145) Ever since his change into a vampire, Severus can't 'get it up'....that is, until the night he accidentally drinks some of Remus the werewolf's blood. Rating-R

TITLE: Lap It Up, Love AUTHOR: Lamia Kuei

Dumbledore was moving at an incredible pace for a man his age, boot heels clacking against stone, a spell ready at his lips. But it was too late. Snape was helpless against the grip of a vampire, his blindly clawing hands falling slack. The creature noticed his approach and grinned at him while still drinking.
"He dies," he hissed.
Severus was unconscious. Dumbledore gritted his teeth. Too much blood was flowing from his neck and the vampire already taken at least two long drafts.
"Then you shall die with him!"
A ribbon of flame erupted from his wand. The vampire shrieked.
"No! No! Wizard, spare me! Mercy!"
Dumbledore's eyes narrowed.
"Severus had no mercy from you!"
The vampire's eyes rolled nervously.
"He is important to you, wizard?"
"Like a Childe."
The vampire considered.
"Then you will not end me, so long as he survives."
The vampire slashed his wrist and held it to Snape's lips.

Lucidity sliced through his skull and Snape choked. He pushed the cow corpse away and scrabbled backwards, spitting and wiping at his mouth.
"You didn't. No!"
"I'm truly sorry, Severus. But I couldn't let you die."
"So you damn me!"
The vampire stepped forward and Snape rounded on him, his face morphed into a ferocious grimace of hate, fangs bared.
"Stand down, Severus Snape. No Childe matches a Sire."

Ambushed coming back from the Deatheaters and Turned. Irrevocable and just yet another downturn in the vortex of misfortune that was his life. Snape glared stonily at the vampire, who was merely known as John. John had concluded after watching the Deatheaters that Snape was definitely an expendable waste of human society; he was to be John's first kill in decades. It didn't help that John had to stay with him, to teach him how to be a proper vampire. Not there was much that needed to be taught. He lived in the dark, disliked other humans on principle, fostered terror in others because it suited him to be feared, was misanthropic to a high degree and was a skilled Legilimens. He even had the advantage of being a wizard beforehand, still able to wield magic and already familiar with Ministry regulations.
"Muggle made Childer are lucky to survive past their first five years. They break laws they have no knowledge of and are terminated, as it is so nicely put by the Ministry," John murmured.
"You were a muggle?"
"Yes. I became what I did not believe in. Quite a shock," John murmured.
John was a monotone of a man. His vampirism was a matter of course, and only a liking for dispatching the criminal element of society showed him a killer of the first degree. He was faintly proud of Siring a strong Childe such as Snape, but was wise enough not to say so.

John hung about the dungeons, waiting for Snape to be ready to go out hunt. They would go to muggle cities and milk the slums, drink from the bodies packing night clubs. Snape was already caching blood supplies with Preserving Charms into a heavily warded storeroom in preparation for the school year. John agreed to be an emissary to various coteries of vampires across Europe for Dumbledore, to advise them against allegiance to the Dark Lord. It was the only way he could even approach atoning for his mistake, one that could easily have him terminated by the Ministry. The Turning of a full wizard was a crime punishable by having the offender die by sunlight instead of staking. Snape appeared, but this time, he was wearing his robes and not his muggle clubbing clothes.
"You are not going out to feed?"
"Hagrid had some deer carcasses left over. Fluffy seems to be ill and it would be a waste."
"I see."
John stood by the doorway, observing as Snape revised his syllabus.
"Well? Aren't you leaving yet? Or do I need to kick you out?"
"What do you miss?"
Snape looked up.
"I miss hearing birdsong," John confessed.
Snape sniffed dismissively.
"Such a pity, I'm sure."
"You do miss things."
Snape put his quill down with an ill-humored flick of his wrist.
"I miss tasting things other than blood," he snorted. "Imagine that. I would not have thought that I'd miss Albus' infernal lemon drops."
John nodded. Snape held one hand up to the candle light. It was marble white with a tracery of delicate blue veins.
"I miss feeling comfort by a fire. Instead of this relentless nervousness from the fear of incineration."
"It stymies your performance when making potions."
"What else?"
Unlike Voldemort, Snape could not hide his thoughts from John, his Sire. Thankfully, John still adhered to manners learned from his muggle life and politely refrained from digging through his Childe's thoughts as a measure of privacy.
"I miss..."
"Go on."
"Feeling physical pleasure. Of the sexual sort."
John shrugged.
"It is not as bad as the others. You cannot really lose what you never wanted."
Snape glared.
"You didn't, Snape. You despised your own sexuality as an exploitable weakness."
John stood up.
"I was never good with goodbyes. And being immortal really does make it seem so permanent."
"Just go already."
John smiled. And walked out the door.

