brow arched.

"Darling, I know how compulsive you can become and I will not tolerate you not taking care of yourself. First, you will not work more than 48 hours a week. You must be home waiting for me when I return from Hogwarts and no working weekends. They belong to us."

"Agreed!" He took Remus' hand and placed it on his hardening cock. "Now you may ravish me." Arms were spread out like a sacrificial offering.

"Well, if I must." Remus let out a very dramatic sigh before he rolled over and devoured his lover.

Severus thought of Dumbledore, before he was lost in Remus' touch, he wondered if this, the undeniable feeling of love, was what the headmaster wanted him to learn. He'd have to ask him some time. The joy he felt with the demise of Voldemort was nothing compared to the joy he felt in his lover's arms. For now he knew what true happiness was. He clung onto the werewolf a little harder, with a smile, Severus, decided never to let go of the wonder he had found in Remus. The last thought, just before he was succumbed by passion, was how, for the first time in his life he was truly happy.