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Title: Good to the Last Drop
Author: DovieLR (http://www.livejournal.com/~dovielr)
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Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Hot (I hope!) boy-on-boy sex, D/s dynamics, manipulation, emotional blackmail ... and all the other good things one would expect from a light-hearted, romantic comedy.  Mild spoilers for OotP and major spoilers for PoA (although I imagine anyone who would want to read this has already read PoA).
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Summary: Challenge #15: Lupin is back teaching at Hogwarts.  His quarters are close enough to Snape's that Snape must pass by them every morning.  Snape notices the most amazing aroma floating out from under Lupin's door the first morning.  Lupin has a cappuccino/coffee machine.  Snape is a coffee addict.
Dedication:  Thanks to Tilly, Hazelnut, and Grainne for the beta, and ArchArtist/Writer for the lovely line from the Café Noir commercial.
Author's Note:  Bits of this story were brazenly swiped from the opening monologue of Other People's Money with Danny DeVito and various articles in the Encyclopedia Britannica CD (1997) on the growth and processing of coffee.  Also, the challenge uses the tenuous "Lupin is back teaching at Hogwarts" and doesn't specify that the challenge must take place after PoA.  Therefore I'm going to assume the "back" is after Lupin first left school, and so this story transpires during PoA—'cause, you know, I love PoA.  Basically I suck, but I think I've kept to the spirit of the challenge, at least (as all people who don't pay attention would undoubtedly say).



I love coffee.

I love coffee more than I love the flavour or the caffeine-induced high.  Coffee doesn't care whether I'm good or not; it doesn't care whether I snore or not; it doesn't care which god I pray to.  There are only three things in this world with that kind of unconditional acceptance:  Dumbledore, potions, and coffee.  Only coffee is better ... because it doesn't smell like dragon's piss when you brew it, and it doesn't expect you to risk life and limb to spy.

The coffee plant is a tropical evergreen shrub or small tree of African origin (genus Coffea, family Rubiaceae).  The two main species, Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora, supply almost all of the world's consumption.  Arabica coffee is considered to brew a more flavourful and aromatic beverage than Robusta, the main variety of C. canephora.  Arabica beans are largely grown in Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Indonesia, while Robusta beans are grown mainly in Africa.

The species C. arabica has given rise to a number of varieties, among which are maragogype, with bulky seeds; bourbon, appreciated for quality; and caturra, of exceptional quality and cultivated in Brazil and Colombia.  Even before the addition of any extraneous ingredients, when one considers the number of individual varieties of coffee beans, in addition to all the various ways to prepare and serve the resulting brew, the permutations yield nearly 500 possible combinations ... 495 to be exact.

Most people would be surprised to learn there are 495 different types of coffee.  They'd be even more surprised to learn that I've only fourteen left to sample.  That's how much I love coffee.

There are those who prefer tea, of course, and they have every right, but it is my personal belief that no known substance in the wizarding world can compare to coffee.  A Pepperup Potion can approximate the effects, no doubt ... But a Pepperup Potion does not have the power to wake one with a smile from a sound sleep by its mere aroma, which is fairly nondescript.  Nor does a steaming flask of Pepperup Potion possess the ability to bewitch the nostrils or ensnare the palate in quite the same way as coffee.  Besides that, coffee doesn't make one's ears smoke conspicuously for hours after ingestion.

I love coffee.

In fact, I love coffee enough to brave the likes of Remus Lupin.  Oh, yes—Lupin.

As much as common sense would dictate the opposite, despite unsettling the balance of the natural world, though it flies in the face of all things logical and ordered ... Remus Lupin has a cappuccino maker.

Never mind that the blasted werewolf can't even afford new thread to patch or darn his worn and aging robes.  Somehow he's scraped up enough gold to run out and buy himself a luxury that he flaunts—Oh yes, flaunts!—in front of me.  Knowing full well the size of my nostrils and that I could not possibly miss the aroma wafting from under his door, he insists on repeatedly and noisily making his cappuccino right under my envious nose.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

To say I was not pleased when Dumbledore informed me that Lupin would be coming to Hogwarts to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts would be a dreadful understatement.  In fact, I fought the appointment vehemently.  Apart from any suspicions regarding Lupin's possibly helping the recently-escaped Black gain access to the castle, I simply don't consider it prudent to have a werewolf teaching children—even if I'm making his Wolfsbane Potion.  Forgetting as much as one dose could have disastrous results.

