Title: One Drunken Night
By: Tradilien
Rated: NC17
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In response to challenge 46) In Wizarding World, extramarital sex is very frowned upon for some reasons, and that's why (almost) everyone is virgin until their wedding night. Including Snape and Remus?

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One drunken night......

"We should get married."

Remus Lupin attempted to focus his gaze on the person who had just spoken while trying to find an appropriate response.

"Huh wha?"

No, that wasn't it but then he was sure he would be excused his incoherent words, given the question, who had asked the question not to mention the quantity and variety of alcohol he had consumed that night.

"Very eloquent, Lupin, but then again I shouldn't be surprised by your inability to grasp even the simplest concept."

Then again, maybe not. Attempting to pull himself into something resembling an upright position, Remus wondered when exactly everyone else had left and could he possibly be having an unusually vivid dream. Though why he'd dream that Severus Snape had proposed to him of all people, well the workings of the subconscious mind were difficult to fathom.

"Have you listened to a word I've said, Lupin?"

"Yes. Us. Married. Why?"


"Given everything that has happened between us over the years, I'm sure you can understand why I am a little confused." Stated Remus

"Indeed, I thought that was your natural state however since you insist. I do not expect to survive this war."

Well that he understood. They had lost so many already and Snape as a double agent was in a particularly vulnerable position.

"And I find I do not want to die a virgin."

At this, Remus blurted out, "Basically, you want to get laid?"

"Crudely put but yes."

"And you're willing to get married to achieve this? To me?"

"Yes, even if I do not believe that I will survive this war, I find that I am not comfortable with the idea of physical relations outside marriage."

Remus could understand Severus' misgivings, the wizarding world held certain views on premarital sex and made their disapproval of those that didn't follow them clear. While they were at school there were always stories being told by someone who knew someone that knew of someone that had broken that ruled and what happened to them was enough to put even the horniest teenager off sex for life. While Remus was a half-blood who'd had exposure to both cultures from a young age and indeed had spent extensive time in the muggle world as an adult, he had never managed to shake off those beliefs enough to go beyond kissing. Remus had long ago relinquished any thoughts he may have had of marriage. As a known lycanthrope, there weren't many people rushing to his door looking for a relationship let alone marriage. Now Severus had with a few words awoken longings in Remus that he'd denied for such a long time that he'd forgotten they existed and he felt "yes" slip past his lips.

With a start, he realised Severus was staring at him.

"Sorry," he mumbled but Severus didn't appear to be about to reprimand him instead he said "yes?"

"Well I'm still not sure why you've asked me but you've made a valid point, we are at war with a very uncertain outcome."

"You're not too bad looking, overall good company and not too irritating at least for a Gryffindor and aside from potions we have similar interests so the physical aspect aside I believe we can make it work. I can also offer you some financial stability and perhaps some modicum of protection from the ministry."

"Also," added Severus with a sly smirk, "I believe one of us should know what they are doing."

"I don't actually... I mean I haven't... Er where did you..." before he could form a coherent response to Severus' assumption, Remus was interrupted by Professor Dumbledore who had forgotten something.

"My dear boys, surely you should have retired by now, Remus I know you can have a lie in if you wish in the morning but Severus you have classes in a few hours."

"Remus and I had something important to discuss."

"Severus and I are getting married." Provided Remus helpfully and not a little giggly.

"Indeed, Congratulations," Exclaimed Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eye, "I'm so happy for you both though I'd like to know how you managed to keep your relationship a secret."

Before Remus could give the Headmaster the real reason for Severus' proposal, Snape interrupted "Perhaps you would like to help with the arrangements since I'd like to get the ceremony over with as soon as possible perhaps by this day next week."

Morning After

The morning after found Remus worshiping at the great white throne, longing for someone to put him out of his misery, a litany of never again repeating in his head. Every time he thought it might be safe to return to his bed, his stomach gave another lurch. He had reached the conclusion that the bathroom was his new favourite place when the banging began. It took a while for it to filter through that the banging wasn't just in his head but was actually someone knocking at his door. Eventually it stopped and Remus presumed that whomever it was had given up and gone away. Closing his eyes again, he waited for the room to stop spinning.

"Ah Remus, You weren't at breakfast and I was hoping we could discuss what ideas you had in mind for your wedding. Only six days, you know."

"Huh? Remus tried to focus on Dumbledore's form but it was just too hard and what was he doing in here anyway? And had he just mentioned a wedding? What had that to do with him? What exactly was in Dumbledore's sherbet lemons?

