Title: Jagged Edge.
Author: Lee
Rated: NC17
Disclaimer: they don’t belong to me, how may times do I have to say it.
Warning: Mentions of violence and bigotry
Summery: When Remus accidentally walks in on Severus bathing he is horrified by the scars that cover his body.

Remus Lupin sat at the small table in the basement kitchen of number twelve Grimmauld Place, he’s late, Lupin thought, he’s never this late. Not that he was overly concerned for the absent Potion’s Master it’s just that the meeting for the Order had been postponed until the spy’s arrival, and the gathered members had been waiting for almost an hour.

“Damn it, Albus. Cant we just start the meeting already, some one can just fill the damn freak in when he finally decides to show up.” Snarled a very agitated Mad Eye.

“Now, now Alistor, please calm yourself, We’ll start the meeting and Severus can give us his report when he arrives.” Replied the Headmaster.

“Good, don’t know why he has’ta sit in on meetings any way, just make it easier for You-Know-Who to know what we’re up to.” Grumbled Moody.

“Hey, he’s on our side, remember?” Interjected a blue haired Tonks, no one could ever figure out why, but the spunky Auror had always liked Snape.

“Molly why don’t you start by giving us your report.” Requested Dumbledore thankfully stopping that old argument before it got into full swing.

The meeting continued quietly for the next hour and a half, only when Remus half way though his report on the urban wolf packs in London, did any one hear the sharp knocking on the front door. “Well, I’m up, I might as well get it.” Sighed Lupin, recently the Order had improved the security around the once great house of Black, now the doors locked automatically and the only way someone could get into the headquarters was if another member opened the door. It might have been a better security measure but it also had a side effect of waking Mrs. Black, thankfully the old bat was silent behind her curtain. By now Remus could tell Snape’s knock from any one else’s just loud and sharp enough to be heard but quiet enough so it wouldn’t wake any of the portraits in the gloomy hallway.

“It’s about time where have you…” the rest of Lupin’s sentence was cut off as he caught sight of the Potion’s Master, Snape looked like he had been dragged though hell and back, and beaten again just for good measure. He looks like he hasn’t eaten or slept in days, Lupin thought. That apparently was an understatement, Severus had managed to lose what precious little weight he had, while dark circles shaded his eyes. Lupin’s greatest concern though was the uncontrollable shaking, the former Defense instructor knew that it was a tattle tale sign of the cruciatus curse, and from the looks of it the spy had been under it for a long time.

“Severus, are you ok? What happened?” He asked, Remus had never really cared for the Slytherin’s well being before, but it was hard to ignore when someone is standing injured right in front of you.

“What do you care?” Snape shot back, hoping he didn’t sound as tired as he was.

Apparently he did because the werewolf looked even more concerned, Merlin, he thought, I must look like I’m about to keel over any second, if he’s suddenly worried. At least Lupin had the good sense not to say anything else, but he insisted on hovering close to Severus as the pair made their way down the dark hallway to the kitchen. Only sheer force of will was keeping Severus from collapsing in a heap, he wouldn’t allow himself to show weakness to the others.

By the time they had reached the kitchen door, Severus nearly had the shaking under control and was standing straighter, it would take a keen eye to spot anything wrong with the Potion’s Master, despite this Remus could still smell the pain that was radiating off the other man. He was personally amazed that the Slytherin had gotten control over himself so quickly, Remus also wondered how many times Severus had come back injured but masked it away from everyone else.

“’Bout time you showed up.” Moody said. Remus wasn’t quiet sure if Moody could see Severus’ injuries with his eye or if he just didn’t care, but right now he wasn’t too impressed with the older Auror’s words. Severus didn’t say anything but did manage one of he nastier sneers before sitting in his usual seat, right next to Tonks and two places away from the headmaster.

“Severus, glad to see you arrived in one piece. Remus was just informing us that the wolf packs in London are willing to listen to us and hopefully join.” Albus said.

“Well maybe join, at least they’re not interested in what Voldemort has to say this time around.” Remus added.

“Still, whatever good news may come our way.” Replied the Headmaster. “Was there anything else?”

“No, sir.”

“Well then, Severus would you please inform us on the latest Death Eater activity.”

“Not much to report on, the death eaters are restless, some small groups are committing spur of the moment attacks, behind the Dark Lord’s back. Right now the Dark Lord is being kept busy with discipline problems within the troops.” Severus informed dryly.

“That’s good, right?” Asked Tonks. “I mean if You-Know-Who is to busy with the Death Eaters then he cant plan any attacks on us.”

“True,” replied Snape “but this is a double edged sword, while the Dark Lord is preoccupied the Death Eater attacks are becoming increasingly violent and random.”


