Title: A Means to an End

Author: Desdemona (desdemona371@yahoo.com)

Pairing: SS/RL. A Dash of Snape-As-Charlie

Rating: Very Much NC-17
Warning: PWP, basically.

Disclaimer: Characters involved aren't mine. And they tried valiantly to get away from my clutches, poor things.

Notes: This was originally for wave 2, but it took longer than I'd thought it would. So I am submitting it for wave 3.

Master and the Wolf challenges:

2) Either Snape or Lupin use the polyjuice potion to spy/seduce/manipulate the other.

115) The two get very, very drunk.

167) Remus is oblivious of how gay men can have sex.

ThankYous: To whoever put these challenges up. And to Imma and Nutmeg for betas and help keeping the names straight!

Summary: Snape knows what he wants, and just how to get it.


This place is like a cave, Snape thought. A cave fit only for bats, moles, and other blind creatures. He squinted in the darkness, trying to make out the shape of Remus Lupin at the bar. Difficult, since all the patrons on the stools had seemed to decide on a standard posture: Hunched over, nursing the drink of their choice.

Snape sighed and moved closer, finally able to pick out his quarry by process of elimination.

One was too chunky, another too thin, a third had long hair trailing down his back. Possibly that one was of the female persuasion, Snape couldn't tell. The fourth down, though, that was Remus Lupin. His hair in its normal disheveled style, the curve of his back; all too familiar to Snape.

He'd been memorizing that frame for years, as unobtrusively as possible.

It pained Snape to approach Lupin this way, to try to get information out of him by assuming someone else's identity. He knew Lupin would never be truthful with him as himself, so the deception was necessary. Still, Snape didn't like it.

Better get on with it, then, he decided, sliding into the empty barstool beside Lupin.

Remus turned his head, a surprised look crossing his features. "Oh, hello..." His expression slid from surprised to confused. "Charlie?" Remus paused in thought for a few moments before gathering himself. "I never expected to run into you here...Charlie." He sipped his drink and smiled wryly. "I thought you were in Romania?"

Snape nodded. He had brewed a long-lasting Polyjuice potion, one that even disguised his voice. He was quite proud of it, and this usage of it was, as they said in the sailing trade, its 'maiden voyage.' "I was." He gestured to the bartender for two more fire whiskeys, flicking two fingers out, wanting doubles. He'd need to grease the wheels a bit to get anything from Lupin, and the man was nowhere near relaxed enough at present.

"I came home for a brief visit, you know, check in with my family. I'm leaving tomorrow, have to get back to work." Snape knew that Charlie and Remus didn't know one another well. The second-eldest Weasley brother had spent very little time in England since going to work with the dragons, and he was eight years younger than Remus and Snape.

He had, however, attended one Order meeting the previous summer. Snape had watched them carefully, and could tell by their slight interaction that they were merely acquaintances, exchanging small talk but little else.

After the meeting, which had ended very late indeed, Snape had taken a bit of Charlie's hair as the redhead had slept on the couch at 12 Grimmauld Place. He'd been thinking of doing this for a long time, since shortly after Black's death, and had decided Charlie Weasley was the perfect candidate. Only as Remus avoided Snape more and more over the passing months did he finally put his plans into action.

Remus nodded and thanked the bartender, pulling out some coins. "No, no." Snape protested. "I'm buying. I insist." He paid the man and ordered two more doubles, even though they'd not drank the first round yet. "Keep them coming," he told the bartender.

Remus laughed. "Looking to get knackered, are you?" He lifted a glass and clinked it against Charlie's when the other man mirrored the gesture. Remus gulped his whiskey and sat the glass upside down with a chuckle. "Got to love the burn."

Snape watched intently as his companion drank and licked his lips. Part of him damned Lupin for being so attractive and compelling, while another part praised all the gods that might exist for creating such an intriguing being as Remus. He hoped he could finally satisfy his longings before the night was over, as well as secure the information he needed.

Snape initiated some small talk, a task he hated but knew was crucial to getting Remus to relax. As minutes passed, and more alcohol consumed, the werewolf became visibly affected, smiling often and sloppily, making wider gestures with his hands, speaking a little louder than was his wont, and finally even slurring some words a bit.

Snape hadn't fared much better. His intention had been to sip at a drink while Remus got steadily intoxicated, but the werewolf had insisted that they play some inane drinking game to see who could finish six shots of whiskey the fastest. Unable to find a way out of it, and secretly not being able to lose at anything, even as someone else, Snape took on the challenge and won by five seconds.