"I see you overindulged a little last night, well that's to be expected. I'll leave you to get some rest and arrange some cover for the rest of your classes but we really do need to get these details organised."

And with that, he was gone and Remus closed his eyes more once. An indeterminate time later, still in the bathroom he was awoken by Snape,

"Here, I took the liberty of preparing you a hangover potion."

"Thanks though I'm not sure I'll keep it down."

"I felt similar and being woken by Dumbledore didn't improve matters. Did you truly have to announce it to the Headmaster, I had been hoping on a quiet ceremony."

At Severus' words, bits of the night before filtered back including the bit where he insisted that Severus kiss him to seal the agreement, his argument being that they were going to do a lot more once married. Though the potion had already begun to take effect, Remus suddenly wanted to curl up and die.

"Oh Merlin."

"Everything alright Lupin?"

"We're getting married, don't you think you could call me Remus? And I'm sorry."


"I got a little... well... carried away last night and I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. Thanks for not hexing me I'm afraid I drank too much."

"As did I or I would most likely not have broached the topic. However, your actions last night made the Headmaster extremely happy. If you have changed your mind in the light of day....." Severus trailed off, his face impassive though for a moment Remus thought he saw a hint of vulnerability in his eyes.


"Oh yes, he was going on about young love as we discussed colour schemes."

"Colour schemes? Did you decide on one?"

"Well I pushed for green and silver but the Headmaster was uncooperative to say the least." Remus smiled at the disgruntled tone in Severus' voice.

"Perhaps we can agree on a compromise."

"So we're still going ahead?"

"Yes, can you imagine trying to explain to the headmaster?"

"You have a point. I'll leave you to get some more rest while I try to force some more knowledge in those dunderheads we call students."

"Thank you."

As the day wore on, Remus recalled more about the previous night including the fact that Severus thought Sirius and he were involved and that therefore Remus would actually know what he was doing. Remus wasn't sure how to explain that he and Sirius had only ever been friends and Remus had never experienced anything beyond kissing. Since Severus had decided that the wedding should take place next week there was little time for research. Therefore Remus decided to take refuge in the library under the guise of research but while the restricted section had some interesting volumes on sex and its use in certain rituals. None of the books there were of any practical use and he didn't fancy asking Madam Pince for advice on this particular matter.

Deciding to postpone meeting with the Headmaster, Remus headed into Hogsmeade to check out the bookstore which at least had a few more helpful tomes though he could done without some of the glances from the other patrons. On a whim, he decided to visit Honeydukes while he pondered how to explain to Harry that not only was he getting married but the lucky person was Severus Snape. Just thinking it felt unreal he wasn't sure he could actually say it. It also made him think of the marauders, or at least James and Sirius as he imagined their reactions. James was probably turning in his grave and Sirius would probably have risen from his if he'd had one.


Any thought Remus may have had of keeping the matter quiet were dispelled when Dumbledore began the staff meeting by announcing their engagement and inviting the other staff members to congratulate the happy couple before moving on to school related matters. Remus knew that few were brave or foolish enough to confront Severus about this especially when he was scowling like that and he made a decision to head straight to his rooms rather then staying for tea and the interrogation that was sure to follow once the meeting finished.

The question of how to broach the subject with Harry became mute thanks to the rumour mill that was Hogwarts.

"I heard an interesting rumour today", stated Harry as they cleaned up after Harry's extra defence class.

"And what would that be?"

"Supposedly, someone has agreed to marry Snape."

"That's Professor Snape," corrected Remus absently as his mind raced, trying to think of how he could tell Harry who exactly had agreed to marry Snape.

"Professor Snape then but can you imagine someone actually marrying him?"

"Yes well er."

"And then you should hear the theories about how he persuaded them and who they are. In fact, one of the sixth year Ravenclaws told Ginny who told me that it was you but..." Harry's voice trailed off as he saw the expression on Remus' face, "but why?"


"Yes why? It's Professor Snape. Have you gone to Madam Pomfrey to make sure you're not under a spell?"

"I'm not under a spell, Harry."

"Then why? He hates you. You hate him. He told everyone that you're a werewolf, forcing you to resign and generally making life more difficult for you. In addition he's a greasy git." Remus didn't fancy explaining to Harry the why's and wherefore's of Severus' proposal or the fact that people weren't exactly beating a path to his door to be with him and he no longer wanted to be alone, instead he answered, "I did forget to take my potion which put him, you and your friends in danger. I never hated him and I wish I had been more of an influence over James and Sirius. For my inaction I deserve his ire. And while the fact remains that in less then a week Severus and I will marry, I would like us to remain on good terms. Anyway he's not that bad looking."