The meeting lasted well over an hour longer than expected, plans were made and teams were put on patrol for any random Death Eater activity. Finally as the meeting wound down every one said their customary goodbyes, with the exception of Severus who only nodded when Tonks gave an enthusiastic farewell. Severus sighed and slowly got up from the chair, his muscles protesting to any movement, he had almost made it to the door when the Headmaster called to him.

“Severus, Remus, a word please?” Snape slowly turned around and sat back in the chair he had just vacated. Remus watched the Slytherin, he knew that muscle cramps and migraines were an aftereffect cruciatus curse, he couldn’t help but feel a little concerned for the spy. Severus took a few deep breaths to center himself, he felt the room spin for a few moments and from the looks the werewolf has been throwing his way he looked about as good as he felt.

“Yes, sir?” At least his voice was calm.

“Does he suspect?”

“No more than usual.”

“Severus how long were you under the curse?” Remus was relieved that the Headmaster wasn’t turning a blind eye to Severus’ pain.

“Its nothing to worry about, I’ve survived worse.”

“Still I am concerned, I want you to stay here for the remainder of the weekend.” Dumbledore ordered. “If that is ok with you, Remus.”

“Of course.” Like Lupin could refuse the Headmaster, even after legally owning the house for nearly a year by Sirius’ will it still didn’t feel like a home to Remus, let alone his home.

“Albus I’m perfectly capable of-”

“Severus, right now your barely capable of standing.” Said Dumbledore. “Remus, I’m sure you’ll be able to keep things under control.”

“I’ll try my best.”

“Well then, before I go,” As he was leaving he pointed his wand toward Severus, “accio wand.” Snape gave an indigent shout as his wand flew out of his sleeve and into the Headmaster’s hand. “Goodnight gentlemen.”

“I’m going to kill him someday.” Muttered Severus. Remus just chuckled, if he hadn’t possessed the heightened senses of the wolf he never would have heard the Slytherin’ s exclamations.

“Is there any thing you need?” He asked

“Just show me where I’ll be sleeping.” Severus winced a little at the sound of his voice echoing in the kitchen, he knew he would be in for one hell of a migraine in about a half an hour. Remus quietly led Severus to one of the upstairs bedrooms, after Sirius had died he spent about 3 months ‘grief-cleaning’, it may not be any lighter or more pleasant but now the “Most Ancient and Noble House of Black” was in immaculate condition. If Severus noticed he didn’t say anything, hell, to Remus it seemed Snape was the only one who understood why he was working though the heartache, every one in The Order wanted him to talk about it, they would bring it up every time he was around, no one seemed willing to let him wait till he was ready to open up, and when he finally did, it wasn’t to Harry or Albus or Molly but Snape. He had stopped by the house that night to deliver the Wolfsbane Potion, Remus was sitting in front of an untouched tumbler of whiskey, the only thing he could think was that there would be no Padfoot this time, that he would never be able to run with his friend under the full moon, he was so caught up in his grief that he never noticed Snape enter the room, only when a thin white hand took the glass out from under him and poured the whiskey down the sink drain did he realize he had company. Severus simply put the goblet in front of him and waited until he downed the foul-tasting concoction, when Remus pushed the goblet back to Snape he expected the Slytherin to take it and get out of the house as fast as his legs could carry him lest he be subject to any maudlin confessions of guilt or mourning.

But Snape didn’t leave he just raised his eyebrow and said “Well?” Remus didn’t know why but suddenly he need someone to hear him, and Snape seemed like the logical choice. Every thing that had been bottled up inside came out, all the grief and anger, at Sirius, at the Death Eaters, at Albus and Snape and himself, he talked to Severus of the heartache and the loneliness, of wishing to be with his friends but continuing on, he talked until his throat was sore and his mouth was dry. He must have gone on for hours, and during the whole time Severus never spoke once, and Remus was grateful for that, he didn’t need someone to tell him of their memories of Sirius, or compare the grief of their lost loved ones, or give him ‘much needed’ advice, he just need someone to listen to him, and for once Severus’ silence was appreciated. When he finally was done tears were slowly streaking down his face, Remus felt as if a wound had finally bleed out so it could heal at last, when he turned to thank Severus the man and the goblet were gone and the next time the pair saw one another Snape pretended as if that night had never happened.

