TITLE: The Master and the Wolf
AUTHOR: ntamara
CHALLENGE: In desperation, Lord Remus Lupin vowed to give half of his gold to any male who could cure him or if she was a maiden marry her. But the poor and unattractive Potions master didn't want the gold...
WARNINGS: Character Death. Violence and Gore. Bestiality. Ugly Snape *g*.
BETA: The inestimable Diana Williams for making sure I stuck to fairy tale law, and giving Snape motivation; Leni Jess for cleaning up my English and helping me get all those titles right; Maeglin Yedi and Sparrowhawk for further helping me make this legible.
DISCLAIMER: The characters aren't mine; hardly anything of this is mine. They all belong to JKR, Bloomsbury, Warner Bros and probably lots of other people who all definitely aren't me. Oh, and I'm not making any money out of this either. Unfortunately.
NOTES: This story was written for the Severus Snape/Remus Lupin Master and the Wolf Fuh-Q-Fest. The main part of this fic is rated R. However, there is an NC-17 epilogue (where the story earns its bestiality warning *veg*) that you can skip if you want to; the story stands on its own without it. Feedback will be cherished and hoarded jealously, and can be sent to the email above, or leave a comment on my livejournal.

Once upon a time there was a young king by the name of Remus Lupin. He was crowned king in the summer of his twenty-third year after both his parents had been killed and he himself had been wounded during a midnight, full-moon hunting expedition.

The king and queen had been avid hunters, like their son and his friends. The small group of nobles and guardsmen had been riding through the forest by the light of the full and silver moon. It was a warm summer night, and they talked and laughed as they made their carefree way back to the palace.

The attack was sudden and unexpected. A monstrous wolf leapt from between the trees, knocking the queen from her horse and then closing its gaping maw around the king's throat and tearing it out. Before the king dropped to the ground, it had already turned on the queen. By the time the guards and the rest of the party managed to kill the beast - three spears pierced its black heart, thrown by the prince's best friends, Barons Black, Pettigrew and Potter - the queen had already been mauled beyond recognition. The crown prince himself was near death, having taken a severe wound to his chest.

While Pettigrew and Potter rushed their friend back to the castle, Black and the other guards witnessed the monster's corpse turn into that of a man. The beast had been a werewolf.

The entire country went into mourning: the king and queen had been well loved, as was their son. The coronation, which should have been a festive event, was overshadowed by dread. Had their new king been infected by the monster's disease?

When the first month had passed and the moon was full once more, bloated and yellow in the September sky, the king had himself locked in the deepest dungeon, chained to a wall. His three most trusted friends, Barons Black, Pettigrew and Potter, guarded the door.

No matter that he was hidden deep in the bowels of the palace and from the moon's sight; as it rose, pain-filled screams ended in a monstrous howl that caused all who heard it to shiver in dread and despair. King Remus was a werewolf.

Over the following weeks, king Remus and his friends searched through the palace's extensive library, desperately seeking any mention of a possible cure to the curse of lycanthropy. But when another two moons had passed with no sight of a solution, the king sent out the royal heralds with a proclamation.

He vowed to give half of all his gold to any man, or marry any maiden, who could cure him of this curse.

In a decrepit hut at the edge of the forest there lived a man by the name of Severus Snape. He was ugly and rude, and smelled of nasty things. His nose was long and hooked, and his black hair was oily and greasy. He had crooked yellow teeth, and his glare could make even the bravest man quail.

It was no surprise that the man had no friends. People only came to visit him when they were in dire need of one of his potions, and he was always so unpleasant they could only conclude he would be rather left alone. They shunned him as much as they could, as he was also rumoured to be in league with the devil.

They said his potions could ensnare the senses and bewitch the mind. That he could bottle fame, brew glory, and some even whispered that he could stopper death.

He was not interested in material gain or wealth, but when he heard of the king's proclamation, he gathered his potions in a tatty bag, locked the door to his little hut, and made his way to the castle. Years before, Snape had lived in that same castle as apprentice to the Potions master. However, his ugly appearance and sharp tongue had disgusted prince Remus and his friends, as had his habit of following them about and spying on them, so the crown prince had convinced his parents to exile the young apprentice by falsely accusing him of theft. The king and queen had believed their son's accusation and, without giving Snape a chance to defend himself, had ordered him driven from the palace. Now finally Snape's chance had come to seek restitution.

He ignored the jeers when the guards let him in, and he waited his turn in the throne hall as king Remus submitted himself to the remedies proposed by the men who wanted his gold and the women who wanted to be queen.

When it was finally Snape's turn, and he stepped forward with a goblet of some steaming glop, Barons Black, Potter and Pettigrew narrowed their eyes and looked at him with distaste and distrust.

