Title: Broodmare
By: Jill Vaughan email, Lady2545@hotmail.com
Disclaimer: Not mine, (sigh) wish they were.
Rating Nc17
Summary: 30 min. challenge. Challenge 27: Snape was given to Remus as a gift, by the new Dark Lord, Harry Potter. My thanks to the wonderful, Queen Hatshepsut, who made me think and helped me more than she'll ever know. All mistakes are mine


Severus ran his hands gently over the bulge of his stomach, as he watched his girls play in the yard. This would make number four and five, three girls and now two boys. The look on Remus' face was priceless when he heard he was having twin boys and that smile made life worth living for Severus. It hadn't always been so. Not at first when the new Dark Lord, Harry, gave Severus to Remus as his whore and broodmare. He had fought to retain his dignity and not to succumb to the tender ministrations of his master. Severus found himself writhing every night under Lupin begging, pleading with his master to let him come. Tears of embarrassment poured, as he clung onto his lover, screaming his name as he came over his own belly. When Lupin was sure of Severus' addictions to his touch, Remus withdrew his affections. Severus found himself sleeping alone with no one to touch him. This was more painful that the nightly rapes he had to endure.

During a great banquet Severus, who had been depressed and lonely, entered the hall naked, his need showing, knelt before his master and pleaded with him to take him. Remus, pleased with his whore, bent him over the dinning room table and in front of all his guests took Severus until Severus' come soiled the table and Remus' seed went deep into his lover. That had been when their first child was conceived.

Remus was a possessive master and never shared his whore, but when the new Dark Lord asked for his toy to suck him off, Remus told his slave to get on his knees in front of their Lord and please him and please Harry he did. The Dark Lord had his huge cock down the slaves throat when he came, nearly suffocating the ex Potions Master. Afterwards, ashamed and humiliated, Severus went to his master; he hid behind the curtain of his hair, his head bent in submission. Remus lifted his chin and smiled at him with approval. He was proud that his whore was able to please their new Lord. He took Severus to bed and their second child was conceived.

As soon as Remus was sure of his whore obedience, he took off the leash Severus had worn since the first day of his servitude and allowed him clothes when they went out in public. Every evening, when Remus would go to the bedroom of his slut, he would find him naked and prepared to be taken. Severus' whole world consisted of serving his master and he served him well.

The moon was full when Severus went to Remus. He laid before the wolf, with his knees pulled up to his ears, his legs spread as wide as they could go, offering the wolf his gaping hole. He turned his head, his long white neck and shoulder was offered to the beast. He would suffer the transformation every month, so his master would not be alone those long, moon soaked nights. As the wolf locked into the body of Severus and spilled his seed into him, he tore into the flesh viciously and turned his slut into a werewolf. The next morning he healed his whore and carried his lover to his room and mated with him. He conceived for the third time that day.

Remus smiled, as he watched Severus read a bedtime story to his two daughters, his third daughter was held to his breast, as she suckled hungrily. Remus had always thought he would take his children from Severus, once they were weaned but he turned out to be such a loving, nurturing father he left his children in his slut's care. As Severus laid his daughter into her crib, Remus came up behind him and whispered into his ear. "Prepare yourself and come to my room. Wear your black corset and have it cinched tightly I want to see your breasts spill over the edge. Black silk hose and a lot of make up, I want a true whore in my bed tonight." Severus blushed, as he nodded slightly.

After his shower, where Severus cleaned himself inside and out, he put his corset on and fixed his makeup. Lying on his bed he lifted his leg and probed his surprisingly tight hole, lubricating and stretching himself for his master. Remus liked a virgin like sphincter and would spell it tight every few entries. He admired himself in the mirror and ran his hands down the soft texture of his corset. His milk filled breasts, leaked onto the material, Severus smiled as he tweaked his nipples even harder.

He fell to his knees as he entered his master's bedroom, his eyes focused on the floor.

"Come here." Remus demanded. He was waiting for his whore, his cock curved up into his stomach. Severus climbed onto the bed and readied himself to be penetrated. But to his immense surprise, Remus rolled over on his belly and pulled his hips up offering himself to his slut. "Take me Severus."

"My Lord, I couldn't." His eyes were wide with horror.

Remus smiled and reached back to spread his cheeks apart. "Take me, take me hard."

And for the first time Severus entered his master's body. The feeling was so incredible he came quickly into Remus' body. Ashamed that he came so quickly, he turned from his master and cried. Remus pulled his slave into his arms and kissed him passionately. Severus melted as he became aware of the soft lips on his own. This was a nights of firsts for him. First time to penetrate his lord and master, first time to be kissed and the first time they made love. Severus' position in the household changed that night, from whore to consort. It was also the night their sons were conceived.

The house elves were vigilant in watching the children, while Severus watched the house elves and his children, as his they played in the open field, his hands resting on his swollen stomach. His smile widen as he felt loving arms go around his waist, hands were place upon his.

"How are our boys?" Severus leaned his head back, onto his husbands shoulder.

"Active!" He took his lovers hand and placed it where the boys seemed to be having a fight.

"They're going to be a handful, especially since Emma is still in diapers. Will you be able to handle them or will you want to hire some more help?"

"I am their father and will not let someone else raise my children." He was indignant. Remus bite his bare shoulder rather hard, sending shivers down Severus' spine and into his groin. "As long as I have quality time with my husband and master," he brought Remus hand up to kiss the back of it, " I will be the one to watch over our children."

"I will make sure you will have a lot of quality time to spend with your husband and master." He reached down and fondled Severus' harden cock. "Happy?"

Feeling his boys move, watching his girls play and felling the hardness that pressed into his backside he indeed found something he never thought he would. He turned to his husband; having to lean forward, he kissed him. "You have no idea how happy you have made me. I must send Lord Potter a thank you note. I must thank him for making me your whore and broodmare."

Remus smiled and took his husbands hand, leading him to their bedchamber. "Bed, now!" he commanded.

"Yes, master, what ever you wish." He smiled, as he followed his lover to bed.