Remus never really understood why Severus had done that for him, he had a few theories, maybe he was told to by Albus, or maybe he really did have a heart, or maybe Snape went though something like that over the years as a Death Eater, after all, the only people in Hogwarts during their student days that had hung out with the reclusive Slytherin were now dead or enemies. For some reason Remus never liked to dwell on that thought, the fact that Severus had no one in his life, no family, or friends, there wasn’t one person who could claim to know the Slytherin very well, he didn’t like to think of the small black hair boy he met on the Hogwarts Express all those years ago growing up with nothing. Even now with everything between then Remus wondered if Snape ever got lonely.

When they finally got to the guest bedroom, Snape muttered a gruff ‘thanks’ before entering the room and slamming the door in Remus’ face, never mind, Albus probably put him up to it.

Finally alone Snape resisted the urge to just slide down the door, instead he made his way to the tempting bed, shedding his outer robes and shoes. Settling down on the duvet he bit his lip and tried not to whimper like some beaten cur, pain and exhaustion were weighing down his body, and his headache was threatening to become a full out migraine, he just wanted to curl up and sleep for the rest of the weekend. On second thought, maybe a hot shower would do better, Severus just felt grimy from the dirt and sweat dried onto his body, a quick cleansing spell had been preformed right after he left the Death Eater meeting but that had hardly done any good. Severus felt torn between going for a shower or just laying in his dirty clothes on the bed, uhg, not much of a choice, he thought wearily.

With a quiet moan he rose from the bed and headed to the bathroom down the hall, the bathroom itself was just as clean as the rest of the house now, Lupin must have spent days scouring all of the grout. Closing the door Severus muttered a quick sound proofing charm on the door and walls, Dumbledore may have taken his wand but Severus was one of the few wizards able to control wandless magic, and he didn’t want to hear the werewolf stomping up and down the hall. Deciding that the charmed window high on the wall would let in enough sunlight not to hurt his eyes he kept the lights off, perfectly content in the psydo-twilight.

Turning on the hot water, he quickly stripped off the dirty clothes, the water felt good and hot, hitting his head and chest and running down his body, washing away the grime of the last several hours. Seizing a clean flannel and the soap, Severus had to stop himself from scrubbing to hard, like he could wash off the scars, the Dark Mark, even wash away the scars on his spirit, his logical mind told him he couldn’t do it that way, so as gently as he could he washed and cleaned the much abused flesh.

About twenty minuets later, Remus was headed to the upstairs bathroom, he didn’t notice anything out of sorts with the door, not bothering to knock he opened the door.

In the shower Severus was focusing on the hard spray of the water hitting the tense muscles between his shoulder blades, with his eyes closed and his ears only hearing the fall of water, he slowly felt the muscles of his back loosen. He didn’t hear the door open or feel the draft from the hallway enter the stifling room, but what he did hear was the whispered “Oh my God.”

Remus gasped as wolf sensitive eyes clearly saw the spy’s form in the shower, Severus’ figure was long and slight, willowy arms were resting at his side, while wet black hair curtained around the downturned face, he skin was as pale as moonlight and when Remus saw the scars that covered the lithe body he barley registered the words coming out of his mouth.

Severus heard him though, all the meditation techniques in the world couldn’t keep the tension from rushing back into his body, he turned and saw Remus Lupin standing in the doorway, his eyes wide and his mouth hidden by he hand. Remus couldn’t hear Severus screaming at him to get out, his mind entirely focused on the scars covering Severus’ body, only when the shampoo bottle hit him did he turn and leave slamming the door behind him.

In the hallway, his need for the bathroom completely forgotten, Remus slid to the floor, his hand still covering his mouth, the words “Oh my god.” were being repeated mindlessly over and over in his state of shock. In his mind he expected Severus to have a few scars, life with the Death Eaters would have certainly left a physical mark on the Slytherin’s body, but not those scars, not the ugly words of bigotry and hatred. Remus eyes shown with unshed tears, carved into his colleague’s back and chest were the worst words that a person could be called, ’FAGGOT, QUEER, SLUT.’ and all were carved deep in to Severus’ flesh, almost as if to try and cut them in to his soul.

Severus winced as the sound of the slamming door rang loudly in the small room, assaulting sensitive ears, his entire body was now cramped and ridged, he head felt as if it were being cleaved in half by the echo of the door, the water no longer brought any comfort, only an annoying droning that reverberated though his chest. Damn, werewolf, damn, fucking werewolf, he thought angrily, forcing his now reluctant arms and legs to move he grabbed the bathrobe on the hanger. Opening the door he barely managed to avoid Lupin, who was camped out on the floor before he walked stiffly to his room and slammed the door hard enough to echo though the house and wake Ms. Black.

Remus tried following and for the second time a door was slammed in his face, he tried knocking, asking Severus to let him in but right now he couldn’t hear himself over the screaming portrait, sighing, Remus turned to go downstairs and quiet the painting.