"My Lord." And how was it possible to address the king by his rightful title and manage to do so with such contempt? "When you finally tire of the imbecilic and sorry attempts of these dunderheads, when you decide you want to rid yourself of lycanthropy's curse, drink this potion before the moon rises and you will be cured."

King Remus' friends protested and tried to persuade him not to drink the foul-smelling concoction, arguing that Snape was obviously evil and up to no good, that he intended not to cure, but to poison the king. The king hesitated, and gave Snape a long and searching look before taking the goblet from him, careful not to touch those potion-stained fingers. As all present, except Snape, gasped in horror, he brought the cup to his lips and downed the potion in one go.

The goblet fell from his hands and clattered to the floor. King Lupin began to retch and cough. Barons Black, Potter and Pettigrew rushed to Snape and drew their swords, ready to execute him.


Snape had not blinked an eye, and all returned their attention to king Lupin who wiped his mouth and shook his head. "I am all right; he has not harmed me as far as I can tell.

"Dusk has fallen and the moon will rise in only an hour. My friends: accompany me to the dungeons so you may witness either this man's triumph or my transformation. Guards: escort Severus Snape to one of the guest quarters and guard him. Tomorrow I will either richly reward him, or he will drink that vile concoction himself!"

Everybody laughed at king Remus' joke, all except for Snape who sneered and let himself be led away by the guards who watched him warily.

As the previous nights of the full moon, the king was chained to the wall in one of the dungeon cells, and Barons Black, Potter and Pettigrew stood watch outside the locked door. As the time grew near that the moon would rise, they anticipated their friend's pain-filled screams and the werewolf's monstrous howling. But time passed and there was not a sound besides their nervous shuffling and whispers.

The sun rose and day broke, and when they opened the prison cell door they found king Remus still shackled to the wall. His clothes were not torn, nor had he bitten or clawed at himself; he had not changed into the wolf!

The news travelled as fast as fire. The king had been cured! But even as the people rejoiced and Snape allowed himself a satisfied smirk, deep in the dungeons Barons Black, Potter and Pettigrew argued with the king about what they were going to do with Snape.

"You cannot give him half your gold, Remus. He cannot expect such a thing. If he was able to cure you so easily, why did he not come forward before?" Potter said.

"Was it not his duty as one of your loyal subjects to do this?" Pettigrew supplied.

"Snape is up to no good. I have heard people say he is in league with the devil and that he practices the blackest of sorcery. He should be grateful you do not burn his ugly carcass at the stake for witchcraft!" Black concluded.

King Remus was quiet for a moment as he pondered this dilemma. In truth, he did not want to part with half his fortune: his kingdom was not rich, and the loss of half his gold would be a severe setback. But at the same time, Snape had cured him of the curse, and he had promised. However, would anybody care if he did not make ugly and spiteful Severus Snape a rich man?

The more he thought about it, the more the king found himself agreeing with his friends. If Severus Snape had been able to cure his king all along, he should have come forward immediately. He would give the man one hundred galleons - a handsome reward - and then send Snape on his way.

They gathered in the throne room and king Remus sat on his throne, his friends standing beside him as Snape was led into the room.

"My potion has cured you, has it not?" Snape said with his silky voice, and the glint in his eyes made the king's skin crawl with unease even as the smirk on Snape's lips made him tighten his hand around his sword.

"Yes, your potion worked. And as a reward I will give you one hundred galleons."

There were sighs of relief among those present. There was not one person in the court who had relished the idea of Snape coming into a fortune. After all, it would no doubt mean Snape would be able to stay at the court. The man was ugly and mean. The sooner he left, and they were not forced to look upon him anymore, the better.

Snape narrowed his eyes and pulled himself up to his full height as he crossed his arms and hid his dirty hands in his sleeves.

"Your... generosity is... overwhelming, king Remus," his face contorted into an unpleasant smile that showed off his uneven and yellow teeth. "But I am not interested in mere gold."

"What do you want then, Snape?" the king said impatiently. "My first-born child? I will have to disappoint you in that case, because I would never give up my heir, least of all to the likes of you."

Everybody laughed, but Snape sneered.

"Nothing that crude," he said. "You vowed to give half your gold, or marry, whoever cured you. As it is obvious you are unwilling to part with anything but the slightest portion of your treasure, and I am not in the least interested in such trivialities, I expect you to keep your word and marry me."

As Snape spoke, all had gone quiet. You could have heard a needle drop in the silence that followed. Had Snape really demanded that the king marry him?

Baron Potter was the first to laugh, soon joined by Black and Pettigrew and the rest of the court.

"The fumes of your potions must have driven you insane, Snape!" Potter laughed, descending from the dais and grabbing the ugly man's arm. He spun Snape around for all present to see. "He wants the king to marry him and crown him queen Severus! Have you ever heard anything more ridiculous?" Potter roared with laughter and shoved Snape into the hands of the guards.