"Four." Remus insisted.

"No, Remy, it was five." Good gods, had he just called the man 'Remy?'

"No!" Remus giggled. Actually giggled. "It was five!" He put a hand on Charlie's shoulder and caressed it lightly.

The touch made Snape lose his train of thought for a moment. That and the obscene amount of alcohol in his system. "Uhhh....Right, you're right, it was five."

Sparkling laughter made several people turn to look at Lupin. Loud and carefree, Snape was sure he'd never heard such a sound come from Remus before. He decided he liked it. "No, no, it was four..." Remus looked confused. "Was it four? Fuckit, who cares."

Snape smiled warmly. Certainty flooded him. He'd be able to fulfil both of his objectives tonight, he figured. Not only would he be able to seduce Lupin, hopefully negating the throbbing want he'd been carrying around for a large part of his life, but he'd be able to find out if Remus had indeed been badmouthing him to Dumbledore. And Remus wouldn't find out for a long time, not until the next occasion he had to run into Charlie.

That could be a very long time, indeed.

Besides, Snape thought, he was so drunk, he might not even remember it. Time to get out of here, he thought. He wasn't so drunk as Remus, but Snape knew he was far from sober. And getting farther by the minute as the whiskey absorbed into his system. He wasn't even sure he could floo in his condition.

Snape grinned as he helped Remus off the barstool. "Remus, you're...Neither of us is in any shape to floo anywhere. What say we get a room here and just talk for a while, then we can sleep it off?" Not subtle, but then none of the Weasleys had that trait, in Snape's experience.

Remus blinked at him fuzzily. "Oh, okay, wha'ever you thinks bes', Charlie."

Oh, yeah, Lupin's plastered, he thought to himself with an inward smirk.

Snape motioned to the barkeep and arranged for a room. It meant climbing stairs, and he hoped they'd both make it intact.

He put his arm around Lupin's shoulders and supported him as they walked across the room. Snape gently guided Remus us the stairs as the smaller man giggled and grinned like an idiot.

But a very pretty idiot, Snape thought to himself. Prettier with no clothes on, though. He smiled to himself.

Oh, this is going to be good.


Remus blinked blearily up at the red-haired man as he guided him to the room's only bed. He grinned and flopped down, the room spinning. He closed his eyes against it, not seeing the other man close and lock the door, but hearing it quite clearly.

He chuckled and tried to unbutton his robes, failing miserably as his fingers refused to obey his brain.

Snape made sure the door was indeed locked, pulling in the handle futilely, only turning from his task when he heard the laughter coming from Remus.

Odd, to see the werewolf like this. He was used to the other man being pleasant and even-tempered, but this ebulliency was quite different. He smiled and walked over to sit on the bed.

"Here, let me help you with that." Snape reached out and began unfastening Remus' robes with more success than the werewolf had, even though it was slow going. He frowned a bit, unused to being in less than total control of himself.

But it will be worth it, he thought. Affected by the whiskey or not, he had his objectives firmly in mind: Find out what Remus had been saying to the Headmaster, then fuck him into the mattress.

Remus opened his eyes and grinned up at his companion. He reached out a slightly shaking hand and ran it into Charlie's hair. "Your hair, 's just so...so red." Remus laughed again, nearly choking on it before he reigned his mirth in. "So red and short, and not greasy at all."

Snape frowned. That's an odd observation. He'd seen Charlie many times, and he had never thought that Weasley's hair looked greasy. He shrugged, chalking it up to the eye of the beholder.

"Yes, yes, thank you, I'm glad you like my hair, Remus." Snape pulled the smaller man into a sitting position, smoothing his robes off his shoulders.

This is a good start, Snape mused. The jeans and t-shirt could go later. He'd never liked the Muggle style of dress, but had to leer a little. It looked pretty good on Remus. But, even so, it was just another obstacle between him and his goal.

Snape moved away a little on the bed, surprised that Remus managed to remain in a sitting position without support. He smiled at the other man, thinking how glad he would be to be able to go back to his usual non-smiling self. The movement didn't seem natural to him, most likely because he did it so rarely.

"So, Remus. It really is good to see you. I wanted to talk to you after the last order meeting, but I wasn't able to. I wanted to ask you about Snape." He glanced sidelong at Remus.