Because of that, I have to subject myself to Lupin's presence on a regular basis.  I have to hunt the wretched beast down at least once a night for a week preceding the full moon.  Most of the time he's in his office, but the last time he was in his quarters.  So I thought, as long as I was already there, I might as well ask about his cappuccino maker.  The fact that I hadn't rushed off immediately after giving him his flagon of potion obviously confused him.

"Did you need something else, Severus?" he asked, brows knitted into a frown.

"I was wondering," I said, plying him with my most ingratiating voice, "if I could have a look at your cappuccino maker."

That was apparently the last request he'd anticipated because his eyebrows rose high onto his forehead.  "Er ... Certainly, Severus."

And he led me to the kitchen, which smelt simply wonderful!

"I was just thinking of making a cup.  Would you like one as well?"

My lips twitched.  This was going to be too easy.  "That would be most welcome."

Lupin smiled and reached for the door of the cupboard above his sink.  But then he stopped, hand frozen in the air, fingers already bent into a curve to grasp the handle.  His arm then made a slow descent and the hand tucked itself away under the armpit as he folded both his arms over his chest.  When he turned back to face me, his eyes were alight with a mirth I would hardly consider called for under the circumstances.

"How much would you like some cappuccino, Severus?" he asked quietly.

That did not sound good.  In fact, it sounded decidedly bad, and I found my eyebrow springing up in my incredulity.  "I beg your pardon?"

"What would you be willing to do in exchange for a cup of cappuccino?"

I folded my arms over my own chest, fixing him with narrowed eyes.  "I would have thought that taking the time to make a certain fairly complex potion for you on a monthly basis would be worth several cups of cappuccino, Lupin."

He chuckled softly and nodded, but made no move toward the cupboard.  Infuriating man.  "That's probably true.  But unless I'm very much mistaken, Professor Dumbledore asked you to do that, so refusing to make the Wolfsbane Potion would be defying him, not me."

Damn him!  He had me over a barrel, and he knew it.

As much as I love coffee, I've never been able to have a cappuccino maker of my own.  Certainly I can afford one financially.  On the other hand, were Lucius Malfoy to pop 'round to Hogwarts for one of his unannounced visits and find such a Muggle contraption on my kitchen counter, I would be in a very precarious position indeed.  While I do love coffee, I consider my life too high a price to pay for the occasional cappuccino.

I could have simply turned and gone back to my own quarters, I suppose, consoling myself with a steaming cup of my most recently acquired hazelnut-flavoured Robusta blend.  That would have been the wise thing to do.  But the perfume of cappuccino still hung thick in the air in his rooms from that morning.  The delicious aroma made my head swim—worse than Imperio.  I don't believe I was in full control of my actions.

Besides, being Head of Slytherin House means my quarters are fairly large:  a sitting room, a study, an expansive bedchamber, a luxurious bath with all the finest accoutrements, a large dining area, and even a full kitchen.  Petty though it might have been, part of me revelled in taking in Lupin's very modest accommodations.  Only a makeshift screen separated his bedroom from a combination living area and study, and his cappuccino maker filled almost all of the meagre counter space in his tiny kitchenette.  If he had a bathroom, I've no idea where he hid it.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked with an irritable sigh, rolling my eyes.

Lupin smiled an annoyingly pleasant smile and pointed at the floor in front of him.  "I think you should crawl over here and ask me nicely.  Perhaps even kiss the hem of my robes," he added, his voice thoughtful, as he rubbed his chin with his other hand.

"Excuse me?"

His eyebrows rose.  "Have you gone suddenly deaf, Severus?  You might want to have Madam Pomfrey check your hear—"

"No, I heard you, Lupin," I all but growled, my hands clenching at my sides.  "I merely cannot believe what I've just heard."

Lupin only met this with a smile and a shake of his head.  "Well ... I'm sure you've kissed the hem of someone's robes before ... and most likely for something you've wanted much less than a cappuccino."

He was right, of course.  I've done that and much more for the Dark Lord, and with the promise of nothing as potentially sweet for a reward.  What would be the harm?  So I went on all fours and crawled to him.  Then I gently lifted his tatty robes and kissed the hem.

"May I please have a cup of cappuccino, Lupin?"

"Yes, you may."

The cupboard then opened, I got to my feet, and the brewing soon began.