"Take him away! Throw this lunatic out onto the streets where he belongs. He does not want to accept the king's gratitude? So be it!" Potter turned back to his audience and made a show of grimacing in distaste. "What was I thinking, touching that foul excuse for a man?"

The laughter followed Snape all the way to the palace gates where he was thrown onto the street with his meagre possessions. He wrapped himself up in his tattered and worn black robes and sneered at the guards, spitting on the ground at their feet in disgust.

The citizens had heard of what had happened and they laughed at him as well, throwing mud and stones at Snape as he shielded himself and hurried out of the city and back to the solitude of his decrepit little hut. There he nursed his wounds, rubbed salve on his bruises, and ointment into his cuts. And then he settled down to wait.

The month that followed was joyous. The king had been cured and would never again turn into a monstrous werewolf when the moon was full. To celebrate, he organised a ball on the night of the next full moon. All the nobles were present, among them Baron Potter and his wife Lady Lily, Baron Black and Baron Pettigrew.

But when the moon was at its zenith, disaster struck. The king had been talking to Baron Potter and his wife in a corner when suddenly there was an itching deep inside his mind. He grimaced in pain, stumbling, and was only just caught from falling by Baron Potter and his wife.

"My Lord, are you all right?" Lily asked, but the words died in her throat as the king looked up at her with the burning yellow eyes of the wolf. He snarled. His hands went around her throat and he easily snapped her neck.

Her body fell lifeless to the floor even as the king turned on his best friend with teeth and claws.

The guests scattered in panic and horror. The guards stood frozen, not knowing what to do. Should they attack their Lord? Barons Black and Pettigrew, however, sprang into action and wrestled with the king, dragged him away from Baron Potter and in desperation they beat him into unconsciousness.

As Baron Black ordered everybody out and the guards to fetch chains to subdue the king, Pettigrew fell to his knees beside the bodies of his best friend and his wife. Blood was oozing from the savage wound at Potter's throat and his breathing was laboured. He gasped for air and his wife's name bubbled from his lips with bloody foam before he lay still, staring up at the cruel silver moon with unseeing eyes.

Black and Pettigrew cried bitter tears, for the sake of two of their best friends who had just died at the hands of their beloved king. They cried for the sake of James and Lily's now orphaned child, their godson Harry. They cried for the sake of their king.

Black flags flew the next day even as a distraught king Remus ordered the guards to fetch him the traitorous and black-hearted Severus Snape.

Severus Snape was led before the king in chains. Snape was bloody and bruised, and his large and ugly nose had been broken. Barons Pettigrew and Black had accompanied the guards on their mission and they glared hatefully at the man who showed no remorse or sorrow for what he had done.

Despite his wounds and the harsh treatment he had suffered, Snape stood confident and proud, a disdainful sneer fixed on his lips.

"You wished to see me, my Lord?" he said.

King Remus nodded. His face was gaunt and filled with sorrow, his eyes swollen and red. Even though all promised him he was not to blame for Baron Potter and his wife Lily's deaths, he had killed them with his bare hands and he felt their loss keenly.

"You said you had cured me of this wretched curse, but you lied and now two of my dearest friends are dead, their child an orphan! My appearance remained that of a man, but the beast took over my mind and used my human body to kill!"

Snape laughed, causing Pettigrew to strike him. The Baron grabbed those oily locks and forced the wretched man to his knees before the king.

"Silence, you demon! It is your fault that James and Lily are dead, that Harry will never know his parents. Give me one reason why I should not cut out that lying tongue of yours and run my blade through your treacherous heart!"

Snape's yellow teeth were red with blood and his black eyes gleamed with malice.

"Kill me and condemn the king to the curse for the rest of his life and beyond," he spat in Pettigrew's face.

Baron Pettigrew released him, hastily wiping the blood from his face and looking to his king for guidance.

"Can you cure me, Snape?" king Remus asked, and Snape nodded.

"If you give me what I want, you will never become a murderous werewolf again."

Seeing that he had no choice, the king agreed to give Snape what he wanted in exchange for a cure. Until the next full moon, Snape was given quarters in the palace and all that he might need to brew the cure for lycanthropy. He was locked in those rooms and when the time came, he gave the steaming goblet filled with a vile-smelling potion to Barons Black and Pettigrew.

The foul concoction tasted different and even worse than it had the first time, and again, as a precaution, king Remus was chained to the wall of a dungeon prison cell. Again, the night passed without pain-filled screams or monstrous howling.

The next morning Snape demanded his reward, demanded that king Remus marry him. The king refused, and said that he did not trust Snape, that they would wait until a second moon had passed so he could be sure the cure was true. Snape sneered and let the guards lead him back to the rooms that were his prison.

