Title: Peachy Cocktail

Author: MajinSakuko

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Beta-Reader: Mynona (Kudos to you!)

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Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing/Main-Chara: SS/RL

Rating: NC-17

Genre/s: Romance (Slash), Lemon

Warning/s: PWP, WAFF

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Summary: Answer to the 5th Challenge

5) BUBBLES! Snape and Lupin share a bubblebath...


"I only agreed to a lengthy bath; you tricked me with these bubbles!" Severus accused. "And did it have to be peach flavoured? For Merlin's sake, the bubbles are *pink*!"

"They're apricot, Sev," Remus said. Severus shot him a look that clearly stated, 'How should I know the difference? Am I wearing any of those colours?' "But don't get your ..." The werewolf cast a glance downwards, "whatever in a twist. It's not the end of the world. Come on." Remus shoved a bit of the foam in Severus' direction, grinning encouragingly. Severus only pushed the foam aside, immediately crossing his arms again scowling in displeasure.

"You're no fun at all, you know?"

"I know."

Remus made an exasperated sound. "Come on now, Sev, you promised me a relaxing bath for my very, very sore muscles," (Severus rolled his eyes at this,) "but this is rather frustrating. Come on. Please?" He gathered a handful of bubbles and grinned, wriggling his eyebrows.

"Stop it, Remus, or I'll cut it short and leave instantly. I swear if you-" A soapy path of bubbles traced along his forehead, dripping from the tip of his nose. Severus closed his eyes for a moment, wiping his face with his palm, and Remus gulped uneasily. Oops. Maybe not one of his brighter ideas.

"Listen, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to- Let's just dry off and go to bed-" Remus stopped abruptly as a load bubbles hit his chin. Absentmindedly, he cleaned it off glancing upwards to meet Severus' malicious grin. "You! Just you wait!" With a small war cry Remus attacked, throwing himself across the bathtub. He landed on top of Severus who let out a strangled "Uff," which could be interpreted as an "Off," splashing water and bubbles in every direction. Remus' purpose had been to try and drown his husband (only a bit, of course,) but this intention was soon forgotten as Remus settled comfortably into Severus' lap, wrapping himself around the other man's body. 'Like a leech,' Severus always said of this behaviour but Remus didn't care as long as Severus was the host.

Remus nuzzled his face into Severus' neck and tightened his arms, clinging on seemingly for dear life.

"Are you now relaxed enough?" asked Severus lightly.

Remus grinned against his skin. "I don't know for sure. I'd rather say I'm feeling a bit tense."

"Any idea how I could be helpful to soothe your ailment?"

"Oh, you're doing fine so far," Remus said, then gasped sharply as Severus ground his hips upwards, semi erect cocks sliding against each other and hardening further. Remus closed his eyes and ground back down, rotating his hips and revelling in the delightful friction. The hot water reminded Remus only a bit of Severus' skilful mouth working on him because the tight sheath was incomparable to the water pressure enveloping him at the moment.

Remus mouth sought and found Severus' and latched onto it passionately. The most delicious battle ensued as tongues clashed and teeth nipped none-too-gently on lips. Remus groaned at the sensual assault; so closely after the full moon his senses were still sensitised and sharper than humans'. Severus smelled of peaches and tasted of something inexplicable unique, making the werewolf light-headed with pleasure. He gave a strangled moan, and unconsciously registered Severus echoing the sound, as their erections rubbed together almost painfully. Remus thrived on that intense feeling, which made him feel more alive. Severus moving down to nip at his neck drew him from his musings and Remus tossed his head back, giving Severus more access to his sensitive flesh. It was the most arousing sensation, feeling Severus' teeth gently scrape along his throat and neck. Remus' blood thrummed loudly, just a bit more force ... Remus pressed his fingertips into Severus' back, feeling Severus grip his hips firmly and pulling him down against his groin again in the most exquisite combination of pain and pleasure.

"I-I need you," Remus gasped hoarsely, raising his hips and grinding back down in an unambiguous fashion.

Severus moaned, digging his fingers into Remus' hips to hold him in place. His face was flushed, his brows knit together as if it was costing him a great deal to stay in control of his actions, and his breath was already ragged and harsh.