Severus sighed in relief when the pounding on the door and the screaming of Ms. Black finally stopped, he felt the pressure on his skull as if it were being slowly crushed by rocks, and even now the dim room seemed overly bright. He felt tears of frustration began to fall from his eyes, he was sick of everything, of the pain, of the Death Eaters, of the Order, of the shame he’s been forced to carry like a scarlet letter. He had only wanted to go back to his dark quiet dungeons and lick his wounds in privet, no he had to stay here for the weekend, now the damn werewolf knew, everyone in the Order would probably know by sundown, and it would all start over again, the taunting, the loathing, or even worse the pity. Severus was just exhausted, his body hurt, his mind hurt, he wanted to sleep but was in too much pain to do so, pressing his palms hard in his eyes and taking a few deep breaths he managed to calm himself down, the ice hadn’t cracked, but it was getting dangerously thin. It didn’t take long for him to realize how cold the room was, and that he was still soaking wet, wincing with every jolt and step, he made it over to the wardrobe, fumbling he searched the drawers for anything he could sleep in, finally he found a stash of pajama pants and worn t-shirts. Choosing a pair of cotton pajama pants, so worn in that they were practically gray and a faded t-shirt, he untied the sash on the bathrobe and used it as a towel to dry his hair before redressing in the sleep cloths.

When he made it back to the bed, Severus curled up under the heavy duvet, closing his eyes and concentrating on slowing his breathing, breath in, 1 2 3, and out, in, 1 2 3, and out. It seems like this time his old mediation tricks wouldn’t give him any comfort, the pressure on his head seemed to only increase and his muscles finally gave up the fight, cramping painfully and disobeying any attempt to move. Severus fought to keep his breathing even, to keep the tears from streaming down his face, no he couldn’t give in, he couldn’t be weak, damnit.

Severus felt the room grow darker and darker, it felt like the bed was being violently rocked back and forth, he gritted his teeth, curse induced migraines always seemed to come like waves, the crest would be the most agonizing, before it finally broke, only to rise and fall again. Severus gave a small whimper of relief as the pain descended, the room stopped shaking and everything got a little brighter, he did hear a quiet tapping though, his mind just couldn’t register what the noise was until he heard a soft voice muffled through the door, “Severus, can I come in?”

Receiving no answer, Remus pushed open the door and peeked in, a small bundle near the far side of the bed indicated where Severus was sleeping, or trying to sleep. Remus sighed and entered the room, closing the door quietly, he made his way over to the bed, setting the three bottles he brought with him on the nightstand. Even under the blankets Remus could see that the Slytherin was far from comfortable, every muscle seemed hard and taunt, he must be in so much pain, Remus was glad he brought the third bottle, it would be hard to convince Severus that it would help but from the state of Severus’ wasted body it wouldn’t take long.

Severus wasn’t paying any attention to the werewolf, only when he felt the bed shift and a warm hand on his shoulder did he crake open a bleary eye and stare at the other man. “Severus, how? Who did this to you?” Oh, so the werewolf just wanted to know his little secrets, to sate his curiosity, fine, there really wasn’t much to loose now was there, for about the hundredth time Severus cursed the old man for making him stay here.

“Fine, you want to know, forth year after Black and Potter charmed my robes pink and plastered everything in gay paraphernalia.”

“I remember that.” Remus interjected.

“I’m sure you do.” sighed Severus. Remus felt a fresh wave of guilt, the marauders had given Severus hell about that during their time at school, the vicious outing had escalated the pranks to a whole new level, only now no one would help defend the Slytherin when he was out numbered. He should have done something, he could have stopped it, even now he knew he should just give Severus something for the pain and let him sleep it off, not sit here and badger him, the spy sounded exhausted, his voice quiet and heavy. Remus sighed, but he had to hear it, he had to know how much Severus went through, he wanted to help, to try and make it better, he move his hand encouragingly up and down Severus’ thin arm and waited for him to continue.

Severus took a deep breath before continuing, “After that, a few upperclassmen wanted me to know what they do to fags,” Remus felt the body shudder under his hand, “they cornered me in the dungeons, two of them held me down and the other, he…” Severus stopped talking, he couldn’t finish, he didn’t need to, Remus saw what they did to him. In his mind he saw Severus, short and skinny, he had always been so small, then he saw this child being attacked, held down, a knife cutting through his faded robes, carving that hate into his body. Remus felt a wave of compassion for Severus, he knew that the Slytherin was unpopular, even in his own house, but to be attacked like that.

“Severus, I’m sorry.”

“I don’t need your pity, werewolf.” There was no venom in his voice, Severus just sounded tired.