A second full moon passed, and still the king did not change into the foul monster. When Snape came to him afterwards and demanded that they be married, the king procrastinated and said they would wait another month; he needed to be completely certain the cure was permanent. As the days quickly passed and the moon waxed and then waned without king Remus changing into the wolf or losing his mind, the king and his friends became more and more desperate. Would he indeed have to marry the ugly and spiteful Potions master?

"Nobody will fault you for refusing, Remus," said Black. "He is ugly and repulsive; how could you be expected to touch that?"

"He is a man; you are our king, you cannot marry him: will he use his potions to turn himself into a hag and bear your children? Would the people ever accept anything he might spawn as their crown prince?" Pettigrew argued with great conviction.

The king nodded and agreed. He could not, would not marry Snape. He would offer the Potions master half of his gold instead, a title and access to the nobility, anything he might want except his hand in marriage.

But Snape refused the king's generous offers and persisted in demanding that they be joined in wedlock. Baron Pettigrew grew angry and grabbed Snape, then dragged him through the castle and threw him out onto the street a second time, a pouch with one hundred galleons thrust into his hands. Snape dropped the gold and spat at Pettigrew's feet in disdain, before stalking off angrily through the crowd that had gathered.

The people looked at him as if he were mad: for insisting on marrying the king, for refusing the king's most generous offers. Snape ignored their stares, their rude jeering, and he ducked the mud and stones that they threw at him. He returned to his little, decrepit hut at the edge of the forest and settled down to wait once more.

The king remained cautious on nights that the moon was full, but a year passed and he did not change into the wolf or otherwise lose his mind. Life carried on and, though the loss of Baron and Baroness Potter was still felt, the people began to forget those horrid times when the king would change into a murderous beast whenever the moon was full.

But the peace was not meant to last, and yet again disaster struck.

More than a year had passed since the Potters' deaths, and on this particular night the king was in his study with Baron Pettigrew. King Remus had been feeling out of sorts for a while now, and he kept scratching the back of his hands and his neck. There was an itch inside of him that he could not place and could not reach. Just as Baron Pettigrew was about to inquire into the king's health, the full moon shone through the tower window and struck king Remus.

Coarse brown hair began to sprout from the king's skin; he opened his mouth to cry out and keened in pain as his teeth elongated into fangs and his jaw changed shape. There was the snapping and popping of bones breaking and realigning themselves, and the sound of cloth torn by the king's changing body.

Baron Pettigrew stared at the transformation in horror, unable to move a muscle until it was complete and his friend had been replaced by the murderous werewolf. When pain and exertion made it slump to the floor, whatever spell that had kept Pettigrew rooted where he stood was broken, and he threw himself at the door, scrabbling to lift the bolt and escape. However, his screams soon echoed through the hallways accompanied by the sound of monstrous howls and snarls and pain-filled shrieks. Baron Black came running and threw himself at the still locked door in hopeless despair, knowing that the wolf had claimed another of his friends.

The next morning, after they had forced the door open, they found the king naked and covered in blood, lying in the gory remains of one of his best friends. His eyes were shadowed and he said but one word.


This time Snape was brought before a broken man. Grief was etched in the king's face and in the faces of those around him, and king Remus held up his hand to stop Black from menacing the Potions master.

"Do you still claim to be able to cure me of the curse of lycanthropy, Snape? A cure that will be permanent; a cure that will prevent me from murdering another of my friends?"

"Yes. Will you give me what I want?"

Black's face contorted with rage, but the king's hand on his arm kept him quiet.

"I will."

Snape sneered. "Please forgive me, my Lord, if I do not take your word. You have broken it twice already; what proof is there that you will not do so a third time?"

"I have lost three of my best friends!" the angry king shouted. "Is that not enough? But very well, somebody get me a priest and we will be wed right now! You, however, will spend each and every full moon in my presence. I swear by all that is precious to me that should the beast ever take over my mind again, you will be its next and final victim!"

Snape nodded. "I will agree to that."

A priest was brought into the hall, and before the eyes of God and all those present he joined king Remus Lupin and Severus Snape in holy matrimony. The court watched in horror as the king slid the wedding band around Snape's finger and took the vows to love and cherish and be faithful to the ugly and spiteful man for all eternity.

The king then dismissed Snape to prepare the potion for the following night. He spent the rest of that day and the next with his last surviving friend, Baron Black, and young Harry Potter. He had already decided that should the potion not work, it would be the last time he allowed the beast free reign. King Remus would rather take his own life than endanger the lives of those dear to him ever again. All preparations had been taken: Harry had been named heir to the throne and Baron Black would rule as regent until he came of age.