Remus looked back, blinking slowly. "Snape?" He gazed at Charlie, looking slightly confused for a moment, as if he'd forgotten something. Then, brightening, he smiled widely. "Oh right. Snaaape. Unhappy bastard, don't you think?" He giggled slightly and wove a bit where he sat.

Frowning just a little, Snape nodded. "Right. Was wondering, do you trust him? I think...I think the Headmaster is crazy for letting him in the Order. Wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him." He sniffed disdainfully, something he didn't have to fake at all.

"Oh, I dunno." Remus stood and walked around the room a little, wobbling with each step. "I think ever'one d'serves a second chance. Or a third, even. Albus gave me that, why should Snape not get some, too? 'Sides I think 's really brave, what he's up to for th' Order. Dangerous, an' all that. Just 'cause he's a git doesn't mean he's all bad, hey?"

Remus staggered back over to the bed and collapsed, his small burst of energy spent.

He slowly moved a hand up to his head and groaned. "Why'd ya let me drink s'much?" The whine in his voice was evident, and Snape shook his head, looking at Remus almost fondly.

"You wanted to play that stupid game, not me." He'd gotten his answer, though. It must have been someone else speaking badly of him to Dumbledore. Or, was it possible he was just being paranoid? Maybe the old man was just having a shortage of sherbet lemons, putting him in a bad mood of late? He shrugged. At least now he knew where Remus stood on the issue. And the man was far too drunk to be lying about it. He'd even said he thought Snape was brave.

For some reason, knowing this made Snape want Remus even more. He could make it good for the other man; it wouldn't be a bad experience. Remus would enjoy it, and he himself would finally be rid of this needy ache, this wanting he felt every time he found himself in the werewolf's presence for very long.

"Here, maybe we should just go to bed. My head hurts and you're barely coherent." This wasn't completely true. Remus was wobbly and slurring his words, but he was obviously capable of somewhat rational thought. However, Snape needed to get them in bed soon, before the other man really did just pass out or something.

Screwing Remus when he was unconscious would not be nearly so interesting.

Snape stood and whisked off his robe, a deep blue one he felt set off Charlie's coloring well. He stripped as efficiently as he could, given he was a bit tipsy himself, finally sitting on the bed in a pair of red and black plaid boxers, something he'd bought thinking Weasley might wear such a thing. He had no basis for this idea, it just seemed to fit.

Settling on the bed, he reached over and tugged on the bottom of Remus' shirt.

Remus seemed to snap out of a slight daze, looking behind him with a puzzled expression. He looked to Charlie, saw the man had stripped for bed, and shrugged. May as well, just going to sleep, he thought. And it was a rather hot night tonight. He was sweating a little from all the alcohol, and the room was a bit on the stuffy side. Remus lifted his arms and allowed the other man to take his shirt off.

He leaned forward to pull his jeans down, but overbalanced and almost fell off the bed, Charlie's quick grab to his arm the only thing that kept him from tumbling to the ground. He smiled back at the other man apologetically.

Snape sighed and shook his head. "Remus, just lie down. I'll get them off for you."

Nodding absently, Remus lay back on the bed and closed his eyes, a small smile on his lips. It was hard to be in a bad mood when one was so utterly relaxed. Soon his jeans were off and he sighed. It was comfortable to be naked.

Naked? He thought for a moment, then giggled. He rarely wore underpants, and he'd really not expected to have any company, or be having an impromptu sleep over. Or be too inebriated to really give a shit, when it came right down to it. They were both guys, after all. No harm done.

But as he was thinking these things, lost in his own little whiskey-soaked world, something else registered: Someone was touching him. And it wasn't himself.

Opening his eyes, he looked over to Charlie. The redhead's long fingers were lightly playing over his thigh and hip, gently stroking.

Remus didn't move, didn't even blink. He stared at the other man and had to admit to himself that it felt nice. Better than nice, really good. Really, really good.

Focusing on Charlie's face, Remus noted that the other man seemed to be studying him intently. Either that or he'd fallen asleep with his eyes open and his fingers stuck on 'roam.'

"Uhh...Charlie? What....What're you doin'?" His voice came out soft, not wanting to sound as freaked out as he felt.

Snape moved his attention to Remus' face. The uncertainty there was more intoxicating than the alcohol had been, and he smiled, a genuine smile of accomplishment. This would go his way, he would make certain of that.

"I'm admiring you, Remus. You're really attractive, you know? Sleek and slender and I've watched you and wanted you for so long. So long, now." None of this was untrue, but Snape knew it to be an admission he could never have made in his own skin.