Not long after, Lupin steamed milk into a glorious froth and lovingly lowered dollop after dollop onto the top of the beautiful dark nectar he's squeezed from his beloved flower.  I drank in the smell with my mouth watering uncontrollably.  When he'd finished, I reached for the cup.  Before my fingers could connect, however, Lupin levitated the beaker high into the air—just out of my reach.  In my intoxicated state of worshipping the aroma of the coffee, I hadn't noticed he had pulled his wand.

"Not so fast, Severus..." he murmured, barely moving his lips.

"But you said—"

"I know what I said, and you will have some ... eventually."

He started to circle me as I stood there, grinding my teeth and glaring at him.  I'd been so close ... As heavenly as the beverage smelt, not even cappuccino was worth this.

"You know, Severus ... At first, I'd thought you were just an avid coffee drinker, but now I'm beginning to think you might have a real problem."

"That depends on whom you're talking to, Lupin.  Most would say I have several problems."

He stopped in front of me, grinning.  "I don't doubt that.  But think about it:  I know you hate me.  You hate everything about me.  And yet..."  He shrugged.  "You're still here because I have something you want.  Rather badly, it appears.  Doesn't that tell you that coffee has a powerful hold over you?"

"I didn't come here for a lecture on the evils of addiction, Lupin."

He chuckled again.  "No, of course you didn't.  But you could fool Lord Voldemort with Occlumency, and yet you would allow yourself to be vulnerable over something as silly as coffee.  Tsk, tsk, tsk."

If he'd noticed my wince at the Dark Lord's name, he didn't show it.  Lupin stepped closer, peering into my eyes, and I found myself fighting an urge to spit in his face.  But I certainly wouldn't be getting any cappuccino that way.

"I daresay your fixation makes this predicament very interesting, doesn't it?"

I sighed again, resigning myself to even more humiliation.  "Indeed, it does.  So just tell me what it is that you want me to do and have done with it."

Again he smiled, eyes twinkling.  His tongue snaked out and traced back and forth over his upper lip as he thought.  Then he nodded.  "I think I'd like to be sucked off."

My eyes went wide and the choking sound that issued from my throat surprised the both of us.

Lupin laughed.  "Oh, come off it, Severus!  I'm not asking you to move in or anything.  It's just a blow job.  And I'm sure you've had a cock or two in your mouth before."

"What I have or haven't had in my mouth is none of your business, Lupin," I spat, blood rising into my face.

Of course, that wasn't a denial, which I've no doubt he noticed straightaway.

"You don't have to do it well or anything.  Just good enough to make me come.  I'm sure you can manage that."

With a casual wave of his wand, Lupin lowered the cup in order to stick a finger inside where he gyred it in the foam.  He then sent the beaker upward again, even as he moved his finger closer and closer to my mouth, dropping his voice to a whisper.

"If you want this, that is."

I, however, kept my lips firmly pressed together.  The froth was superfluous and didn't especially interest me.

"Oh, you're going to be stubborn," his hoarse voice breathed.  "I like that."

My jaws clenched together until they began to ache.  I suppose I could have pulled my own wand and brought the beaker down, but aerial duels over hot beverages aren't wise under the best of circumstances, and some might have spilt in the process.  Besides, he would have enjoyed that too much.  I do believe watching me lose control is one of Remus Lupin's favourite pastimes.

He stepped back and sucked the froth off his finger, then gave his wand a leisurely twirl in his other hand, apparently trying to decide what he'd subject me to next.  When Lupin flicked the wand, my legs fell out from under me.  I cursed him as I fell and crashed onto the floor.  That's all I could do, in fact, since every part of my body from my neck to my knees had been inexplicably frozen.

"Sorry about that, Severus," he muttered, lifting me from under my arms and helping me onto my knees.  "That was a touch harder than I'd intended."

Lupin is every bit as knowledgeable about the Dark Arts as I, so I'm not surprised he'd know how to adapt the Petrificus Totalus jinx to leave certain parts of my anatomy free.  That he could do so without an incantation, however, was truly impressive, to say the least.  And if I hadn't wanted so very badly to strangle him at that precise moment, I might have seen my way clear to paying him a compliment.  Well, perhaps not.

"You bloody werewolf bastard!  You'll pay for this!" I hissed, though doing so smarted.  I'd banged my head on one of the cupboard handles as I'd fallen.  Something warm—probably blood—trickled into my right eye.