"Do you think that's such a good idea?" he asked while his eyes held a particular gleam, compelling Remus to follow his bodily desires. "Your transformation was only yesterday and you wanted me to take this 'bubble bath' with you to soothe your strained muscles. Not that I don't like the attention, don't get me wrong, but maybe ..." His sentence ended in a moan, as Remus slid forward, guiding Severus engorged cock into the crevice of his arse.

"You were asking?" teased Remus.

"Whether this is such a good idea," came the strangled reply, hips bucking upwards helplessly.

"A climax always relaxes all my muscles to the point of reducing me to a puddle of incoherent goo, so yes, I do believe this is a rather great idea. Don't tell me you hadn't seen through my simple plan of seduction from the very beginning?" Remus rotated his hips in a circular motion, smiling thanks to the grunt Severus made by way of an answer. "I'll take that as a no."

"You're slyer than I would have given you credit for," panted Severus at last. "I like it."

Remus laughed, and then his laugh morphed into a sigh as he felt Severus' fingers gliding up his chest, teasing sensitive skin and pinching nipples, while Severus' other hand stroked the small of Remus' back, before gliding upwards as well and seizing his neck to pull him down for another flush-mouthed kiss. They alternated between gentle nipping and lapping and greedily sucking, as if they couldn't get enough of each other. Remus pressed his chest against Severus', moving slightly, and revelled in the exquisite sensation of naked, heated skin (let alone throbbing erections) rubbing against each other. Severus moaned into the kiss, and Remus smiled, laying tiny pecks upon the other man's lips and chin, which tasted intensely of the edible - peach bubbles. His arms wound themselves around Severus' shoulders while the werewolf laid a trail of nips and kisses along his neck, collarbone and shoulders. He felt how Severus lifted him a few centimetres and then he moaned against Severus' skin as the Potions master rubbed his erection enticingly into his cleft.

"Don't be such a bloody tease!" whined Remus, wriggling and trying to get more friction, more pressure, more Severus preferably *in* and not *under* his arse.

"Where would be the fun in that?" asked Severus, giving slight thrusting motions, while he held Remus' hips still. "It would be over too soon and I would have gambled away my chance at revenge for this ... bubble torture."

Remus sobbed a laugh, nuzzling Severus' face lovingly - clearly trying to get out of his dilemma easily.

"My intention wasn't to torture but to pleasure," he purred (more like tried to) seductively, rubbing his cheek against Severus'. "You cannot torture me for my good intention."

"Watch me."

Remus snickered at the phrasing.

"With pleasure."

"No, with torture," said Severus, stroking down Remus' back, while he trailed a burning path of open-mouthed kisses along his throat until he suckled strongly on the juncture of his neck, leaving a purple mark. Remus drew a shuddering breath at the possessive gesture and he wriggled in Severus' one-handed grip to bring the other hand nearer to its goal. Nimble fingers teased mercilessly, not allowing any essential contact, but driving Remus insane in any case. After a few hour-like minutes, Remus couldn't take no more and decided to take matters into his own hands, so-to-speak.

Severus bit into Remus' shoulder to stifle his groan but it escaped nonetheless, as Remus enclosed Severus' erection with his whole palm and gave a firm stroke. Remus felt like grinning evilly but that would be too out of character, so he settled for a gentle inquisition;

"Is something the matter or is your torture session already over?"

Severus took half a minute to reply, Remus' hand, which was still wrapped around his cock, didn't help matters either.

"Just you wait ..."

"Now you're quoting *me*? Are you out of your witty comebacks already?" Remus snickered. "Cat got your tongue? Say something."

"Anything you can do, I can at least twice as good."

Remus threw his head back and moaned uncontrollably as Severus fisted his cock firmly and gave a couple of pumps. The slick movements in the scented water spiked his desire, Remus tightened his grip around Severus' member and it was all he could do not to climax immediately.

"Stop," he panted, stilling his movements and grasping Severus' wrist in favour for a coherent working mind. "I don't want to come that way ... I want you fully ... please?"