As the night drew near, he said his goodbyes and descended into the palace dungeons where Snape had set up a laboratory. King Remus embraced his friend Sirius Black one last time and then entered the room where Snape waited for him with a satisfied smirk on his thin lips. Black locked the door and prepared to guard it for the night, torn between hoping the king would be cured or that he would change into the beast and rip Severus Snape limb from limb.

The moon rose and the king's pain-filled screams could be heard through the door. Baron Black mourned the loss of the last of his friends even as he rejoiced at the certainty that neither would Snape live to see the following day. But there was no monstrous howling and Snape did not cry out. Impatiently Baron Black waited for day's break, for the moment he could unlock that heavy oaken door.

Finally the night ended and the door swung open.

The king sat in a chair, a blanket wrapped around his naked body. He looked tired but relieved, exhausted but healthy and unscathed. As did Snape, who hovered around his husband, a cup of steaming tea held ready.

"Remus, what happened?"

The king looked up and there was a tired smile on his face, but it was Snape who answered.

"Because of the way the first two potions affected my husband's body, I can not prevent him from changing into the wolf. But the wolfsbane will ensure that he retains his mind and sanity."

"So he has not cured you!" Black said triumphantly, seeing a way to yet get rid of Snape.

"Sirius," the king interrupted and he rested one hand protectively on Snape's arm. "Let it rest. I think I can bear to have a beast's body one night of the month, and Severus has vowed to be present each and every time. He trusts his skill, and so shall I."

Baron Black looked as if he wanted to protest, but the king would not hear it, so he agreed and grudgingly thanked Snape. Snape's smirk turned into a smile when the king took his left hand and entwined their fingers, touching the wedding ring.

And from that day on, every time the moon hung round and silver in the sky, you could see the silhouette of the hook-nosed Potions master walking through the palace gardens and the forest, a large brown wolf bounding energetically and happily beside him. The king and his husband, the master and the wolf.

I hope you have enjoyed the Disney version of this little fairy tale, but the story does not have to end here. If you would like a look behind the scenes, a little insight into how that happy ending really came about, then, if you dare, if you're legally old enough to read hot wolf/Snape smut, please do continue.

After all, there are two universal laws one must keep in mind regarding the nature of fairy tales: somewhere, there is a grain of truth in the story; and while there is nothing wrong with violent and gory deaths, hot slash sex scenes must be ruthlessly cut.

OUTTAKE SCENE 7.2.1 (what's a marriage without a wedding night?)

Remus closed the door on Sirius' look of pity and disgust. Bad enough that he'd married Snape, that he would have to spend the rest of his life with the spiteful Potions master, but he didn't need to be reminded again and again why that was a bad thing. Not that he would ever be able to forget. He turned around to face Snape.

They stood opposite each other for a moment, neither of them moving. Snape was looking at him with that appreciative, leering gaze that made Remus' skin crawl and - to his dismay - his cock harden. He looked away, nervously, and wet his lips.


Snape snorted and Remus' head snapped back to look at his husband. Snape's lips were pulled up in an amused smirk and he glided toward Remus.

"One would think you were a blushing virgin, my Lord," he said in that silky voice.

Remus forced himself not to back away from the other man's imposing presence. He hadn't noticed before that Snape was taller than him, and those tatty black robes billowing around his thin frame brought Remus to mind of some vampiric creature swooping down on its prey.

"I'm sure you and your friends explored all the ins and outs of buggery when you were young. Or do you still? Is that why that mangy cur Black is so angry? Is he... jealous?"

That voice! It made Remus' knees weak and his prick fill with blood. But he refused to be cowed by the likes of Snape, and he lifted his chin and glared at the ugly man. He was king after all.

"Sirius and I are friends, nothing more. I would advise you to keep your innuendo to yourself, if you know what's good for you."

Snape chuckled softly; he was now standing very close to Remus, as close as he could without actually touching him. Remus could feel Snape's hot breath against his cheek as the other man moved his mouth to Remus' ear.

"Good." Long, potion-stained fingers crept up Remus' chest to rest on his shoulders. "You are mine now, and I will not share." Snape sucked the earlobe into his mouth and nibbled on it, then began to move his lips to Remus'.

With an abrupt movement, Remus pushed the other man away, wiping at his ear and cheek.

"No kissing!"

Snape managed to look slightly hurt, and for a moment Remus regretted his rejection, but then he remembered it was Snape who had put him in this position, Snape who was taking advantage of his curse. Besides, just the thought of kissing that ugly mouth, filled with horrid yellow and crooked teeth, made Remus feel ill.

Snape pursed his lips and then shrugged, the determined glint returning to his eyes. "Very well. But I promise you, before this night is over I will have you begging for my mouth." He stepped back into Remus' personal space and started undoing the buttons on Remus' tunic.