"Under a week? How long have you been planning this? And when was I supposed to find out?"

Scratching his head Remus answered "Er well about two days and I wasn't sure what to say. I mean it's a lot to take in and I think I'm a little stunned too."

"Two days? And you're getting married in less then a week? How are you planning on getting everything arranged?"

"The headmaster is helping us with the arrangements and.."

"The headmaster? Why do I suddenly feel scared?"

Remus laughed and said, "Anyway we're planning on a small ceremony."

"With the headmaster in charge of things? Yeah you can hope. It's all rather hasty, isn't it? I could see the Dursleys organising something like this if Dudley had gotten some girl in trouble but... well...you're both blokes."

Remus decided not to mention some of the things he had found in his reading or some of the stories from his youth instead he settled for saying "You know as well as I how uncertain things are at the moment and well it seemed the thing to do..."

After this comment, the classroom was silent until Harry suddenly asked "I don't have to be nice to him, do I?"

"No, he'd probably wonder what you were planning if the shock didn't kill him first."

"Oh in that case...."


"Ok ok. Look I don't like this. I mean Sn... Professor Snape, "Amended Harry at Remus' look "and I will never be best friends though we've agreed to bury the hatchet somewhat and not in each other's head either but well it's your life and if you think that this will make you happy well.." Harry expression was doubtful as he looked at his shoes.

Remus was grateful for Harry's words of support especially as he knew how difficult it was for him to say them and he felt a surge of pride at how Harry had matured over the past few years.

"Thank you."

"Do you want me to be there? I could cause a diversion if you change your mind?"


"Okay so no diversion then but do you want me to be there?"

"Yes I'd appreciate your support."

That appeared to end the discussion and Harry moved onto various questions he had regarding contradictions in spell use between two of the books he was reading.

Wedding Night

"So." Began Remus awkwardly.


All of Remus' misgivings returned as they stood in Severus' rooms. Though they had not yet reached the bedroom, Remus wasn't entirely sure how to proceed. Reading about this was all very well but doing.. Was .. Well different altogether. He had to admit that Severus looked well not conventionally handsome but there was just something...Severus' proposition had caused Remus to really look at him for the first time in years and he had to admit he liked what he saw.

"I may be inexperienced but I doubt that just standing here will achieve anything."

And of course there was the voice which in the last week had started to do funny things to Remus. It also reminded him that between everything he had not corrected Severus preconceptions.

"Yes well er. The day went well, didn't it?"

"Indeed, I was surprised that Potter did not object or otherwise disrupt the proceedings. The headmaster also managed to create a reasonably tasteful affair. And I believe you are changing the subject, why?"



"Well I haven't actually done anything beyond kissing!"

"Kissing? But you and the mutt..."

"Were nothing more then friends. We never even kissed."

For a fleeting moment, an unknown expression crossed Severus' face but was gone before Remus could identify what it was.


"Yes just friends."

Remus suddenly starting babbling," I got books and well there were some interesting things written in them and well it's not like we have to do everything tonight."

Severus made a non committal sound and Remus thought he was going to walk out or ask him to leave when instead he said "Perhaps you could give a practical demonstration."

It took a moment for the words to sink and then Remus gathered all his Gryffindor courage together, moved closer to him and kissed. Once Severus began mimicking his movements, Remus introduced his tongue. A move Severus quickly copied. Their tongues duelling, Remus was filled with a desire to do more, to explore and taste more of the man opposite him. Attempting to undo buttons without breaking the kiss was awkward and eventually, they gave up and broke for air.

His voice husky Remus said, "perhaps we should move this to the bedroom."

Severus looked slightly dazed and his voice breathless as he answered "Right."