He watched Remus as the other man processed this information. He expected a smile in return, or perhaps some modesty, either false or true. He got neither. He got an extremely puzzled look that would have been humorous if not for the pinprick it delivered to Snape's pride.

"Wanted me for what?" Remus asked.

His fingers stopped mid-thigh. Snape's smile fell and he looked at the werewolf in a calculating way. He suddenly felt a little more sober. Was the man this good at feigning innocence, or did he really have no clue what Snape was saying to him?

Both propositions seemed ridiculous. They were in their late thirties. Remus, although a werewolf and technically a lesser being than regular wizards, was still a very attractive man, and always had been. Surely he'd been hit on, propositioned, by members of both genders throughout his life? Snape himself had, and he wasn't physically desirable as Remus was, not in his own, and seemingly others', estimation.

Having no idea why Remus would pretend to be obtuse, and truthfully not thinking the man could successfully be so in his condition, Snape gazed at him for a few more moments before scooting closer and running his hand up to the smooth, touchable chest. He toyed absently with one of Remus' nipples, leaning close to his ear.

"Wanted to fuck you, to taste you. To slide inside you, to feel you and hear you when you come."

Snape nuzzled Remus' neck for a moment before drawing his earlobe into his mouth and sucking gently. If that didn't convince Remus, nothing would. Surely the man knew, at least theoretically, that two men could indeed have sex? Very good sex, phenomenal sex. Just thinking about it had begun to arouse him, and he rocked his hips against Remus' thigh.

Remus seemed dazed, but lurched up as he felt Charlie's boxer-clad erection rub up against him. He managed to knock his head against Charlie's, moaning softly at the new pain in his head.

Snape groaned a little and pulled back, even though Remus' moan excited him. It was a sound of pain, not pleasure, but it didn't seem to matter. He was still drunk enough to be a bit reckless, and with the cloak of a different identity, there was no need to be hesitant, anyway.

He took advantage of Remus' disorientation, and swiftly skimmed his boxers off before leaning up to straddle the other man.

Remus gasped in surprise and flopped back onto the bed, staring up at Snape with fuzzy confusion and half-concealed interest. His brain might be misfiring, Snape thought, but his body doesn't seem confused at all. Snape could feel the stirring underneath him and smiled. He took in a breath, about to speak further filthy tidbits to pique Remus' interest, but Remus beat him to it.

And what he said almost made Snape gape with incredulity.

"But...We're both guys. We. Errrrr...can't have sex with 'nother guy..?" Remus looked up at Charlie, totally confused now. He knew he'd been sheltered sexually, hadn't much experience at all. His condition had made him hesitant most of his life, too afraid to get that close to anyone. He'd had some casual sex with women, but it had never done all that much for him. Besides, Remus had never wanted anything serious, and women seemed to need more than he was willing to give, so he had given it up many years before.

Charlie naked and straddling him was doing quite a lot for him, though, he realized. Even drunk and confused, he found he wanted whatever Charlie was talking about more than he'd thought possible.

But sex? Two men? He'd never really given that much thought. He tried to make up for lost time, thinking of ways that could be accomplished. Not just messing around, but actual sex. Penetration. He could only think of one way, but...Surely not...

Remus was so lost in his musing, his thoughts wandering, that he didn't hear it when Charlie muttered a spell softly; barely felt it when Charlie slid down his legs, didn't register just what was happening when Charlie slipped a finger between his thighs and slid it expertly inside him.

He felt something enter him, but he was so distracted it didn't occur to him just what it was and where it was. But it didn't hurt, just felt odd and strangely arousing.

"Wha..." Remus looked up and saw Charlie crouching over him, one hand idly caressing his tummy, the other snaking out of sight between his legs. Before he could say anything more, something inside him sparked and ignited in a feeling of pleasure more intense than anything he'd ever felt, breaking through his semi-numb drunkenness, making him gasp out loud.

"Ohhhhhh...Wh-What're you....ohhhfuck...."

Remus relaxed into the bed, unable to resist this amazing feeling, not caring what produced it, not caring about anything but how fantastic it felt.

Charlie's voice wafted up to him.

"And this, my dear Remus, is how two men can fuck. Except when I'm done you'll have felt more than my fingers, rest assured."