Remus considered stopping Snape, considered throwing the Potions master on the bed and just getting it over with and fucking him. But he didn't think he could make himself touch the other man; he didn't want to, so he decided to just let Snape do as he would. He would not fight the other man, would not break the vows he had taken, but if Snape wanted to get off, he was bloody well going to have to take care of it himself!

Snape, however, did not seem interested in anything that simple. He carefully undressed Remus with something akin to reverence and urged him to lie down on the bed. Then he pressed kisses to every bare inch of Remus' skin. He made decorative trails over Remus' torso with his tongue, laving the light brown nipples and tugging at the furry chest hair with his yellow and crooked teeth.

Remus closed his eyes and tried to pretend it was somebody else, anybody else, provoking these delicious sensations in him. But every time he felt that crooked nose press into his belly, or that oily hair brush against his skin, he was ruthlessly reminded of the identity of his husband, his lover. And to his dismay, when Snape started tonguing his balls, sucking one globe into his mouth and then the other, Remus found he no longer cared.

That wicked tongue lashed against his prick, which had never felt this hot, this hard, this needy. Remus reached down and tangled his hands in that long and greasy hair, tugged at it and urged Snape to take his cock and swallow it. And Snape did.

Remus thrust into Snape's mouth, into that hot, wet cavern, into Snape's throat as Snape sucked and swallowed and hummed. Snape had to grab his legs to stop Remus from inadvertently kicking him.

And just when Remus thought it could not get any better, when he thought he could not take any more, Snape pressed him down into the mattress and pulled back, delicately scraping those crooked yellow teeth along Remus' over-sensitive cock. Remus howled and came, spurting his seed into Snape's mouth, and he forced his eyes open to watch Snape drink every last drop, to watch him greedily wring the last of Remus' orgasm from him.

Panting, Remus lay on the bed. His limbs felt like lead and he tried to keep at bay his horror of the knowledge that he had just had the best orgasm of his entire life because of Severus Snape. A shift in the mattress made Remus roll his head to the side and open his eyes. Snape had climbed off the bed and was efficiently disrobing. He pulled something from a pocket in his tattered, black robes and tossed it onto the bed, but Remus was too busy watching Snape in fascination to notice.

Snape was thin and bony, what was hidden beneath his clothes just as unpleasant as the rest of him. His skin was sallow and pale, and his chest was covered with an untidy smattering of thin, black hair.

Remus felt his eyes inexorably drawn to the one and only feature Snape seemed to have been gifted more than mercifully with: his cock. It rose proud and strong from a thatch of midnight black hair, thick but not too long, a red head so dark it was nearly purple, and beneath it hung Snape's balls, heavy and dusted with dark hair. Remus swallowed, feeling his own prick twitch at the sight, and he raised his eyes to meet Snape's gaze.

Snape raised an eyebrow in amusement, entirely unashamed of his appearance, and then climbed onto the bed, grabbing the small jar he had extracted from his robes a few moments ago. Remus wanted to protest when he realised what Snape planned to do; after all, he was king and not supposed to be fucked as if he were a woman. But the afterglow of his own orgasm made him slow and before he could make a sound, Snape had manoeuvred Remus onto his side and was pressing two slick fingers into his arsehole.

The feeling was strange, invasive, and Remus opened his mouth a second time to tell Snape to stop. However, instead of a protest, a surprised gasp and then a strangled moan escaped his throat as those clever, clever, long fingers brushed up against something inside him that made Remus see stars.

"You like that, don't you?" Snape whispered in his ear in that silky voice. Remus didn't think that remark deserved a reply, so instead he pressed back onto those fingers, trying to get more of them into him.

"Just get on with it and fuck me, Snape," he bit out through gritted teeth, pulling away from the other man and raising his arse in the air as he rested his head on crossed arms. Snape chuckled into the skin of Remus' back, but did as he was told, lining his prick up and then steadily pushing it into Remus. There was no pain, only a delicious sensation of being stretched to the very limits, being filled and possessed. When his balls were pressed against Remus' buttocks, they stayed like that for a moment, Snape draped over Remus' back and his cock as far up Remus' arse as it could possibly go.

Remus made an impatient noise and Snape started to move, slow and shallow thrusts at first, but soon deep and powerful lunges that, had the bed not been so solidly constructed, would have made it rock and bang against the wall. Snape was panting against the back of his neck and Remus' prick was rapidly rising to attention again. He pushed back into each thrust, spreading his legs even further and relishing the feel of Snape's balls slapping against the back of his own.

He was babbling - what, Remus had no idea - and he wanted to reach down and take hold of his aching prick, but was afraid he'd lose his balance. However, Snape reached around and grabbed him, pulled roughly even as he slammed into Remus one last time and stiffened, his prick pulsing and coating Remus' insides with come. His fist tightened almost painfully around Remus' cock, making Remus' eyes water, and then relaxed a little and Snape stroked him to completion. They slumped onto their sides together, still joined.