“There’ s a difference between compassion and pity.”

“I don’t care, just go away and leave me alone.”

“Severus, please let me help you.”

“I’m fine.” Even Severus knew at this point he wasn’t kidding anyone.

“No, you’re not.”

“Why do you care?”

“Because, I do, I don’t want to see you like this.”

“Then leave.”

“I’m not going to do that, please let me help.”

Severus sighed, he was tired of fighting the other man, “Fine.” he muttered. “What are you going to do?”

Remus was glad that Severus was letting him help, but the fact that the Slytherin gave in so easily was a testament to how worn down he was.

“Here,” he said while moving his hand to pick up the first bottle, funny, Severus thought, he missed the warmth of that hand, “this will help your headache.” After Severus drank the first potion, he closed his eyes until the pressure began to lift, when he opened his eyes again the room didn’t seem so bright, nor was Lupin’s voice as load when he asked, “Does that feel better?” Severus was glad that the room didn’t spin when he slowly nodded, Remus smile and handed Severus a second potion, this one eased some of the pain in his body, Severus sighed, his muscles still hurt, but at least it didn’t feel as bad.

“There much better, you can go now.” When the werewolf made no move to leave Severus turned his head, “What?”

“There’s just one more thing, Severus.” With no further explanation Remus pulled back the covers, boldly picked up Severus and moved him to the center of the bed. Severus started to balk, but then two strong gentle hand were at his shoulders and neck, slowly massaging the sore tissue, any objections slowly died on his lips as knotted muscles began to loosen and relax. “Better.” He asked, Remus smiled when all he received for an answer was a soft ’mmm.’ After a few minuets Remus had coaxed Severus into laying on his stomach, so he could work on his back, slowly starting at the top of the neck Remus moved his thumbs in small circles downward, Severus sighed and let his head fall forward, everything was fine until Remus’ voice broke through the pleasant haze.

“Severus, could you take your shirt off?” He asked gently.


“I’ve already seen it, besides this will feel a lot better with out your shirt on.” Severus sighed and nodded, he was rewarded with a long sweep down his spine, Great, he thought, I’m being petted. Remus gathered the material at the hem and slowly drew it upward and over Severus’ head and arms carefully so the Slytherin wouldn’t have to move more than necessary. As Remus discarded the t-shirt he saw the word ‘SLUT’ marring the delicate white flesh of Severus’ back. He felt the Slytherin tense when he gently ran his fingertips over the jagged ’S’, a slight bluish tinge told Remus that a potion had also been pored over the open wounds to ensure that the scars would never fade. But why would they write this? Unless, “Severus, did they rape you?” Remus was afraid of the answer, his conscience wouldn’t hold up under the weight of that knowledge, that he stood by and let his friends bully a child who had gone through that, not that the scars were any better, but a rape on top of that would have been the final straw.

“No, that would have made them faggots like me, that one is so whoever was fucking me would know that I would bend over for any one who was interested.” Remus wanted to say something, but there was nothing he could say that wouldn’t sound insincere and clichéd, what he did end up saying was.

“I wish you wouldn’t talk about yourself that way.” He didn’t like Severus referring to himself as a fag or a slut, Remus shuddered, he had a sudden insight into the other man, if this is what he said out loud what must he look like in his own mind.

“Why not? It true, the only sex I’ve ever had have been one-night stands and even then they never lasted the whole night.” It was so matter of fact that Remus winced at the harshness of it, sudden hot anger flow through him, he wanted to let the wolf out and shred the ones that did this to Severus. Instead he calmed himself down, reaching over he pored some of the lavender oil that was in the third bottle onto his palm and started massaging Severus’ back over again, the feel of the warm flesh under his hands helped ground him, and kept the wolf intact.



“Why only one night stands?”

Severus sighed as Remus moved lower down his back, it felt so good, not that he would ever tell the werewolf that. “I’ve hardly ever been in the position to have a relationship.” Remus had to concede, being an outcast at school, then a spy on the Death Eaters hardly leaves room for a lover, but still.

The pair lapsed into a comfortable silence Remus slowly and carefully kneading the muscle of Severus’ lower back when he heard a quiet purring, his head shot up, for once Severus’ face was lax, his eyes closed and his lips slightly parted and he was actually purring. Remus bit down a moan, as Severus’ fingers flexed gently into the pillow, like a cat pawing where it was planning to sleep, he felt his cock began to harden, the sight the Potions Master presented right now was so damn beautiful. Remus swallowed and continued down while listening to the soft, seductive noise coming from those inviting lips, soon he was at the waistband of the faded pajamas.