Snape added another finger, going straight for Remus' prostate again, rubbing hard then backing off, wanting to hear the other man moan and writhe with need before he gave him what he wanted. He leaned forward and licked the length of Remus' cock once before taking it into his mouth.

This combination was met with a strangled cry of pleasure and surprise, and Snape had to smile a bit around Remus' cock. The prospect of fucking Remus had been exciting enough. The prospect of doing so when no one else ever had was unbelievably arousing.

Adding to that was how responsive Remus seemed to be. The werewolf was already tossing his head and moaning like a whore. Maybe it was only his lack of inhibition due to the whiskey. Maybe he was just vocal in bed. Snape didn't care for the cause, only for the result. And the result was magnificent.

He added another finger, relishing in the gasp it drew from Remus, a gasp of pleasure and pain and things unexpected. He sucked on Remus' cock efficiently, using his oral attention to ease the burn of new sensations, not wanting to scare Remus away, wanting him, to possess him and claim him, more than ever now.

When he felt he'd worked Remus into enough of a lather to be assured of victory, Snape backed off and just observed the other man for a moment.

Remus' breath was coming in hard pants, his skin flushed and sheened with sweat. His eyes lightly closed, the lids fluttering a bit, arms outstretched to either side of him, legs splayed obscenely.

In other words, perfect, in Snape's estimation.

He looked down on Remus and smirked. "Just lay there and enjoy it. I promise I'll make it good for you, Remus." Snape sat up on his knees, lifting one of Remus' legs to his shoulder, pushing the other to the side, widening the space he had to crouch in. He gazed down at Remus for a few seconds, taking the debauched look in.

Remus blinked blearily up at Charlie, fuzzed but cognizant of what was about to happen, even if he couldn't quite wrap his mind around the mechanics of it. The fingers had seemed to work, and had felt good, so why not? He was in no shape to fight it off anyway, and he found he wanted it. Badly, even.

"Y-yes, show me. Show me what...A-anything..." Remus muttered, letting his eyes flutter closed.

Snape smirked again and ran a hand to grip Remus' hip, the other positioning himself. He pushed with his hips until the entrance to Remus' body gave way. Snape smiled and sighed as Remus gripped the bedclothes and gasped, his eyes flying open.

This was more than fingers, this hurt somewhat, burned, even though he was relaxed to the point of vague numbness.

He panicked a little, looking up at Charlie with faint pain in his expression. "W-wait, hurts, m-maybe..." Maybe we shouldn't do this, maybe I don't want to do this, he was going to say. But before the words formed, his partner shifted his angle a bit and that amazing wonderful feeling burst through him again as Charlie's cock nudged something inside him.

"Ohhhhfuckinghell..." Was all Remus could get out, a breathy exhalation of approval.

Snape lifted Remus' hip a little, withdrawing slowly before sliding back in, making sure to hit that spot again. He did want Remus to enjoy this. It wasn't his primary goal; his own pleasure was paramount. But he saw no reason not to make sure Remus liked this, too. He took pride in being able to make a lover feel good, and this man was no exception. Besides, he was playing a Weasley. He imagined Charlie would be a considerate lover, more so than Snape himself would be, so it struck him as best to stay in character, so long as it didn't cost him anything.

"I told you you'd enjoy it." Snape watched Remus intently, settling in a slow, deep rhythm, sliding into the pliant body beneath his with relish. He quickened the pace, closing his eyes and listening to Remus' breathy moans, needy whimpers, and the occasional muttered word of encouragement.

He didn't want to keep his eyes shut too much, however. Watching the werewolf under him was half the fun, and he smiled with accomplishment to see the other man gasping and smiling as his body was moved a bit with each thrust inside him. Remus' eyes were half closed, their color seeming to have a golden tinge, a little inhuman. Snape wondered at this, filed it away for future research. For now, he just wanted to feel.

Remus brought a hand up to run down his own chest, scratching lightly at his belly as Charlie fucked him more quickly. Sex with women had never made him feel this good, this amazingly, profoundly good. He grinned up at Charlie and moaned louder.

"F-faster, h-harder. P-please!"

Snape stilled at the request. He could do it faster and harder, yes, but...This was his only chance at having Remus. He wanted faster and harder? He would get it.

Snape pulled away from Remus, glorying in the needy whimper that rewarded his action. Remus looked confused, forlorn, and Snape spoke before the other man had a chance to protest.