Black eyes, glazed over in arousal, glanced up to meet Remus' own, and then they slid shut as Severus drew his husband down into another kiss, his hand leaving Remus' erection and settling onto his thigh, caressing the sensitive inside gently. Soon, roaming hands and licking mouths weren't enough anymore and Remus closed his eyes in anticipation as he felt how Severus' fingers lightly traced down his spine. Severus circled the puckered opening, teasing Remus further, and the werewolf groaned in frustration and tried to push down to impale himself, but Severus' other arm was slung tightly around his waist to prevent any movement. Remus mewled softly, resting his forehead against Severus'.

"Please," said Remus in a pitiful whimper. "I can't take this any longer. Don't you know what you're doing to me?"

"Certainly, I do." Remus could hear the smirk in Severus' voice. "However, maybe I'm to be persuaded to show mercy ..." And maybe he needed release as badly as the werewolf, if the pulsing of his erection was any indication.

Remus snorted softly, hands roaming the other's back, pressing closer to his husband. "Please?" he said softly, tongue lapping at Severus' chin. As he felt Severus' finger gently prodding into him, he intensified the sucking. The long digit stretched him slowly and expertly, and quickly another finger was added, scissoring and preparing him further. Soon, the fingers were replaced by Severus' cock that entered Remus centimetre by agonizing centimetre.

The sensation of being filled to the hilt never ceased to take away Remus' breath with its sheer perfection. The thick length of Severus' cock stretched him almost to his limit and Remus treasured the first moments of being united with his husband entirely. Then he lifted his hips, feeling the slide of Severus' hot member inside him, while the scented water served as a convenient lubricant, and ground back down, swallowing Severus' moan greedily.

A sensual bout of lovemaking ensued, intensive but not rushed, kisses showed more affection than any words could ever had, and caressing fingers paid homage to every piece of exposed skin. As Remus' movements got faster he felt Severus' hands gripping his hips again and assisting him. With every other stroke Severus' cock would brush Remus' prostate, causing the werewolf to clench his muscles tightly, trying to hold on to that feeling for as long as possible.

"Remus," Severus gasped as his husband raked his nails across his shoulders harshly but carefully enough not to draw blood. "Please ..."

Remus smiled of the power he held over Severus. It didn't happen often that the unsympathetic Potions master begged for anything ... besides his release, and even that happened only occasionally. Remus squeezed his inner muscles again, feeling Severus give a shudder of excitement. Then Remus was the one who shuddered and had his moan swallowed, as Severus enveloped his leaking erection in a firm grip and stroked him steadily while Remus continued his bobbing motions, alternating between impaling himself on Severus' erection and thrusting into his husband's warm hand.

When he felt the telltale tightening of his groin, Remus squeezed his muscles around Severus' cock almost non-stop, thus increasing the friction between them. He wrapped his arms tightly around Severus' shoulders to gain more leverage in his now nearly frantic movements, while he nibbled at his husband's throat. He felt how Severus' fingers dug almost painfully into his hips, pulling him down forcefully, while his other hand pumped Remus' cock relentlessly, as they neared orgasm together. Remus' breath hitched, knowing his climax was only heartbeats away, but he wanted Severus to come with him. So, Remus' mouth made its way up to Severus' ear, leaving wet, messy kiss marks on its wake, sucking the lobe momentarily between his lips, before he released it again and whispered the words that always sent his husband spiralling over edge,

"I love you."

Severus bucked his hips upwards with one last powerful thrust and Remus' desire pooled and surged at once, spurting a jet of semen over Severus' hand and his chest, while he felt his husband come, still buried deep inside of him.

Remus panted, exhausted, his inner muscles spasming a few times more, milking Severus' softening cock of every last drop, as he lay almost boneless in his husband's protective embrace, placing tiny, lazy pecks on his chest, licking a stray drop of his own cum away.

"You're insatiable," Severus said in a wheeze, while he tightened his hold on Remus, proving his complaints lies.

"All werewolves are," Remus said gently, repressing a yawn. He was still a bit worn-out after the strenuous transformation last night. "That's why you married me. Remember?" he asked in a tease, snuggling closer into the warmth of the other man's arms.

"You know that's not the reason why I married you," Severus said quietly, brushing Remus' wet hair tenderly, before the werewolf felt him flinch. Must have been some bubbles left.

"I know," Remus said softly. "I love you, too."


Remus: How are you feeling now?

Severus: Just peachy.