Remus closed his eyes and tried to gather his wits. He knew that in the morning he would be horrified by what had happened, and how much he'd enjoyed it, but for now he just wanted to bask in the afterglow. Snape started to press small kisses against the back of his neck and his shoulders, and Remus let him. He winced slightly when Snape pulled out of him, and grimaced at the wet feeling of Snape's seed trickling out of his loosened hole.

Then his eyes flew open at the touch of a tongue at the top of his legs, licking at the trail of come, following it back to its source and then pressing inside of him. Remus wanted to jerk away in horror and disgust, but it felt so good and he parted his legs a little more to give Snape better access.

His prick was spent and could not possibly get hard again soon, but that didn't matter. Remus could feel Snape's nose pressed between his buttocks as his tongue reached deep inside of him, and he decided he would worry about tomorrow when tomorrow came. For now he was going to enjoy Snape's mouth and tongue, and he moaned and begged for more.

OUTTAKE SCENE 7.3.2 (you didn't really think Snape and Moony just sat around in the dungeons that night, did you?)

Remus had a distinct feeling of déjà vu as he closed the door to the dungeon cell. Sirius had looked at him with a mixture of pity and despair, and at Snape with disgust and unfettered hatred. For a moment he stood with his back to the room and his hand still resting on the door. He hoped that Sirius had not noticed his discomfort at sitting that day, nor the ring of red welts that peeked just above the neck of his tunic.

He still cringed at the thought of what he had let Snape do to him last night, and how much he had enjoyed it, begged for it even. What would Sirius think if he knew...

Remus took a deep breath and straightened his posture. He was king, he was afraid of no one, nobody was his master. He resolutely turned around to face his husband, Severus Snape. And he immediately blushed bright red at the appreciative, half-lidded look on the Potions master's face.

Snape slowly ran the tip of his tongue over his upper lip, and Remus' cock grew hard in response. Snape's eyes flicked down and then back up to meet Remus' gaze with that infuriating smirk on his lips.

Remus wanted to stride over to the other man and wipe that smug look off his face, but the only thing that came to mind was pushing Snape to his knees and thrusting his cock into that sinful and ugly mouth that had no business at all being that good. Instead he resolutely walked over to the bench beside Snape and picked up the steaming goblet of whatever vile mixture Snape would have him drink this time.

"Is this it?"

"Yes. But I must warn you: because of the previous two potions and the way they have affected your body, I can no longer prevent your transformation."

He quickly raised a hand to stop Remus' protest, and continued.

"However, this wolfsbane potion will ensure that you keep your mind and that you will be a beast in body only. I am certain that, given enough time, I will be able to make it so that the transformation will be painless."

Remus pinched his nose and downed the rancid brew in one go, his eyes watering at the taste and his stomach protesting.

"Gah!" he croaked, and Snape deftly plucked the pewter goblet from his unresisting fingers. "Do you think you'll be able to do something about the taste?"

One corner of Snape's lips quirked up and he turned away, mumbling something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like 'Given the right kind of incentive I'm sure I can.'

Remus blushed again and sat down uncomfortably on one of the chairs. He hated this feeling, the fact that Snape now had something to hold over him. Things weren't supposed to be like this: he wasn't supposed to be married to this spiteful and ugly man who had a mouth that could make angels forsake God. Remus rested his head in his hands and sighed unhappily. A lot of things weren't as they were supposed to be. He wasn't supposed to be king yet, he wasn't supposed to have murdered three of his best friends, or made his own godson an orphan.

"If you're done feeling sorry for yourself, now might be the time to undress. Unless you would rather ruin a perfectly good suit and have your men bring you down new clothes in the morning."

The angry glare in Snape's direction did not affect Remus' husband in the slightest, and for a moment Remus considered ignoring Snape just to spite him. Not to mention the fact that the thought of exposing himself to Snape like that made his cock harden while the rest of his body cringed.

In the end Remus stood up and started taking his clothes off, doing his best to ignore the other man's presence. He could already feel the ache in his bones and the call of the moon in his blood.

He idly wished for a moment that Snape's potion would not work, that he would change into the werewolf and tear the horrid man apart, but reason asserted itself firmly and he shook that stray thought off as he pulled off his boots and dropped his trousers. He did not want to die or become a monster, even if that meant spending the rest of his life with Severus Snape.

Finally, he stood naked in the middle of the room, purposefully avoiding Snape's gaze. It wasn't hard to ignore the other man, not with the increasing ache in his bones and the maddening itch beneath his skin, as if a thousand ants were crawling just below the surface.