"Roll over and get on your hands and knees. Quickly!" Snape stroked himself as Remus complied. He was glad the other man was still drunk. Lupin had never been one to blindly follow orders, but in this case he didn't seem averse to it.

Presented with Remus' backside, Snape admired it for a few moments, running his hands over the smooth skin before spreading the cheeks to allow him entrance.

Remus clenched his fists in the sheets as he felt his lover enter him again. He barely had time to moan softly before the man behind him began to move within him in fast, hard strokes, quicker and more brutal than before, fucking him so hard he had to brace his arms or be shoved against the headboard.

He cried out in surprise and pleasure, the alcohol in his brain burning off just a little, enough to really enjoy this, and know this really was happening, wasn't just a dream he'd wake from with soiled sheets.

"Fuck! Yes, yes!" Remus cried out, and Snape found himself spurred on, his lust ratcheted up by Remus' outcry. He flexed his fingers on Remus' slender hips and fucked him as hard and fast as he could, putting his weight behind it, hearing himself moan and gasp, not remembering the last time sex had excited him this much, the last time his partner had made such arousing sounds, had pressed back to him quite so insistently.

"Fuck, Lupin, you're like a bitch in heat! Tell me how...It feels." He clenched his hand harder into Remus' skin, moving the other down and under to roughly stroke Remus' cock. "Tell me!" He demanded.

Remus groaned and let his head hang forward, allowing the other man to use him, pleasure him, taunt him. The sound of their bodies slamming together kept him grounded enough to process what Charlie had said to him, but he wasn't sure he could answer right now.

He caught enough breath to speak, but his voice was soft and rough, and he hoped the other man could hear him at all. "Feels amazing, just...Ohmygod, just...fuck me. Never...Never thought it could...Oh, Please, so close, nownow!"

Remus shoved himself back onto Charlie and came with a shout, spilling himself over his lover's hand and the bed, feeling as if a huge part of him were being poured out through his cock. His arms went limp and his torso collapsed onto the bed as his body shook and his breath came out in soft whimpers. He'd never felt anything like this, and he smiled against the pillows as he felt little shocks course through him.

Snape smirked and milked Remus' cock even as the other man collapsed to the bed in a panting, sated heap. He pulled out and rolled Remus onto his back, the other man's only reaction a ragged moan. But he was smiling, and Snape assumed that meant he wasn't averse to this continuing.

"Now it's my turn, Remus. Want to see your face when I come inside you."

Snape lifted Remus' legs to his shoulders and slid back inside with a groan.

"Fuck...so good." He sighed, then leaned forward, placing his elbows on either side of Remus' head. He ran his nose along the other man's and gazed down at him. The look he got in return almost made him stop mid-thrust.

Remus was staring back at him, eyes lidded and glowing, mouth open a little, still trying to catch his breath fully. But he looked so content. Peaceful.

Snape slowed his thrusts and blinked a little, unsure why this silent exchange should affect him so. But it had, and he could analyze that later. For now, he moved deeply within Remus and leaned in, pressing his lips to the other man's, kissing him thoroughly, almost sweetly, slipping his tongue in to explore the other's mouth, moaning into the kiss as he slid his fingers into Remus' hair.

Remus responded immediately, his own hands going to Charlie's hair. Oddly enough, as he ran his fingers over it, he found it lengthening and changing texture, and he smiled into the kiss, knowing now what he'd see when he opened his eyes.

Snape felt the change as Remus' hands smoothed his suddenly much longer hair out of his face. Something...Fuck. The potion. Maybe the alcohol had effected it's duration? He hadn't thought of that, he hadn't expected to get drunk himself. He'd have to think on it later, though. Not now. Now he had a potential problem on his hands.

He broke the kiss and pulled away, watching Remus intently, his slow thrusts into the other man stilling, buried deep inside Remus.

"Don't. Don't stop." Remus breathed out, opening his eyes and gazing at Snape with something akin to affection. His hands skimmed through Snape's hair again, running a silky strand between his index finger and thumb. "Knew it should be black, not red." he muttered. "And a little greasiness never hurt anyone." He smiled lazily up at Snape, rocking his hips back and forward with a small moan, encouraging the other man to start moving in him again, his own cock hardening with the motion and the knowledge that he had been right all along.

"Severus, please, don't stop, please..."

Snape would get his explanation later. Right now, he had Remus Lupin under him, asking him to fuck him, knowing who it was he was asking, and, for all appearances, completely sincere and sure about it.

Far be it for Snape to refuse.