“Severus?” Black eyes gazed at him from behind a curtain of dark glossy hair, “May I?” he asked, his fingers already at the slim waist. When Severus nodded he slid the fabric down the long legs and discarded it. Under the pretense of getting the bottle of oil Remus carefully peeked at the body laid out before him, a little to thin, but Severus’ body spoke of a natural elegance, his eye traveled down the curve of Severus’ back and over the slight rise of his small buttocks, leading down to what Remus was sure were the finest legs he has seen in his life. Settling down next to the prone Slytherin, Remus slowly worked his way down those fine legs, first one then the other, he had to bite his lip, the urge to let his hands roam just a little higher, spread those graceful legs, run oil slicked fingers along…ok, down the legs, he thought, down, good.

Severus sighed when he felt warm hands travel down his legs, chasing away the chill that had soaked into his flesh, leaving him warmed and compliant. It was hard to remember when, if ever, he’d last been touched like this, soft, reassuring, not demanding or hurting, he moaned when he felt the hard muscle in his calves loosen and relax. When Remus’ hands reached his ankles he felt them reverse direction, ghosting up his legs, arse, and back to his shoulders in one smooth motion, gently turning him onto his back, Severus had barely gathered enough presence of modesty to grab the edge of the duvet to cover himself with, not wanting the werewolf to see him half hard. Eyes now open Severus saw the shadowed form of Lupin move into his line of vision, when had it gotten so dark? A whispered spell and the candles scattered throughout the room slowly flickered to life, Severus’ breath caught in his throat, the soft light caught the gold and silver in Remus’ hair, amber eyes flecked in gold stared down at his own, trapping him, Merlin how could he not have noticed how striking the werewolf was, he could almost see the wolf hiding behind those eyes, a wildness, the fierce pride of a hunter. Severus suddenly felt like very willing prey, somewhere in his own mind he entertained the thought or Remus actually wanting him, before the idea had surfaced his rational mind stomped the scenario back down into the shadows where it belonged, the only reason the werewolf was still here was pity, plain and simple.

When Severus closed his eyes and rested his head down on the pillows, Remus finally released a breath he hadn’t been aware he was holding, he felt like he had been held in the spell those dark eyes had created. He had seen something behind those otherworldly eyes, a subtle seduction, entrancing him to dive down, to take a taste of what he had been caressing, quickly chased by an uncertainty and fear before those deep black eyes had turned away. It was easy for the wolf in Remus to know what was going one, acting on instinct, Remus gathered Severus’ hand in both of his, the Slytherin’s hands were long and elegant, much like the rest of his body, but right now the pale digits were cold and stiff, trying to soak up as much heat as they could, carefully he started to massage the hand, separating the fingers, rubbing circles on the small palm. Bringing the hand close to his mouth Remus breathed warm burst of air onto the long fingers, smiling when he saw the Slytherin’s breath hitch, slowly he drew the index finger into his mouth, sucking lightly, he could feel Severus’ eyes on him, hear the sudden ragged breathing, Remus breathed in deep, smelling the scent of desire come off the body below him. Severus gasped when Remus released his finger, his pink tongue darting out to bathe his hand, paying particular attention to the sensitive skin between his fingers, his teeth, sharp and gleaming, lightly nipping the span of flesh between the thumb and forefinger.

Severus was practically panting, when those hands finally finished and moved up his arm, gently caressing the spot were the Dark Mark had burned a few hours ago, he bit his lip to stifle a moan when a sharp fingernail lightly traced the inside of his arm, leaving burning trails in its path. Remus slowly worked up Severus’ arm across his shoulders and down the other arm, similarly treating the other hand in the same manner. Severus was almost breathless when Remus finally leaned down for a kiss, gently he ran the tip of his tongue along the seam of Severus’ lips, slowly coaxing them to part, easily sliding his tongue into the other man’s mouth, Severus moaned into Remus’ mouth and shyly started to mimic the werewolf’s actions. Remus sighed in relief, and slowly started to suck and lightly nibble on the fuller bottom lip, before sweeping it with his tongue, he kept it slow and gentle, wanting to sooth Severus, trying to tell the smaller man that he wasn’t just going to take and use him, he wanted Severus to enjoy this. After what could have been only a few minuets but felt like a blissful hour Remus slowly detangled himself from those inviting lips, reaching for the vial of massage oil, Remus heard Severus voice, a little shaker than normal.


“Remus.” He corrected.

“What are you doing?” Severus demanded. Bending down for a light kiss, Remus smiled.

“Seducing you.”

“I don-”

“This isn’t a pity fuck.” He stated clearly.

“Then why.” Leave it to Severus to be difficult even now.