Snape lay in bed, yes, he still used his bed, and remembered the first time John guided him on a hunt in a muggle nightclub. He had forced him into a ridiculous outfit, a positively indecent black mesh thing that practically exposed his torso to the world and what could be described as holes with pants in them. Kohl was rubbed on his eyelids, he was handed a pair of fingerless gloves and his part of the preparations was to cast a Warming Charm on them to better conceal their inhumanity. He watched, aghast as John in an equally revealing and shameful outfit, traipsed up to a bouncer and was admitted into the interior of the club. Snape scowled as he stepped out of the shadows. He did not want to be here and certainly felt the fool. Consequentially, he was unprepared for the lusty thoughts he caught coming from various people staring at him. It was a revelation as he glowered at the people on the street. For the first time in his life, his glare was seen as an invitation and his sneer a mere affectation. He got quite a number of saucy leers in return. He walked past the bouncer unimpeded, to find John already on the hunt. Snape blinked. The noise, not music, was pounding like a feverish heart and bodies writhed and pushed, crushed and twisted, sweat and lust heating the air shot through with multicolored fluorescent lights. It was a feast.

John laughed at Snape's first attempts at the strange way of dancing, but he was a quick learner, if only to salvage his pride. He observed and learned as John maneuvered girl after girl into dark corners and walls for his 'sips', where other couples were enthusiastically kissing, groping, frotting, all but fucking in plain sight. He followed suit, kiss upon kiss lavished, his hands roaming, cupping breasts, stroking nipples, up skirts and into thongs and g-strings. Timed just right, his bite was indistinguishable from the orgasm his fingers coaxed from them. They worked the club from one end to the other, until Snape was sated with blood, mixed like a cocktail, hot and fermenting with lust. It was exhilarating, the complete freedom of touching wherever he wanted on a willing body. But saddening, for Snape now knew that there were people who found him beguiling and sexy, and he could return no such fervor.

He ran his hands over his body, feeling the coldness, the way the blemishes of his body had smoothed over, leaving him a murderous living statue. He pensively fingered his penis, noting once again that it did not respond. Of course, being a vampire precluded one from reproduction the conventional way, so why should there be erogenous zones? He snorted. Then sighed. And rolled onto his side, to fitfully sleep.

It pleased him when Remus' polite smile of greeting froze on his face. Remus' eyes flicked to Dumbledore.
"Yes, I am a vampire. Get over it."
Dumbledore coughed.
"Remus, if we could adjourn to my office? A discussion is in order."
Snape couldn't resist parting his lips into a parody of a smile. Just enough to show off his newly white teeth with the accompanying fangs. Lupin managed just to look bemused. Alone in his quarters, he felt ashamed. How could he be so glad about this? He was a Dark Creature, not unlike Lupin himself, and he was practically flaunting it like it was a gift! Well. At least he was in control of his dark desires nearly all the time... No! Equivocating! Snape clacked his teeth irritably.

He made his way to Remus' quarters, Wolfsbane Potion in hand. Remus was reading, looking up when Snape entered.
Snape set the goblet down. Remus pursed his lips, blowing the steam away.
"Bottoms up!"
He gulped. He coughed.
"Looks like it won't go down easily sipped or chugged," he sighed.
Snape reached for the goblet.
"Do you remember what it was like? Being Turned?"
Snape froze.
"We will not discuss it," he snapped.
Remus nodded apologetically.
"That was rude of me. But, I haven't met one before..."
Snape snorted.
"Not so very different I expect, only I woke up with blood all over my face because John didn't have a knife handy for his wrist-"
Snape's mouth opened and closed.
"I will not-"
"You knew him?"
Snape sighed. No doubt he wouldn't be left alone until Lupin's curiosity was abated.
"Yes. It was either Turn me or be incinerated by Dumbledore for draining me dry."
"Oh. If this makes you uncomfortable-"
"Quit that annoying act of yours. You obviously want to know and don't care about whether I like it or not."
"That's not true. I'll stop-"
"Are you going to listen or not?"
"Listening. Have some tea?"

