Title: Toys (Part 2 of 2)
Author: Serena Crash
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Same as part 1, only I couldn't write-in all that I promised in 30 minutes, so it needed to get broken-up into 2 30-minute challenges.
Written for the Master and the Wolf 30-mintue challenge, 09/2006
Disclaimer: These characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

"I don't see why you won't make the potion for me, if I'll be kept here in your house." It was the only thing Remus Lupin would allow himself to talk to Severus Snape about. He wouldn't speak to Wormtail at all, but every now and then he'd lunge at him, hoping to get a lucky strike in.

"Don't you, Lupin?" said Snape with a sneer. "The potion can hardly make you less dangerous come the full moon if you yourself would try to kill me - which you undoubtedly would - it would only leave you with more wit, and less of the predictability of animal instincts."

But fortunately Severus had been working constantly since that awful night 20 years ago when they had tried their little "prank" on him. He knew many spells which would keep him out of harms way in the presence of a werewolf. He commanded Wormtail to keep watch over the prisoner while he withdrew into his chambers.

He began preparing several potions he might need when the full moon rose. After an hour had passed there came a knock on his door. "Yes," he answered briskly.

"Se-Severus," came the tentative voice of Wormtail as the door creaked open slowly, "I don't think it's wise to keep an angry werewolf in the house with us for the full moon."

"I have already told you, I am taking care of everything. You will need to study the beast in any case, so you will be prepared to take his place and return to the order next week. Stop trying to think, and -

"Wormtail," he continued, trying to stay calm as he turned to face the open door, "where is he?" He shot out an especially menacing glare which sent Wormtail running back down the stairs to meet the sound of shackles scraping the wooden floor.


Remus pushed himself off the bed onto the floor. He knew this only made him seem more like an animal, but it got him further away from Snape. Anyway, he'd rather remain a captive animal, than a comfortable love slave to Severus Snape.

"No, no, pet... that won't do," Snape said looking amused as he walked over and pulled Lupin back onto the bed with him. "This is our last night together before the full moon." He smiled almost lovingly at Lupin. "I am sure you are planning on making some kind of escape attempt, do you want to tell me about it?" Lupin made no reply but to look out the window and the nearly full glowing moon. "Oh, come now... it isn't going to work anyway," he teased. "Ah well, perhaps you will prefer to tell me the following day." He pulled Lupin in closer and tried to kiss his neck, but the werewolf elbowed him in the ribs.

"My, my... I wonder if you would be so ungrateful if you knew what a wonderful present I have in store for you tomorrow." Lupin turned his gaze to Snape at last with a deadly glare. "Oh, alright, pet. I confess, the gift is every bit as much for me. And after tomorrow night my plan will be complete, and you and I can stay together forever. Go on, let your pretty little mind go racing," he continued as he hooked Lupin's chains into the bedposts, "but you are just a helpless animal, my pet. You won't be able to stop me."


"Snape!" shrieked Wormtail as he backed into a corner. "You - but - can't..."

"What was that?" called Snape as he yanked the chain back.

Wormtail sighed with relief, obviously thinking Snape had been teasing. "Th- the Dark Lord wo-wouldn't like it," he stammered, stilling looking quite scared.

"Don't you understand, Wormtail. The Dark Lord has already given permission" Wormtail looked a mix of unbelieving and horrified. "This is what you need to prepare for your role as a spy. Did it really never occur to you that you can't just pretend you are a werewolf?" Snape finished the question and laughed.

Wormtail regained some semblance of sense when the beast snapped at him again. He turned himself into a rat. Before he could even scurry from that corner Snape had hit him with a revealer spell and released the werewolf, which bit him - nearly ripping his arm off - just as soon as he had turned back into a man.