“Because,” Remus started, turning Severus’ face to his, “from what I’ve come to understand, you’ve only had sex in the barest sense of the word. Tell me, have you ever made love? Has anyone ever made love to you?” Severus could only shake his head, past lovers, if he could even call them that, hadn’t care for his pleasure, only used him for their own. “That’s why, because I’ve been intrigued by you for the longest time, and I want to see you at the heights of ecstasy, incoherent with need and begging for release.” He leaned down for a deep kiss, that made Severus breathless and dizzy.

“Aren’t you disgusted?” Severus asked, how could Lupin know his past, see his scars and still want to ’make love.’ The entire prospect rallied against everything that Severus had been told his entire life.

“I am, not at you,” he added when Severus turned away from him, “I’m disgusted that you were attacked, that there were people out there who hurt you in the worst possible way, and that up until now it seems that no one has given a damn about you as a person. And a little at myself because until today, I was one of them.”

“And you suddenly care now?” Disbelieve colored the Slytherin’s voice.

“Yes, I do, because only today did I see what you have gone through, and what you continue to go through for the sake of the Order. I don’t pity you, I admire you strength, Severus, I got to see a small part of you today, and now I want to know the rest.” Remus paused, then added in a quiet whisper, “If you’ll let me.”

Slowly Severus raised his eyes to catch Remus’ own gold flecked orbs, he took a deep breath to gather his courage and whispered the words that would put his body at Remus’ tender mercies. “Show me.”

Remus’ smile could have lit the great hall with its brightness, he swooped down to catch Severus’ lips, drawing the Slytherin’s tongue into his mouth and sucking gently before moving down raining light kisses on his jaw line, and then returning to that tempting mouth. He slowly let his hand travel the length of the other man’s slim torso, when his wandering fingers found and lightly pinched hard nipples, Severus’ surprised gasp let Remus on to another discovery.

“You’ve never done this without you shirt on, have you?”

“I didn’t want any one to see…” Severus answered shyly. Remus had to bite down his rage, how dare, ahrg, Severus should not be ashamed of what other did to him, and the fact that he missed out on so much because of someone else’s hate, unforgivable. Calm down, make it up to him, this isn’t his fault, don’t get mad at him.

“Looks like there’s a lot for you to learn then.” he said leaning down so his lips barely brushed against Severus’ when he spoke. Gently laying kisses down his jaw Remus presses heaver kisses along the side of the pale slender throat, feeling Severus’ pulse beneath his lips, letting his tongue dance in tight patterns over sensitive flesh. When Severus moan and arched his neck exposing more of that delicious flesh Remus let his wolfish urge to mark what was his take control, Severus gasped and wrapped his arm around Remus’ neck when he felt those sharp teeth come to within a hairs breath of breaking the skin, he shivered when Remus softly licked the newly formed mark either in smugness or apology, it didn’t matter which.

Slowly the werewolf made his way down Severus’ torso, lightly nipping on the delicate collar bone, he felt more than heard Severus’ intake of breath when he gently circled his tongue over the light pink nipple, gently taking the harden nub between his teeth, Remus carefully worried the sensitive flesh, smiling when Severus arched his back actively seeking pleasure. Remus spent what felt like hours sucking, biting, and licking Severus’ nipples, cleaver fingers pinching and lightly tugging at whatever nub wasn’t the focus of his attention.

Remus’ lips were swollen and pink when he finally released the abused nubs, gently he lay his body down on top of Severus, and leaned down for a deep kiss. Severus was almost delirious from the sensations assaulting his body, the heavy, reassuring weight of Remus’ body on top of his own, the denim clad erection grinding into his, the soft scratch of the cotton shirt Remus wore, several of the tiny plastic buttons pressed at odd angles into his skin. With Lupin tongue filling his mouth and his body pressing him into the mattress, Severus felt totally clamed and possessed, he also felt cherished, like Remus only had his best interest at heart and wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. Remus heard Severus whimper in disappointment when he rolled off the Slytherin’s body and over to the side of the bed, sitting up he quickly began to unbutton his shirt, with his shirt off, Remus bent down to take off his socks when he felt thin arms wrap around his midsection, and a trail of soft kisses being placed on his shoulder where the werewolf had bitten him as a child. Swallowing the lump in his throat Remus quickly undresses and joins Severus on the bed, each just spend a moment to luxuriate in the feel of bare flesh against their own, Severus lets his eyes greedily drink in the sight of the werewolf, golden brown skin covers his muscled body, and a light dusting of hair runs from the chest down to that thick gorgeous cock.