Severus' bedroom was nothing like Remus had expected and he suspected that there would be many unhappy students should he describe. It wasn't black or green and silver neither were there any chains or whips. In fact it was quite nice and he thought he could grow accustomed to it. Realising that Severus was looking at him a little apprehensively, Remus pulled him close and continued undressing him before pulling him over to the bed, pausing along the way to kiss him reassuringly. Reaching the edge of the bed, Remus pushed him onto it while pondering where to start. Looking slightly dishevelled, Severus was absolutely enticing. Holding Severus' face in his hands, Remus began kissing him once before moving from his mouth along his jaw where he spent some time nibbling and sucking at his earlobe before proceeding further down. All the time his hands were touching, caressing, exploring. Reaching the nipples, he tweaked them which caused a slight gasp from the man below him. Intrigued Remus transferred the attentions of his mouth from Severus' collarbone to his nipples. First he kissed the left nipple before using his tongue to taste the skin. When Severus gasped, he used his tongue more vigorously before proceeding to the other one. Then he began planting kisses along his rib cage and down to his bellybutton before looking up Severus with question in his eyes. At Severus' hesitant nod, he removed the underpants before turning his attention to the erection before him, considering what to do .As if responding to his attentions, it twitched slightly. While he wanted to taste it, he wasn't sure what to do and he didn't want to hurt Severus so he contented himself with touching it as he had touched himself many times. The gasp from Severus when he touched him both pleased and excited him and he felt if possible even harder. Increasing speed he chanced a look at Severus, who appeared uncomfortable and was biting his lip. Moving awkwardly he reached up and caressed Severus' check before saying "Am I hurting you? Don't you like it? We can stop if you don't want to do this."

"No, it's fine. Great actually, it's just I feel.. I'm not comfortable being naked like this, I mean do you really want this? How can you....? I know I'm not much to look at and I don't know what to do."

"Neither do I and Yes I really want to do this. I want to look at you and touch you. You look and smell so enticing. I like looking at you. I'd to look some more if you don't mind?"

Blushing Severus replied "No but I think you're overdressed."

At this Remus laughed and had to admit he was right. Standing up he began to undress when hands stopped. He looked at Severus'" I want to help."

Soon Remus was in similar state of undress to Severus and he understood Severus' fear. Unlike Severus who though he was a little on the thin side had smooth pale skin with a smattering of hair, Remus knew he had more reason to be apprehensive since his body was a map of scars which rendered him less then attractive. He was surprised out of his thoughts by the sensation of lips on his collarbone and the question,

"Is that ok?"

Before the lips moved onto the scar on his shoulder.

"Is that where..?"


Remus answered before kissing and caressing him once more, returning his attention to the man's erection, leaving his hands wander up and down it, running his thumbs around the tip before deciding to lean forwards and tentatively taste it with his tongue. An inhaled breath was the response to this and when he looked up Severus was wide eyed with surprise. Feeling emboldened, he licked it more firmly, running his tongue around the tip before covering it with his mouth. It was unlike anything he had ever tasted before but he thought he could get to quite enjoy it especially the reaction it was causing in Severus. On impulse he began caressing the man's balls when Severus broke away, panting, Not sure what to make of this, Remus looked at him with puzzlement on his face. Severus responded by pulling him closer, kissing, "I want...to... take... this... further."

"Are you sure?"


"Do you have..?"

"Yes. In the drawer."

"Ok how do you want to do this?"

"You. In me."

Reaching over Remus got the lube and trying to recall what he had read began to prepare Severus. All of a sudden his nerves returned, what if he hurt him and he never let him touch him again. Once he had him stretched, he asked again.

" Are you sure? You will tell me if I hurt you?"

"Of course, just get on with it. I want it now."

Once more Remus found he had to gather up all his courage as he prepared to breach Severus. Placing his hands on Severus' hips, he made to push his cock through the tight ring, a move that caused a yelp from Severus and a slight recoil A little embarrassed and more the a little concerned Remus made to pull away when Severus stopped him by grabbing his hand and saying,"It's going to be uncomfortable and sore no matter how careful you are, just continue."

"Are you sure?"

"Just do it". Remus began slowly pushing into him once more again and thought he had never felt anything so wonderful. The sensation was overwhelming. Once he was the whole way in, he asked,

"How do you feel?"

"Full, stretched but okay. Just Move"

Deciding not to argue he began to move slowly at first and then more purposely when Severus made no protest. Just as he was beginning to relax and enjoy the sensation Severus startled him by uttering an involuntary gasp. Worried, Remus made to withdraw, but was stopped by Severus saying, "No do that again."

"What?" Remus was bewildered.

"Just move."

Still bewildered Remus began to move again, wrapping a hand around Severus neglected erection, gaining confidence to move more vigorously as Severus began to moan, a low incredibly arousing sound which brought Remus closer to coming. Then Severus made a strangled gasp as he spilled over Remus' hand. This last tipped Remus over the edge and he felt sensation overtake him, his body contracted and Remus joined with a moan.

"Oh Merlin," Lying there Remus wasn't sure he had the energy to articulate any further and when Severus just responded by smiling sleepily at him. It was obvious that Severus was in a similar state. A week ago, Remus would have advised anyone suggesting something like this to go see a specialist but now wrapping his arms around Severus as sleep claimed them both, he couldn't imagine himself anywhere else.