"Oh, I'm sure I will—to a great extent—but not just yet."

He eased my hair out of my face and then healed the cut.  The throbbing had ceased by the time he'd made it to the sink and returned with a warm, wet cloth.  Lupin cleaned the blood off my face and then washed his hands.  When he retrieved the cup of cappuccino from on high and dipped a finger into the liquid, he frowned.  By that time it had no doubt gone cold, and he pulled his wand to warm it.  The second time he tested the temperature, he hissed.

"Open your mouth, Severus."

I didn't want to do anything he said.  I only gritted my teeth and glared at him.  When he wafted the steaming beaker under my nose, however, resisting became more difficult.  So I obeyed.  Again Lupin immersed a finger in the cup, and then he dribbled a few hot, delicious drops onto my waiting tongue.

"Lick it off," he commanded quietly.

And I'll be damned if I didn't, though I hated every second of it.  My eyes shot daggers at him even as my tongue swirled about and caressed his finger.  Then I sucked the digit into my mouth.  I have had a cock or two in my mouth over the years, and I know perfectly well what to do.  Lupin seemed to approve of my technique.  His mouth opened in a soft gasp, and he licked his lips and moaned.

"I was going to say you could have a bit of practise, but I'm impressed," he breathed again.  "I clearly see you know what to do."

Oh yes, I knew what to do.  As well as what not to do.  And just to prove that, I bit him.

Lupin hissed again and wrenched his finger away from my mouth.  He then twisted and massaged the skin on his wounded digit, frowning all the while.  "Now, that wasn't very nice."

"You're hardly in a position to admonish me for not being nice, Lupin!" I snarled.

And he chuckled again.  "At the moment I think I'm in a perfect position to admonish you for not being nice, Severus."  He set the cup down on the counter and stepped closer.  "And biting isn't polite.  You—"

He gave me a light slap on the face.

"—should learn—"

Another, on the other side.

"—to be—"

And another.


And another.


And another.

That hurt my pride more than my cheeks, but if being bitten didn't discourage him, nothing would.  I imagine even the most moronic Gryffindor would hesitate to try and shove his cock into my mouth after that.  Having given up any hopes of having a cappuccino by then, I thought there would be no harm.

But damn him, he picked up the beaker and held it to my lips, I suppose for bearing being slapped so well.

I could probably have cursed him if I'd really tried, though the results would have been fairly unpredictable.  My wand was lodged in the breast pocket of my robes—jabbing its tip into my left nipple, as my robes had been stretched taut under my knees in my present stance.  I would have most likely cursed myself in the process, but part of me thought that would be well worth the risk.  One can live a full and fruitful life minus a nipple, I fancy.

All thoughts of retaliatory hexes flew from my mind, however, when that smell hit my nostrils.  I took as deep a swallow as Lupin would allow me before taking the cup away.  A shiver ran through me as the hot liquid coated my mouth, tantalised my palate, and slid down my throat.  The aftertaste was almost as good as the cappuccino itself, and I savoured the flavour, eyes closed in rapture.  Having the rest of that might just be worth sucking off a bitter enemy.

"You'd best drop your pants, Lupin, before I change my mind."

Lupin quirked an eyebrow, but then he smiled and set the cup down before hiking up his robes.  Then his pants were off and his cock was in my mouth.  I sucked and slurped whilst he moaned and tugged my hair.  Though I didn't bite him again, I did use my teeth when he was close to the edge.  By that time he no longer cared.  He shot down my throat with a gurgled, wordless cry, grabbing my ears and fucking my mouth.

Flushed and panting, Lupin held my mouth against his pelvis—until I rammed the crown of my head into his stomach to shove him away, that is.  I didn't consider a cuddle part of the deal.  Besides, I wanted the reward I had paid for so dearly.

Lupin lowered his robes again and then held the beaker to my lips.  After I'd drunk it all down, he released the spell and again I stood.

"Did you like it?" he asked.

"Could use some cinnamon," I said with an uncaring shrug.

Lupin grinned as he showed me to the door.  "I'll add some next time."

I raised an eyebrow.  "I wasn't talking about the cappuccino."

And he chuckled again as he closed the door behind me.  I've been back many times since, because some things are well worth putting up with Remus Lupin.  Intense ... creamy ... delicious ... smooth ... and the cappuccino wasn't bad, either.