Easily sliding between Severus’ spread legs, Remus lifts a slender foot, tenderly biting the arch of the foot he slowly makes his way up those long slender legs. Remus feasted on vulnerable inner thighs, using teeth and tongue to raise a love bite on the delicate white flesh, matching the one on his neck, until Severus’ breathy moans and incoherent cries of pleasure penetrated the fog of lust surrounding them.

“Remy…please, I need…ah!” Merlin, does he know how good he sounds when he’s mindless and begging with pleasure. Remus was not above ignoring that sirens call, lazily he dragged his tongue up the length of his mate’s erection before catching the head between his lips, teasing the slit with his tongue before sliding down to the roots. Severus felt fire dance beneath his flesh, and then Remus started to slowly slide up and down, Severus felt his self control shred to pieces, the agonizing feel of his lover’s mouth, hot and wet, calloused hands at his thighs, spreading his legs farther apart. And then one of those hands moved first to his balls, caressing and lightly stroking, then venturing back to the little puckered opening, just the implication was enough to send Severus screaming over the edge, spending himself down his lover’s throat.

Remus slid up his mates body, slowly kissing him, letting Severus know the taste of himself on his lover’s tongue, Remus’ own unattended erection pressing into Severus thigh.

“Take me,” Severus whispered between kisses, “Remy, please, want to feel you, inside.”

“Yes.” Remus reached over for the discarded vial of oil, Severus spread his legs, offering himself, for a moment Remus was struck by the sheer beauty of man laid out before him. Slowly coating his fingers in the oil, Remus reached down to the small opening of his lover, Severus gasped and arched when he felt the finger penetrate him, slowly thrusting, soon a second was added, scissoring, stretching, it hurt just a little but felt so good. Remus bit his lip in anticipation, Severus was so tight, so responsive, and all his, no one else can see him like this, he could feel the tension in the thin legs when he added the third finger, he watched in rapt fascination when he let one of his fingers brush that little spot inside his lover, Severus’ lovely cock coming back to lift in vital twitches.

“Mmm, Severus, your so tight, when was the last time you were taken?” Black eyes stared at him through the haze of lust, trying to remember, but finding it impossible with those cleaver fingers buried in his arse.

“Aahh, um, seven…oh yes, oh yes, seven years, I think.” Sweet Merlin, Severus had gone that long, Remus felt the possessive streak rise in him, no one else would touch Severus because Severus was his now. Keeping his eyes locked on Severus wild black ones, Remus slowly entered the smaller man, inch by agonizing inch, until their bodies joined, Remus waited until the delicious tightness of his lover’s flesh eased, allowing him to move without causing Severus any pain. Slowly he started thrusting into his lover, Severus gasped arching his back, every move of Remus’ body shook his, igniting the nerves throughout his thin form. Remus hands were everywhere, his face, lips, down his neck, a sharp fingernail gently scratched his sensitive nipples, across his stomach, down to the hardness trapped between their bodies. Severus moaned, and wrapped his legs around Remus’ waist, urging him closer deeper, it was the most erotic thing Remus had ever seen in his life, the normally cold spy trying to thrust into his hand and meet his own thrust at the same time. Remus felt those thin arms wind around his neck and pull him down, the kiss was a wet messy dueling of tongues, when Remus drew Severus tongue and sucked gently it suddenly all became too much, he felt the orgasm being pulled though his arms and legs, all centering on that hard cock, driving into him again and again, a little deeper and harder with each thrust, hitting that spot inside him, he screamed Remus’ name when he came, coating their bodies with his release. Remus felt his lover’s insides spasm around him, he howled in fierce joy as he spent himself in his lover’s body, collapsing down on Severus’ chest.

The pair lay that way for some time, Remus’ head resting on his love’s chest, feeling Severus’ thin fingers card carefully though his hair, reluctantly he pulled away, slipping out of his mate’s body, grabbing his want he whispered a cleansing charm before settling down next to his mate and pulling the duvet over them.


“Hmm?” came the sleepy reply.

“I want you to know something.”

Severus slowly raised his head, his dark eyes meeting Remus’ amber ones. “Severus, this wasn’t a once off, I refuse to be a one night stand, who knows maybe we could form relationship, maybe not. But I am not going to throw it away before it can even start.”

Unshed tears brightened Severus’ eyes, he didn’t know what to expect from the werewolf, but for once he had given himself over to another person and not had it thrown back in his face, yes he wanted to try a relationship with Remus. His mouth suddenly dry, he could only whisper a quiet, “I think I can live with that.” Remus smiled and pulled Severus closer, tangling their legs together and wrapping his arms around Severus’ waist, watching those dark eyes close and his breathing even out in sleep, just think, as he lightly traced the jagged scar on Severus‘ back, what would have happened if Sev had locked the door