Title: Temptation
Author: yura_slash (yura-slash.livejournal.com)
Rating: R (unexplicit, but dark themes)
Warnings: non-con (not graphic), bondage
Word Count: 889
Prompt: 6) Snape did kill Dumbledore and is now a favourite of Voldemort. He can ask for anything under the sun and moon, literally.


I know I shouldn’t take such pleasure in it, but I do.

I know I shouldn’t touch him, undress him, violate him… but I do.

It’s glorious, the feel of his flesh. The way my fingertips run over his scars and tickle his ribs.

I like to listen to the catch in his breath – the one he tries to suppress – as I lower myself on top of him.

As I rub myself against him.

As I grab his strong forearms and slam into him violently, screaming my release.

He always slouches afterwards, as if all the life has gone out of him. Maybe it has. I like to watch as his restraints slacken and his head falls back in defeat each time, his own cum cooling on his belly. He knows that there is nothing he can do, and that there is no way for him to escape.

I like to watch as my cum seeps out of him and dirties the bedspread.


“Are you having fun with your little toy, Severus?”

I stop and turn in the dark hallway, and in the quick flare of my robes I hide the small, tense jump I gave at the sound of his voice.

It would not do to appear overly tense, or afraid of my Master.

“Yes, my Lord,” I murmur, bowing my head respectively. Voldemort’s eyes flash and his mouth forms a thin ghost of a smile.

“I can afford you that luxury at least, after all you’ve done for me.”

“Yes, and I thank you, my Lord. He is most… satisfactory.” I raise my head, but keep my eyes lowered to the floor. It’s best not to anger the Dark Lord with what can be considered petulance or arrogance. Still, I wonder what this ‘chance’ meeting is about.

“Unfortunately, you seem to be getting distracted, Severus. We can’t have you falling behind on your duties just because a werewolf is forced to open his legs for you each night.”

I clench my fists, trying to stay calm. He wouldn’t dare…

“After all, I would hate to see him… go. Especially after all that you’ve done –”

My eyes flicker up to Voldemort’s face and suddenly I’m furious. “Yes! After all that I’ve done!” I nearly shout, unable to hold myself back any longer. This is most unwise of me. “I got rid of Dumbledore for you, the one man who stood in your way, and now you want to take away the one thing, the one thing I’ve allowed myself?!”

Voldemort’s eyes narrow: he doesn’t look happy. I tell myself that I’m not afraid.

“Severus, this is most disappointing.” He’s shaking his head now. “I’m afraid that allowing you to keep Remus as your pet is… most unwise at this point. You are shirking your duties, even pampering him. Perhaps –”

Oh bloody hell, what have I done? Everything for nothing. Dumbledore dead, and for what? I’ve blown it, he’ll kill Remus and torture me, and then I’ll never –

“Perhaps Lucius should keep him for the next few months, while you catch up on your duties. He has expressed some interest…”

My Remus?! My Remus suddenly belonging to Lucius? Opening for him? Screaming for him? B-bleeding for him? I won’t let him! He can’t – ! It’s - !

“… and you can get refocused on your duties. Our plans, as you know, are coming to a head, and the Potter boy…”

I must… remain… calm. He still trusts me. Voldemort still trusts me. Things, as he said, are coming to a head. The Potter boy will need me, whether he knows it now or not. I will have to endure… Remus will have to… he must… surely he will understand? Maybe if I hadn’t… if I’d only pretended to take him each night, and not violated…

“… our strategy. So once you’ve turned Remus over to Lucius I’ll need you in my chambers. I expect you to be prompt.” MO< “Yes, my Lord.” Remus will just have to endure. I will have to endure. The thought of Lucius’ hands on him…

The Dark Lord smiles another thin, ghostly smile and I try not to shudder. I try not to think of all the things that Remus will suffer at Lucius’ hands. I try to keep breathing calmly, freely, deeply.

This, at least, was survived. I will be able to help the Order kill the snake-eyed bastard. As I turn away from Voldemort and head back to my rooms – back to where Remus awaits me – I think about the punishment that I will surely receive after the Dark Lord’s fall. I think about my future and well-deserved suffering. I think about the moment I accepted Voldemort’s gift. For killing Dumbledore, he promised to grant me whatever I pleased.


Remus, I never truly had you. And now… now I never can. You will suffer at the hands of a true sadist while I do nothing to save you.

Maybe… maybe if I was a stronger person, I could have avoided this situation. Maybe if the temptation hadn’t been so great…

Or maybe I really am as despicable as Voldemort thinks I am. Maybe Dumbledore was wrong about me.

But at lease Voldemort will be dead. And I will be held accountable for all the despicable things that I’ve done.