Suddenly white hot pain knifed through his abdomen and he fell to his knees, clutching his stomach. He could feel the bones in his legs breaking, the joints of his knees inverting. He threw his head back and screamed in pain even as his jaw stretched forward and his teeth became sharp fangs. It was worse than before, than all the other times he had transformed. At least then he had lost his mind as well, and had not been completely aware of the excruciating pain.

And then it was over and he was lying on the cold stone floor, panting. His tongue was long and lolling out of his mouth. He felt weak and frail, but that feeling was rapidly fading as the intensity of his new wolf-senses assaulted him.

The world looked different from wolf-level and through wolf-eyes. He could see more clearly than he ever had as a man, despite the poor lighting from the torches in their brackets along the walls. He pushed himself to his feet - four of them - and lifted his muzzle, sniffing and tasting the air.

There was the smell of the wolfsbane potion, an ugly brown green that made him raise his hackles and growl. From beneath the dungeon door he could smell Sirius, light blue and full of energy and impulse. But overriding it all, overwhelming all other scents, was the deep and earthy red of Severus Snape.

All the fur on Remus' body stood on end as he bared his teeth, making himself as large and imposing as he could, growling fiercely. Snape stood with his hands in his sleeves and stared back at Remus without blinking. Remus stepped toward him, baring his teeth and growling even more fiercely.

He thought of attacking Snape anyway, of biting and infecting him with the curse, but even as those thoughts rushed through his mind Snape began to smile and his hands worked to loosen his robes. Remus did not change his stance, but watched as the tattered, black robes pooled around Snape's feet and revealed that he was naked beneath them. Then Snape slowly, carefully, not breaking eye-contact with Remus once, lowered himself to the floor until he lay on his back. Only then did he close his eyes and tilt his head to the side, exposing his throat in a way that made Remus drool.

Remus padded over to the prone Potions master and closed his jaws around the man's throat, pressing his sharp teeth into the skin with just enough pressure to leave a mark but not break through. Snape did not move or flinch, although Remus could feel and hear his heart speed up. After a careful shake of his jaw, ever careful to not actually bite him, he started sniffing the other. He nuzzled Snape's armpits and sniffed along his chest and belly down to his groin.

Snape's prick was already hard and Remus glanced up to see that his mate had propped himself up on his elbows and was watching him with that dark and hungry gaze. Remus pulled his lips back in a wolfish grin and deliberately licked Snape's cock. So this is what you want, is it?

Remus started licking Snape's cock, wrapping his tongue around it and then making Snape jump by pressing his cold nose against Snape's balls. Snape made the most interesting noises and the scent of their arousal grew strong and heavy in the air. It took a moment to realise that he was humping Snape's leg, and Remus decided that would not do.

He abandoned Snape's prick and pressed his nose beneath Snape's balls, licking at the crease of skin behind them and toward that deliciously tight hole. Snape eagerly spread his legs, and when that was not enough pushed Remus' snout out of the way and got onto his hands and knees.

"Wait - Wait a minute, let me -" he panted, quickly reaching up and plucking a familiar jar of lubricant from the table. He dipped his fingers in the smooth and scentless cream, then clumsily reached back to prepare himself. It was all taking too long and Remus pressed his tongue in beside Snape's fingers to hurry things along. Groaning and moaning, Snape seemed to lose interest in what he was supposed to be doing, instead pushing back onto Remus' tongue.

Remus pulled back, to Snape's protest, and then moved on top of Snape, gripping the man's shoulders with his front paws and angling his long and pointed cock into Snape's hole. It took a few tries, and he jabbed at Snape's balls and prick, slid through the slick cleft of Snape's arse, before finally pressing inside him. Snape cried out, whether in pain or pleasure Remus didn't know or care. He started to thrust, working his prick deeper into that gripping and greedy hole, pushing the knot past the tight ring of muscles until they were joined.

"Oh god, yes, yes, harder, fuck me, fuck me, harder, more," Snape panted and shouted, eagerly accepting Remus' cock. Remus was only too happy to oblige and he fucked the man beneath him as hard as he could until he was howling and emptying his balls inside him.

They slumped to the floor, Snape trapped beneath the heavy wolf, its prick locked in his body. Remus was still panting, tongue lolling, and he watched amused as Snape tried to get a hand between his body and the floor and then around his prick. His arse tightened around Remus' cock and the smell of semen became even stronger.

Remus was quite comfortable like this, resting on top of and inside his mate, and he happily licked at Snape's face and mouth. Snape opened his mouth and let Remus lick his crooked teeth. He patted the wolf.

"Good dog."

There was no rancour in his voice, and his trademark sneer was absent. Remus yipped in answer, making Snape laugh.

Maybe life wasn't too bad after all, Remus thought to himself, already contemplating the long night they still had ahead of them and how they could spend the time. Snape might be an ugly and spiteful bastard, but he had a wicked mouth and made a fine bitch.

the end