"He made you wear muggle club clothes? You're having me on."
"Are you accusing me of lying?"
"Humph! Come and see then."
Remus jumped up to follow Snape. They entered Snape's chambers and Snape opened a bureau drawer. Remus' eyebrows shot upward.
"You went out in public wearing that?"
Snape held up the mesh thing.
"Yes. Obviously. I should have made a bet with you on this."
Remus smiled.
"You know, I like you better as a vampire."
Snape frowned and Remus stepped back.
"I mean-"
"Fellow Dark Creatures, right? Going to be all chummy now, aren't we?"
"Snape, don't be like this."
Snape pushed the drawer shut more forcefully than necessary.
"You annoy me."
And he stepped forward and latched on to Remus' neck.

It was all supposed to scare him, scare him with near death the way Potter and Black did to him. How would he like to be on the other end of the Dark Creature's attack? But Remus' hands only held on, not enough to struggle.
"Snape. Let go."
Why was he being so rational at a time like this? Where was the fear? Snape irritably nicked the skin a little, hoping to make Remus panic.
And then, something unexpected happened. He was sucking, licking, drinking like he had tasted the finest ambrosia. The hot blood gushing down his throat, that wild vibrant werewolf blood, heated his body up and he could barely comprehend it, this strange feeling-
"Snape..." Remus gasped.
His eyes snapped open and he stumbled backwards. Remus held his neck, and they stared at each other.
"Lupin. This-"
Snape frowned. Until he noticed where Remus was looking. At a sorely missed bulge in his trousers.
"I never read of that before," Remus looked clinically fascinated.
"Must you always go off on tangents?"
"Want to do something about that?"
"In the name of research and all sundry."
"You insipid, moronic-"
Remus stepped forward and with a growl that sent answering predatory shivers down Snape's spine, shut him up with a tongue swirling, lip throbbing kiss.

"So. How's this?"
"Aaaahaaah... Oh..."
"Answer me. Less intense? More intense? Same?"
"How in Merlin's name should I know?"
"Come on. You must of wanked yourself off some times."
"Shut up you aggravating beast and squeeze! Yes!"
"Now is this the way for a master such as you to go about research?"
"I've had the sexuality of a corpse for longer than my being a vampire and you are asking me?"
"Right. Point taken."
Remus grinned as Snape's hips bucked upward with every change in pressure from his fingers.
"You look so good."
"I know. Ah...Ah..."
"Delish. So much..."
Remus dipped his head and took Snape's glans into his mouth, his tongue pressing and laving.
"Remus! Oh..."
Remus felt especially content. Never mind that Severus could still insult and be insufferable even in the throes of passion. But he was in the position to by sympathetic to his Dark Creature status, and goodness knows, he wasn't a risk for lycanthropy. All in all, fellating Snape could have been more obnoxious. It also didn't hurt that Snape made him want to forcibly debauch him for his own good.
"I think you're just about ready."
Snape blinked as the warmth of Remus' mouth left him.
"What the deuce are you going on about?"
Remus smiled and licked Snape's nose. He turned around, presenting himself, running his hands over his buttocks, spreading and squeezing them.
"Come on. All yours."
Remus growled and snapped his teeth playfully and Snape hissed in return. He clambered over Remus and plunged in.
"Been too long..."
Snape began licking at Remus' shoulders and neck as he rocked into him, spurred on by Remus' panting.
"Going to make you howl..."
"Going to make you bite me...Like that...Deeper!"
"We are so sick..."
"Who cares...Yeah...Yeah..."
Snape chuckled suddenly.
"Think I'll come blood?"
Remus grimaced.
"Now that's gross."
Snape grinned and rotated his hips. Remus let out a yip.
"Oh-ho. What was that?"
"An accident...?"
Snape repeated the maneuver, and Remus responded with a whine. Wonderful.
"Oh no... you're not..." Remus gasped.
"Brace yourself. I'll show you how vampires can dance."
"...Aaah! Yes! Severus! Ahaahhah! Yiiiyiiiiyiiiyiii..."

"Are we going to publish our findings?"
"If a vampire imbibes werewolf blood, the results are hours of crazed animal sex."
"Great crazed animal sex."
"Yes. Great crazed animal sex."
"What do you think?"
"As much as I'd like to see the reactions of the scholarly community at this discovery of ours, I must say no."
"Oh. Okay."
"Though it would be fun. Give the old coots aneurysms."
"Not as fun as this."
"Oh... you horny...perfect...stud."
"You know, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship."
"Beautiful is when you bury that cock in my arse. Get a move on!"