He nodded and leaned back in to kiss Remus deeply, moving in him once more, slowly at first but quickening as the passion built inside him again.

Knowing Remus knew who it was that had been pleasuring him made a world of difference, and Snape found that he had been wrong, earlier. It could, indeed, get better than it had been a few minutes earlier. His tongue slid against Remus', battling lazily for control as his thrusts increased in pace and depth. Soon he found himself fucking the other man with as much abandon as before, both moaning and whimpering into each other's mouths, Remus bucking his hips against Snape.

Remus arched back, breaking the kiss, the friction of his cock against Snape's body, the delicious feeling of Severus moving inside him, pushing him over the edge once more. He twisted his hands in Snape's hair and cried out wordlessly as he climaxed, his whole body tensing for a few glorious moments before relaxing back onto the bed with a sigh.

"Ohhhgods, Severus, so good..." He whispered.

The words and the contractions around his cock did it for Snape, and he grunted and groaned softly as he came into Remus, cock pulsing, fingers clenching in the bed sheets, eyes closed, hair sticking to his face in sweaty strands.

Remus watched Snape come through half-closed eyes and smiled. He was definitely still affected by the drinking they'd done earlier, but the activities had burned off a lot of it. He'd been able to know what was going on, to want it, to crave it, for long minutes now. He ran his hands over Severus' hair, smoothing it from his face, before leaning up enough to kiss Snape's mouth softly. The other man was still panting for breath, and Remus lay back, just content to watch as Snape regained his faculties.

Feeling the soft, almost loving, kiss to his mouth, Snape sighed and lowered himself to rest on Remus. He knew the other man was stronger than he looked, and could handle Severus lying on him with no problem. Snape lay his cheek against Remus' chest and blinked hazily. He didn't feel affected by the alcohol at all now. Confronting Remus worried him, but the other man knew who he was now, and didn't seem to have a problem with it.

He hadn't even seemed surprised.

Hadn't been shocked, hadn't been anything. Had seemed almost like he'd had something confirmed. Something he'd already known.

Snape sighed against Remus' chest and spoke softly, his own voice now.

"How did you know it was me?" He asked.

Remus smiled and continued running his fingers through Snape's hair.

"You came into the bar and I knew you smelled like you, not Charlie. I couldn't imagine why Charlie would have a need to try to smell like you, or if such a thing's possible, so I had to assume it was really you. I didn't know why you'd do such a thing, figured maybe you'd come up with a new polyjuice potion and was just testing it on me. Your voice was his, but the scent of you wasn't. No one else would've known. Just 'cause of what I am. Otherwise, you were a perfect Charlie. 'Cept I prefer Severus to Charlie, so. It worked out in the end, hmm? I drank so much I think I even forgot there for a while, but...Your hair. Seemed so wrong, wrong color, wrong. Wrong everything. But I didn't want to upset you so I went along."

He yawned. He was feeling as if he could sleep any moment, worn out by the alcohol and activity.

Snape didn't move. Had to think. What else had Remus gone along with?

"So you saying you didn't know what I wanted you for. You were just play-acting?" The thought bothered him. More than it should.

Remus sighed. "No, no. I'd never even considered sex b'tween blokes. Before. I'd been attracted but, I guess I've been sheltered when it comes to stuff like that. Didn't even know it was possible, never thought about it. No reason to, never had a man come on t'me before. Guess I never encouraged that sort of thing, only been with women." He smiled widely. "Now I know what I've been missing." He ran his hand down from Severus' hair to his back and shoulder. "Maybe you'd be willing to continue sometime? Show me what else I may've been ignorant of?"

Snape finally lifted his head and stared at Remus. The werewolf was smiling genuinely. No hint of teasing, of regret or remorse for what they'd done together or the way it had come about.

Snape allowed himself to quirk an eyebrow and smirk, and expression far more comfortable to him than any smile ever would be.

"I think that can be arranged."

Remus nodded and gazed at Severus playfully.

"Good. But if you ever feel the need to use the polyjuice again, be Malfoy. And have someone take pictures, that would be amazing blackmail material. Or Hagrid. I bet he's huge."

Snape looked up sharply at Remus. It took a moment to know for sure that the werewolf was joking. "You're a sick, sick, man, Lupin." But he smiled, an honest smile of budding admiration and approval.

Remus only shrugged and laughed. "I am only what you've made me, Severus."

For some reason, Snape liked the sound of that. A lot.